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Alive 6


As I write this, I know UMD  8730 is 99% completed  as I do have a running 
preview lying on my harddrive and believe me it's HUUUUUUUGE ! Anyway it's not 
available now but I hope it'll be when you read this !

UMD being a very  long project and Grazey  suddenly feeling idle, I use the 
occasion to harass him with loads of questions ! He he that's what happens when 
you're a superstar ! :)

STS : Hi Grazey ! Let's try not  to bore our  readers with your  long time 
scener's life and cut it short :) What is your name, age, occupation and scene 
background ?

   Oooh a gentle  start... Phil  Graham, aged  32, I work for  the HM Customs
(rubber  gloves at  the ready), scene background  briefly.. Started coding on
the C64 in 1983, culminating  in a 1  disk  music demo  similar to UMD called
Who-Zone! , then bought an ST - did somenaff sample demos, music rip disks...
then of course the UMD series (1-5), did some stuff on  the A1200 but nothing
 ground breaking... I will  be helping Cal/PHF  on his  PC conversion  of the
classic Fasoulas shump Sanxion soon.
STS : Tell us when that UMD 8730 project started. And why 8730 ? Tho I'm 
no compil collector I strongly doubt you released +8000 issues of UMD :)

    UMD was started in 1998 with the intention of being released at the ST News
conference in December  2000. 8730 ? I think  most people know  by now but it's
the sum of the C64 & ST Sound chips (SID 6581 + Yamaha 2149).

STS : Last time we heard about  UMD 8730 was at  the STNICCC held in 2000. 
What's been going on since then ? How come UMD came out almost two years after 
being previewed at STNICCC ???

    Ugh... the delay.... well UMD was finished in my mind at STNICCC. However
I'd asked Tao/Cream if he'd write a tune  for the intro, I'd  envisaged maybe
a 3 minute  medley  of  ST  zaks. I wasn't  expecting  a  gigantic 21  minute
monster!!! I really wanted to do the  tune justice  by coding an  intro which
in some way lived  up to the tune. I received  the final tune  from Tao * 1 *
day  before STNICCC, not  even a top  coder  like me *ahem* could  code  a 21
minute fx extravaganza in  a day. So  instead  I gave copies  of the main UMD
music  selection  screen (with awful Grazey  Graphics TM) to attendees of the
party. Once back from  Holland I embarked  on the  intro, 2 years ? 2 years !
Well it was  quite a busy time  in  my life, firstly I  have a  full time job
plus my girlfriend and I  bought a house. But  finally I finished the blasted
thing in October 2002.

STS : What problems did you encounter when working on UMD 8730 ? What took 
you so long ? Did you plan this compil to grow that huge ?

    One of the biggest problems was making the demo  Falcon compatible. I don't
have access to such a machine so it like coding blind. In the end I came to the
conclusion  that 100%  Falcon  compatiblity was  impossible, what  a weight off
my mind  that  was !! The  other  problems  mainly  dealt with composer's music

UMD contains approximately 100 different music drivers, each poking around with
memory, self-modifying  code, steeling  registers, etc... a real  nightmare  to
get them working together!

As for the size of it, I had no idea how large it could get... ;-))) I guess it
contains at  least  90%  of  all ST  chip  music. I'm  steadily  going  through
Automation 1-512 listing tunes which I aint ripped yet!!! Notice the YET !

STS : Now that UMD is out, do you have other plans ? It seems like a life 
achievement ! Does it mean you're going to get scene retired or are you going 
to continue with other projects ?

I feel like retiring, but I still like  dabbling in monST  and ripping tunes !!
The exclusive announcemeent is that a new update should be released at the next
EIL party. I will try and rip more  tunes to break  through the 5000 barrier !!
(madness I know!), by then I should have a Falcon too so I'll fix  many drivers
to work on Falcy! :) Other plans  include  working with  Cal on Sanxion which I
mentioned previously.

STS : Should we consider PHF a single member crew ? You seem to be the only 
active member  now. Will  you go  on with  that label or would  you rather join 
other crews and work with other people ?

    Well that's not strictly true, Cal did the DBA6 conversion in the UMD intro.
It's just that  he's into the  PC  now, so  expect  PHF PC  releases. He coded a
brilliant 3D  fish  tank  program  in  Delphi which  should be  hitting  the PHF
web-site very  soon. We've  always been  a very diverse crew, I'm  sure not many
have  released  stuff  on ST, C64, A500, A1200  AND PC! :) As for  joining other
crews I think that's  very  unlikely. But  I  must  admit  I've  really  enjoyed
working with other sceners for UMD.

STS : Btw, I don't remember meeting you on Atari parties, will we hav a 
chance to meet at Error In Line 3 for instance ?

    Yes, hopefully we should be there. That's as long as Cal has money left
over from his trip to New Zealand in February.

STS : You've been a scener for a very long time, so tell us what you think 
of the current scene.

    See my other article hopefully! But in one word "friendlier"! [note of sts 
here we're talking of the  Old School Sceners Views On Our Scene item]

STS : That leads us to the new school debate :) Do you still think you 
belong to the Scene these days or do you feel like a stranger over there ?

    Of course I belong to the scene!! I speak on #Atariscne all the time, how
many people on there are old sceners ?? I must admit I don't even know why we
even use the old/new school terms ? Anyone care to tell me when the old-scene
ended and the new-scene commenced ?? We are all simply demo sceners.

STS : With your experience, you surely have opinions about the survival of 
the ATARI scene. Do you believe in the CT060 savior? What's your point of view 
regarding accelerated Ataris ?

    They don't interest me, I felt the  Amiga demo scene went down hill when
productions needed 040 processors, 8mb of RAM etc. To me all ST demos should
run on a basic machine (with an  allowance for 1mb memory  but that's all!),
otherwise you'll alienate the majority of owners.

STS : Okay here we go with our brainstorming ! Complete the following 
letters with any crazy stuff that may be wandering thru your mind : 

G : Glynis - my partner
R : Rock N Roll - took me 3 hours to relocate it by hand in 1990!! arrgh!
A : Amiga - nice machine, unfriendly scene
Z : Zombi - excellent atmospheric tune by Whittaker
E : Easyrider 4.0 - THE dis-assembler
Y : Yorkshire born & bred

P : PC-Relative - the hard part of hacking!
H : Hull City - the other half of my leisure time!
F : Friendship

STS : Thanks for giving us some of your time to answer our questions ! We 
hope you'll not stop doing things now that UMD 8730 is out ! 

Alive 6