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Alive 6
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10. Epilogue
  Without a doubt, the 1040 STE and the Mega STE are nice pieces
  of hardware. In 1989, the 1040 STE offered quite a lot a home
  computer could offer and you got a computer with excellent
  sound capabilities for the price of a sound-card for your PC
  alone. In 1991, the professional STE was released with the
  introduction of the Mega STE. 16 MHz clockspeed, 16 KB cache,
  VMU interface and internal harddisk at a price for which other
  companies gave you an update of their operating system and a
  new harddisk.
  But the STE didn't make it. The 1040 STE's features stayed
  widely unused until the release of games such as Obsession or
  Stardust, of Demos such as Brain Damage by Aggression or
  Omega's Grotesque or of tools such as the ProTracker STE.
  The Mega STE did not increase the sales of STE computers a lot
  either, being limited to STE graphics and sound.

  This documentation is for people that, like me, like the STE
  for what it is: A fun machine with quite impressive specs.
  I assembled this documentation in case you want to program
  the STE's features such as the Blitter, the hardware scroll
  or DMA sound and would like to avoid stumbling over the
  little traps in the STE design. So i hope you find this
  documentation useful and keep on programming the STE to
  push this little machine to the maximum.

                                 Best wishes,
                                      The Paranoid
                                  Paranoia -- Lunatic Asylum
                                  Think you can handle it ?!

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Alive 6