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Alive 10

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       Game Title: Wolfenstein 3D

            Genre: 3D ego shooter

Supported Machines: [x] ST [x] STE [x] TT [x] Falcon [x] CT60

   Minimum Memory: [ ] 512 kb [x] 1 MB [ ] 2MB [ ] 4 MB [ ] more

  HDD Installable: [x] yes [ ] no

   Coding Laguage: m68k asm (hisoft devpac 3.1)

      Description: a straight port of the original game (the mac version).

      Game Design: uses the original mapdata (logicware)

           Coding: ray /.tSCc.

          Artwork: ninjaforce (apple IIgs group:

            Sound: dma-sc / sector one

    Current State: ~75%

  Planned Release: sometime in 2005, definitely


          Contact: ray(at)atari(dot)org


I cannot  truly remember  when the WOLF 3D  project was started, more  than 3 
years ago I suppose. Crazy and  very  skilled coder  Ray of tSCc thought that 
this game could  be ported to the ST and indeed  other crazies did it for the 
Apple GS while the machine  only  runs  at 2.8Mhz. A couple  of  days ago  we 
were offered  a new  preview called 0.5  and this is time to talk about  what  
is imho the most promising game for the ST !

 Let's start with a little  history : Ray started  coding this game basing his
 work on the peecee version but soon changed direction when he found out about
 the Apple porting. Hence most of his engine  was built and then deleted twice
 and to be honest when  you have a look at the very first preview you think it
 looks ugly and slow. So much has been done from this moment !

 With that new preview, one year awaited, the game truly shows an awful LOT of
 enhancements, even I was taken by surprise tho I had a preview version no one
 else but me was supposed to have :)

 The preview starts with the very colorful title screen, dunno how many colors
 but a lot more than 16 ! Then we are set in a  square room since this preview
 can read map files and gives you the first level of Wolfenstein to play with.

 The game runs very smooth on a simple ST tho 2Mb of ram are required. Ray adds
 that the final version will happily run on 1Mb systems tho. Textures are still
 nice looking and if  you are looking for  more speed  you can rescale the game
 window using + and - keys. This time  there is also a high detail mode you can
 switch with the  *  key but it's  only recommended on  Falcon. On  ST the game
 surely runs slower but still can be played imho.

So, what do we have here ?

> level maps included and a full level to play with
> static items and ennemies shooting at you are into the party too
> cool sampled sounds when opening doors or facing ennemies
> secret passages as seen in the earlier preview

 Except that you  still cannot shoot at ennemies, the game is already fun since
 you can walk around, open doors, pick  up items and look for secret places. ST
 owners like  me may have  troubles opening doors  sometimes but Ray is already
 working on that issue. Oh and btw there's a gun painted on screen, cannot wait
 to use it :)

What's missing ?

> shooting at ennemies
> health and ammo counters, not to forget keys and maps
> music ? But I already know Dma Sc has done a great job here :)

 CODE : the game runs fast enough on a humble ST and in 60hz. You can resize
 the game window if you are looking for  extra speed ! I haven't noticed any
 slowdown even with 4 ennemies on screen at once.

 GFX : great title screen showing more  than 60 colors  I believe. The ingame
 player's panel enjoy its own 16c palette while another 16 colors can be seen
 in the main window. All textures and objects tho naturally blocky still look
 very good.

 SFX : sampled voices and sfx like doors opening or shooting definitely sound
 top quality here even tho Ray says the replay rate is kinda low. With Dma Sc
 in charge of the main tune, we also know that music will rock as well !

L a s t   w o r d s 

 This preview  brings a lot of new  and cool  things, mostly  static  items and
 moving  ennemies  that  show that the framerate is still solid on a humble ST.
 Sound is cool too and brings a lot  to the  atmosphere. It is  good to see Ray
 going back  to  this  project  after he  had to  spend a lot of  time on BEAMS
 (finishing someone else's work in a pain in the ass but Beams rocks !). Now it
 seems that WOLF 3D is coming  very close to completion  as mostly counters are
 missing and tho I'm no coder I don't think this  is the hardest part :) The 3D
 engine runs  flawlessly, it sounds  good too, controls are sweet, textures are
 gorgeous and you can freely choose your game window size.

F e e d b a c k  ?

 This is a chance for me to kick some asses here ! There are both active and
 inactive people in our Scene but oddly it seems that the people complaining
 are the ones  doing nothing :( Have you downloaded  this preview ? Have you
 liked it (to be honest who COULDN'T like it ??) then move your fucking lazy
 ass and drop a mail to Ray/tSCC at

                                                               STS signing off

Alive 10