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Alive 9

This issue is late and its damned  fat. I guess this always happens if  you wait
for release too long. Some parts are also only sketched or to be completeted  in
the next issue, which should be  released shortly after outline. As you  can see
STS has left Alive, and it's quite  hard to fill the gap, especially since  some
other  guys  stopped supporting  Alive.  Finally I  found  out how  to  put this
magazine together and downloaded all nessesary tools from the internet.  Perhaps
I should write a doc on it :)

However, I'm happy we manage  to bring you Alive 9  or Alive meets UCM :)  Let's
look at some facts and figures about this issue :


Intro    : Not finished yet but will be approximately half a disk or more.
Musics   : 6 files amounting to 91,1 Kb unpacked and 9,73 Kb packed
Articles : 99 textfiles atm counting for 836 Kb now packed to 443 Kb
Piccies  : 47 piccies 1,43 Mb before and only 639 Kb now

Whole issue (including the shell not taken into account above) then weighs :

         > Unpacked 3,42 Mb
         > Packed 1,06 Mb :)


The mag is much to big for standard ST users, it simply will not fit on a single
disk unless its a  HD one. So you  better put it on  your HDD, if there  will be
enough people demanding it, we can  also offer split versions with only  half of
the articles. Another  downer is the  fact that the  module 505 supplied  is not
working with  the shell  yet. Also  it seem  we still  have serious trouble with
music selection  on the  Falcon while  the ST  Version is  fine. Due to all this
issues we have decided to spare the mod for easter and release a ST only version
now. Falcon user will have to switch to ST-low before starting the mag.

Anyway this issue  is released now.  We will hopefully  fix the shell  soon, but
don't count on it :) So use either the ST version or the web-issue. Enjoy...

Cyclone / X-Troll

Alive 9