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Alive 6
                              HIDDEN INTERVIEW ! !

STS : Oh look who's here, it's Showaddywaddy from DBUG ! (really hard nick
name to remember :) I wonder what the guy  is doing here in  the middle of
Grazey's  interview ! Anyway, Showaddywaddy since you're here, how are you
doing today ?

Not bad Mr STS, I am in two minds whether to complete this interview or to
go and see a gig with the Cosmic Rough Riders, it's dark and dingy outside
so I guess I'll type on ;-)

STS : Could you tell us a bit about that two sided Scener status of yours ?
Does it come from some brain disease or is there another explanation ?

Well that's certainly possible, but you'd have to ask my friend Colin that.
I see him once a week , he gives  me present, usually in  the form of shiny
coloured sweets which take with some lovely  yellowing spring water. Col is
a bit of a fashion victim though, always dressed in plain white.

STS : it seems like you've been brought to life lately as you released a bunch 
of DBUG compils with pretty  cool intros. I think these  are the first compils 
in 8 years, so what have you been up to during this time ? 

Apart from playing Connect 4 with my other friends, erm well I helped a good
friend  code  a large music demo, think it  was called the "V8 Zak  disk" or
something, there again I maybe totally wrong.

STS : Do you plan other compils ? Btw don't you think you should focus on next 
compil  content ? Nice to see  compils back online  but erm... enclosed  stuff 
smells  dusty :( What about unreleased  stuff  or more  recent stuff ? Come on 
compiling old stuff sounds a bit easy, isn't it ?

Dusty ! Dusty ! We can only give you new games if new games are released ! That
nasty  Moondog knows  nothing !! I am the BOSS of D-Bug  and  I definetely know
best! People say oh what about that crappy Godpey, well we do have some quality
control  hence the  vast  amount  of  STOS  games  used  in  our  menus. As for
"compiling old  stuff is easy!!" What  do you  know STS, making slide  shows IS
easy. Many games are still to be cracked, we offer a valuable service...

STS : I think that's enough now and I suggest you go back to your dark closet 
and let GRAZEY continue  with his  own interview :) Anything  you want to add
before leaving ?

Just one more pill, just one .... please .... ple...

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Alive 6