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2007-08-12   Again Alive has been released at Evoke Demoparty in Cologne, like always you can download the Full version from the current issue page.
2006-08-12   Alive 13 has been released at Evoke Demoparty in Cologne, you can download the Full version from the current issue page.
2006-02-22   The Alive Website has been reformatted and is undergoing the process of being updated, we apologize for any inconvinience which this process may cause to you, but it has to be done...
2006-02-19   Alive 9 lite is now available as well, as usual you can find it on the previous issues page. Leech it now if you got only a 720kb Drive...
2006-01-15   Alive 11 lite has finally been made available to the public, you can grab it from the previous issues page.
2006-01-12   Alive 12 lite is available for download now, check the latest issue page.
2005-12-07   The Latest Issues #11 and #12 are now available as HTML as well.
2005-12-06   Finally the XMAS ISSUE is here, grab it at the "Latest Issue" page and be prepared for a small extra that wasn't finished in time. Watch this space in the next few days. It will blow your mind, hmmm or at least your speakers :)))
2005-11-20   Finally Alive 11 will be released, this times it comes bundled with a fully playable version of Ray's Wolfenstein 3D Atari port. And we are still not finished. The next issue is planned for Xmas...
2005-05-16   It seems ST Survivors preview of Wolfenstein 3D wasn't included into the mag, we feel sorry about that, take our deepest apologies. To fix that up, we have included it into the web version. A bug fixed version of the real mag will be out soon, as well.
If you feel the need for a DD disk version make sure to mail us, otherwise we will stick to HD disk size. Now make sure to read Seb's preview of Wolfenstein 3D
2005-05-14   Believe it or not! Alive 10 is released after only three month of hard work. Grab it now...
2005-02-08   Alive 9 web issue is online now. Enjoy...
2005-02-06   Triplex Bug discovered and fixed see the latest issue page for more info, all archives have been updated and contain the bugfixed version now.
2005-02-06   Alive 9 is released. Go to the latest Issue page and download it by clicking onto the cover picture. The web issue will follow in a few days.
2005-01-17   Ready or not, only a few weeks left until Alive 9 will be released. If you want your contributions still included make sure to send them before the end of the month. We will hopefully see a fat and interesting issue.
2004-08-26   The next issue will be released within the next few month. Since we are still waiting for some major contributions including the menu gfx, we can't give a real release date yet. Hopefully all guys who promised to contribute will deliver soon. If the mag will not be out by mid of September there won't be an issue before end of October because I am going to move to another flat.
2003-09-05   While uploading the site the last time, there happened to be a transfer error, which caused one of the pages to be incomplete. The EIL2003 report part 2 by CIH is fixed now.
2003-07-21   It seems we had forgotten to convert the EIL2 special edition from 2001. However this has been made up, so you can browse through all Alive issues now.
2003-07-17   Hurray! Alive has gone HTML. All Alive issues are online for your pleasure, so what are you waiting for?
2003-07-16   Nope, I'm not dead yet, I'd rather think I'm ALIVE even :) Go and check the latest issue section to knowmore about current news !
2003-03-27   Oh god, it's been so long since I last added an entry to my homepage ! Okay I moved out a couple of months ago and since then I haven't been able to enjoy daily inet access except here at work :( Anyway Error In Line 3's coming closer and it's time we show the world that Atarians aren't a dying species ! Newt issue of Alive! should be out after this great party and as usual help is HIGHLY needed ! Mail me at survivor (at) if you fancy giving us a hand.
2002-12-31   Another year's going to end tonight and it's time to draw some sort of conclusion about the past months : in 2002 no real ATARI party has given us a chance to gather and release some stuff but we ALL think about the forthcoming Error In Line in April 2003 ! Few releases have seen the see of light this year (as far as I remember), still Grazey offered us his tremendous UMD8730 msx collection and Reservoir Gods kept us entertained with other great quality games such as GODPEY or SUPERFLY ! What's to come next ? We'll have to wait and see but in the meantime we wish you a happy new year dear ATARIANS !
2002-12-02   The Falcon intro cannot make it on time, but we're still here and officially declare another issue of ALIVE has hit Earth ! :) Check the LATEST ISSUE section and get it !
2002-12-02   AliveSX is now hot and ready ! but you won't find it here :) Well the Falcon intro is stillmissing and I really hope we can SOON get it. I won't wait too long tho if I get no news from this coder... AliveSX should be available for download within the next 24 hours, stay tuned !
2002-11-20   It takes a lot of time correcting stuff, changing menu links and content and so on but I guess we've now entered the 'final touches' part tho some articles still need be written ! At least we all all msx (chippies and modules) plus the ST intro, thx to our supporters ! You still have 10 days to mail me and offer some help btw :)
2002-11-12   It seems we've grown into a one-update-per-month rate here :) And that's too bad because you MAY think we are sleeping... you would be SO wrong !! Some releases have brought enough life to kick us back into business and some collaborators like Paranoid deserve a HUGE "thank you" here ! AliveSX should be out by the end of this month, never too late if you want to help :) One module is still NEEDED !!

And now for some stats :

* Intros : both (St + Falcon) are being under construction
* Cover pic : being handled
* Shell pic : bah, I'll have to paint that one unless someone helps out :)
* Msx : 2 nice chippies already here, one exected soon and NO MODULE yet :(
* Articles : 72 textfiles so far (but some huge articles were split into smaller ones)

2002-10-04   Again we are all too quiet... Scenes releases have been so sparse lately that we don't have enough material for a decent issue, not to mention the VERY little support we get from you, Atarians :( Gfx and msx are being handled apart from the MODULE. Besides we still need a lot of extra articles. Mail me at survivor (at) if you wish to support us.
2002-09-12   Not much to tell you these days... AliveSX is still under construction but right now I can't be sure it's gonna make it by late September due to low relase rate :( Still we're active and thinking of new or crazy ideas to fill in another issue and belive us, we're gonna make it once more !Msx, gfx and articles are still strongly needed ! Reach me at if you wanna support us with one of these or with an ST intro !
2002-08-31   My plans have changed and indeed I'm not attending Unconventional 2k2 anymore for some reasons that need not be explained here. In spite of our silence CiH and I have been pretty active on the ALIVE side of things. As usual very few contributors have mailed us :( It seems like there are fewer and fewer active Atarians but even tho only a handful still survives, we'll be among them ! You're still invited to give us a hand of course !
2002-07-30   Don't think we're dead ! Actually I've been on holidays for a full week now and I seem to like doing nothing :) Still i have some projects in mind, including the next issue of Alive of course ! I'll also attend the Unconventional Party 2002, so maybe we'll meet there ! dunno if CiH will be there tho...
2002-07-12   Not much happening here but to speak the truth I'm just too busy working for that rock festival and will be until July 20th or so. Then maybe we can start work on Alive SX. We won't give you any deadline, but your contributions will decide of release date ! In other words, feel free to reach us at and offer your services :)
2002-06-30   At last it's there !! Yes alive FIVE is now available from the "latest issue" section. Once again I've met last minute troubles as I couldn't copy the Falcon version from my ST harddrive to the Falcon (can't read disk! argh!). In the end, I managed to do so with putting my finger under the floppy itself while it was being read ! Yeah i know, there must be something fucked up on my Falcon :) stress time is over now !
2002-06-30   As I thought Alive would be released on time, problems started... No need to put names on the people who induced some delay, it's not worth. Besides even tho they were late they DID something for us (what about you ?). With my new job, spare time is almost reduced to zero or I'm just dead tired... Got to find some time to work on this issue and kick it to life.
2002-06-24   I've just had the WORST weekend of my life !! Every night (or day ?) I went to bed at 4:00, 5:00 even 7:30 on Sunday morning after working on Alive all night long !! I HATE this magazine :) That was pretty hard but I think the biggest part is now done. I only have to pack stuff (argh what if it's too big now ??) and wait for missing elements...
2002-06-20   I'm working (more or less) hard on alive5 and time seems to go faster than I work ! Anyway I feel confident, thanks to the help of many people ! In other words, this issue will not only feature many articles but also nice gfx and msx, and TWO intros ! It's 3:29 am and I'm back to alive. Have a good night :)
2002-06-12   aLiVe F*I*V*E* will be released on June 26th if everything goes as planned (and surely it will :). Never too late if you want to give us a hand !! gotta get back to work now !
2002-06-03   Thanks to Evil/DHS we opened a Forum that you are strongly invited to visit if you want to ask a question, make a suggestion, bugger us, whatever :) Say what you want us to change or improve and we'll (maybe) do it :)
2002-06-02   Support to aLivE F*I*V*E* is still highly reduced but we don't lack motivation ! I'll try to enhance and update this homepage more regularly from next week on. Yeah I'm gonna have fast and unlimited connection AT LAST !
2002-05-05   Not much to write down here : work is slowly but surely going on. Still I'm a bit sad to seethat we have so little support from the many people who said they liked alive4. In spite of the very few add writers (namely only 2), make sure you'll be able to read alive5... no deadline can currently be set due to low contribution pace. Stay tuned, we're ALIVE!
2002-03-09   Thanks are sent to the many readers who gave a warm welcome to alive4 ! It motivates us a lot and actually I have even already started Alive 5. If you liked our latest issue then feel free to join us into another one ! mail to
2002-02-26   Alive FOUR is ready to feed your favourite machine. As usual we bring you about 70 articles with lots of stuff. Visit the Latest Issue section to download it.
2002-02-24   That's it, we're coming closer to completion ! Alive FOUR could be released tonight, actually I'm now waiting for two missing elements which i hope will reach me any moment now ! We hope you'll enjoy this new issue !

* ST Intro : expected any moment
* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : done
* Chippies : 2/3
* Module : 1/1
* Articles : 70/70

2002-02-17   I stupidly thought my two week vacaction would be enough to complete another issue of ALIVE but things didn't turn out as expected and therefore indulged more delay to this fourth issue. I hope another week will be enough to get this issue released. In spite of this delay I'm still confident as we're going to bring you another brilliant issue! :)

* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : done
* Chippies : 1/3
* Module : 0/1
* Articles : 60/70

2002-02-02   I'm starting my two week holidays today ! I hope it'll give me enough time to get this issue completed. Several reviews are still to be written therefore don't hesitate to drop me a mail if you feel like writing them :) MSX are urgently needed as we don't have a single tune so far!! Except for that, this issue should be as fat and hopefully enjoyable as previous ones. Mail to survivor (at)

* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : being handled
* Chippies : 0/3
* Module : 0/1
* Articles : 51/70

2002-01-18   Even though I'm kind of busy at work, I've found enough time and support (thanks to CiH and Paranoid) to keep working on Alive4. Still I'm a bit sad to see so few contributions, but hey being motivated these days isn't so easy, right ? Well we won't give up even without additional support but we'll be late. You are STILL warmly welcome to give us a hand. As shown below many elements are still missing:

* Intro : was cancelled unless someone else offers to code it
* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : being handled
* Chippies : 0/3
* Module : 0/1
* Articles : 42/70

2002-01-10   Days are passing by and little progress has been brought to Alive4. Sorry pals but I seriously doubt you can expect this issue in January as planned :( No contributor has reached us either and we still need 3 chippies and one module. Gfx are currently being handled. As for articles, I have so few that it's completely useless to start counting them... Be sure Alive4 will be released but dunno when...
2002-01-07   Happy new year to all Atarians around the world ! It's time to get reactivated and see what you and I can do to keep our Scene alive. I'll really start working on alive4 this week unless I get officially ill :( Reach me at if you wanna help out.
2001-12-29   Xmas is already gone and not much has been done on Alive4 as far as I am concerned... I want to enjoy these holidays to meet good friends who live far away, spend time with my family and relax :) That's why I don't know if the January deadline will be respected or not but once again it's not a priority for me right now. Future will tell.
2001-11-30   In spite of my apparent inactivity, I've started to work on Alive4 with the precious help and support of the Alive Team of course. the gfx part is already being handled but as usual we need 3 chippies, 1 module and articles for sure :) No deadline is known nor will be given until we have enough stuff but I think next issue will be released in January right after the ALTparty 3. If we received instense support we could think of an Xmas edition but right now I'm just too busy with work to feel even more pressured.
2001-10-16   I added all AliveCUBE msx in their original format to the download section. Atari msx lovers, go now !
2001-10-15   Pfu that's it aliveCUBe is out ! As usual packing took more time than expected and the shell refused to work on RGB, still I managed to get the right shell version. Thanks a lot to all the people who helped and supported us ! Now dash to the latest issue section.
2001-10-12   AliveCUBE is really close to release now ! Only a few elements are missing :

* Intro : should be done by now
* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : done
* Chippies : 3/3
* Module : 1/1 (thanks Evil)
* Articles : 65/70

2001-09-26   Don't think that I've been inactive lately, not at all! Well Alive is still going on and I'm intensively working on it as last stats should show :

* Intro : in progress
* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : in progress
* Chippies : 1/3 (reach us if you want to compose a chip please)
* Module : 0/1 (same comment as above)
* Articles : 47/70

2001-09-13   Here comes the new statistics highly reinforced by CiH's massive contribution.

* Intro : in progress
* Cover pic : done
* Shell gfx : in progress
* Chippies : 0/3 (reach us if you want to compose a chip please)
* Module : 0/1 (same comment as above)
* Articles : 39/70

2001-09-10   Here comes the new statistics highly reinforced by CiH's massive contribution.

* Intro : in progress
* Cover pic : almost done
* Shell gfx : in progress
* Chippies : 0/3 (reach us if you want to compose a chip please)
* Module : 0/1 (same comment as above)
* Articles : 32/70

2001-09-08   Back from cosmosH (thanks Hervé and Franck for the good time we spent there!) I'm now working again on the third issue of alive (my gfx for the online compo has already been sent :). Here comes today's rate of completion :

* Intro : in progress
* Cover pic : almost done
* Shell gfx : in progress
* Chippies : 0/3
* Module : 0/1
* Articles : 19/70

As you can see, much is still to be done and it won't be possible to release this issue without you! so please feel free to reach me or send contributions to STS

2001-08-15   I just added the chips and soundtracks you could listen to in the already released issues of aLiVe. Visit the download section.
2001-08-05   Not so many changes, I mainly added links and emails where they were needed (check the Team sectionfor more info). In the meantime I have been working on the third issue of aLiVe! So far only a dozen articles are done but I expect forthcoming releases to help us complete it. i am also thinking of adding new and gossips to the very page you are reading, so check it out at least once in a while !
2001-07-25   Erm, I can't believe time has passed that fast ! Still it would be a mistake to think that the aLiVe disk magazine is dead. Actually two more issues have been released so far and the next one should be available someday :) keep patient and don't hesitate to reach me at
2000-11-17   Damn it my internet access is closed ! As you can see I'm still working on various bits of this page but I really don't know how or when I'll be able to upload these updates :(
2000-11-16   Thanks to Evil/DHS, this site is now based on PHP pages which are much easier and more comfortable to assemble than HTML. Now I hope this site can be opened before this weekend.

2000-11-13   This page is still lying on my PC harddrive but it's getting gradually constructed.
2000-11-11   The aLiVe! page is still under construction and most of the sections listed above need some filling :) But the first issue of aLiVe! plus some tools and extras can already be found in their respective sections.

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