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We will try to bring you as much interesting stuff as possible in the near future, like all ALIVE cover pics and god knows what :) Unfortunately in the meantime there won't be a lot to download.

Zip Alive minishell (50kb packed file). This small package will teach you how to assemble an article so that it features headlines, colours and pictures. Do not hesitate to use this tutorial if you want to bring us nice looking and well furnished articles.
Zip Alive Kolour Tagger (39kb packed file). This tool was coded by GGN/KŁA and should be of great help to those who feel lost with the minishell commands. It has some new features like:
  • Loading "MENU_GFX.PI1" for proper colours, if you put it into the AKT folder.
  • Drag and Drop support (you can just drop your file onto the AKT Symbol and it will load the file)
  • Optimised output, removing unnessesary and double colour tags.
Zip Alive Chips (80kb packed file) You'll find 10 tunes found in the 3 alive issues released so far. Files are using the SND format developed by Evil of DHS. The SND player can be downloaded from the SND player homepage
Zip Alive Soundtracks (340 Kb packed file) Three nice modules composed by the highly talented composer 505 of CHECKPOINT. Thanks a lot for your support Nils!
Zip AliveCUBE msx (3 soundchip and one module) (120 Kb packed file) Three nice chiptunes composed by Tao/Cream and DmaSc/Sector One. All files come in their original format.

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