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Alive 9
Roger 2000 Preview

Most of us still remember the surprising release of Tobe, a platform game  which
had its roots in the bonus levels of the Sega Mega-Drive hit "Cool Spot".  Roger
has been coded in 1994 and has never been really finished but offered very  good
playability despite that fact. Ten years  have passed and now Tobe –  the author
of Roger - is going  to code a follow up  with will be bigger and  better by any

Beside the classic qualities like using STE palette, Blitter and STE Sound  DMA,
Roger 2000 will finally feature hardware scrolling, which was dropped for  Roger
because of memory issues. In addition to that it is planned to use the upper  or
lower border of the  screen to display the  status bar. A tech  demo has already
been released  which shows  an impressive  "parallax" scrolling  with some  test
graphics. According to the author it will also contain more sound effects,  more
music, much bigger  worlds and tons  of animations. Of  course the game  will be
spread for free including all tools to build your own levels and worlds.

Beside all  this technical  stuff Roger  2000 will  also introduce  lots of news
concerning the gameplay. We  will finally meet iron-  and gumballs plus a  whole
bunch of bonus items which  will enhance your little player's  abilities. Faster
moving and higher jumping are only two of a whole bunch of brand new extras.

All in all I believe this project  has a good chance of getting finished  sooner
or later. Especially since Tobe is a professional game designer who knows how to
handle projects like this.  On the other hand  it seems Tobe hasn't  yet found a
graphics artist nor a sound wizard, but I am pretty sure other MJJ-Prod  members
will give a helping hand (hi C-Rem,  btw :). I am really looking forward  to the
release  of  this platformer,  and  I am  sure  Roger 2000  will  meet the  high
expectations people put into this game.

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive 2004-08-10

____               ______           __ 
/ __/__  ___ ____  / __/ /  ___ ___ / /_
_\ \/ _ \/ -_) __/ _\ \/ _ \/ -_) -_) __/
/___/ .__/\__/\__/ /___/_//_/\__/\__/\__/ 


Game Title: ROGER 2000

Genre: Platformer

Supported Machines: [ ] ST [X] STE [ ] TT [X] Falcon [X] CT60

Minimum Memory: [ ] 512 kb [X] 1 MB [ ] 2MB [ ] 4 MB [ ] more

HDD Installable: [X] yes [ ] no

Coding Language: GFA + 68K

Description: Jump on bubbles, avoid spikes and collect items

Game Design: Tobe/MJJ Prod

Coding: Tobe/MJJ Prod



Current State: Engine coding in progress [50%]

Planned Release: Not fixed yet


Contact: tobe (at) freemind-tobe (dot) com


Alive 9