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How to Support Alive

As always, we need you to stay alive! Each and every new issue is ready once we have collected at least 70 articles.

You can help us with sending feedback about the latest issue via email. You are also welcome if you want to post your opinion at our forum or at Pouet.

 If you want to do more than giving feedback, you might want to join the team and supply one or more article(s). If you are not sure what to write, just ask Cyclone, he can always offer you tons of article ideas.

Also each issue of Alive needs some core elements, such as the following:

  • three chiptunes
  • a 4, 6 or 8 channel module for the Falcon version
  • a 16 colour title picture in Degas format
  • a 16 colour menu picture, however there are special restrictions in size and the use of colours so better ask Cyclone before starting with it...
  • a small intro if possible
  • Reviews! You can review new ATARI games, demos, utilities, homepages and so on! Not to forget that the ATARI family encompasses all Atari machines. We want to know about the Lynx, Jaguar, XL, XE, STf/e, Falcon, ct60, ...
  • What else ? any picture you could add to your article is always a plus. Move to the poor download page to get the minishell.
  • Any other kind of article will be accepted as long as it shows no racism, PC propaganda or any other kind of shit. Crazy articles are needed a lot!

Before you start to work on a contribution contact one of the main Editors to avoid redundant work. We usually meet on a fixed schedule at our IRCnet channel and discuss article assignments, progress and stuff like that while the issue is being built.

Manufacturers Support

If you want us to test a certain product you have created, just tell us about it. Since Alive is a free magazine, we don't earn any money with Alive, and we can't possibly buy each new hardware or software product that is published on the market. However if you think you did a good job with your product and you want to spread the word, get in touch. You will get a preview of the review before the magazine is published, so it's always possible to communicate before the release.

Any questions left? Then mail us at cxt (at)

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