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Alive 9

system ..... any TOS compatible, at least ST Low Res

supports ... BubbleGEM and ST-Guide

tested on .. Falcon TOS 4.o4

genre ...... simple strip poker game

release .... current version o1/o4


As the  most GEM games, also this one  makes no exception  and is a quite static
one, without  big actions  on the screen. You  surely know  games  like "Teenage
Queen" and similar  strip poker games  and this one  stands in best tradition to
them, with all the possible restrictions the ST Low resolution has to offer.

To be precise, I never  found strip games, erotic  slideshows, porn pictures and
so on in 16 colours ST resolution  that entertaining, esp. as we go to "pixeled"
erotica now. The  goal of this game  is easy, you  have to play "Stone, Scissors
and Paper" against 3 different pixeled women, if you win, she takes one of their
clothes off, if you  loose, she takes it on again... and so it goes untill she's
completely naked or you have lost your motivation.

Apart from the fact that the idea of that game is such primitive, I still wonder
if there are  really people around  that sit at  home to play such stupid games,
the realisation of the three women is quite downturning, so to say. I doubt that
some lonely Atarian may  be interested in  stripping down a pixeled girl in such
kinky colours... there is no  single breath of "erotic touch" in here, it's just
a joke  and that kicking  like all the manga and anime shit... but there seem to
be some people who like it anyway...

Strip for me, babe! Or better not?!

Technically the  game is done quite ok, it supports any resolution with at least
16 colours, but the  ST Low  screen  is a  bit too  small, but  the  game  stays
Unfortunately  the  info box  fucks up in  the 16 colours  resolution  and isn't
readable. The best resolution is 64o * 48o, higher resolutions are supported too
but are useless as the windows with all the "actions" can't be resized.
The  game  supports BubbleGEM for  some speaking bubbles  that may thought to be
some kind of entertaining, but are quite useless.
Furthermore it supports ST-Guide for the help and documentation.

The grafix aren't  that teasing as the girlies are pixelled in fancy colours and
leave all erotic meant touch far behind, but the pixel style is still ok.
The game doesn't offers any  sound or music, so  you have to install some player
in the background...

The 3 girls seem to  offer several levels as the last, Rosemary, isn't that easy
to strip down, esp. since  the game type  itself is more like a question of luck
as you really can't "poker" in that style  of game in the end and thinking about
your next step is quite useless. So for pixel-erotic-nerds the game may be quite
motivating, the rest should take its hands off from it...

Final words ... Another game  in the big flood of GEM games nobody really needs,
as its entertaining  bits are quite  small, doesn't needs bigger
braincells, doesn't teases  eyes and  ears  really. It obviously
belongs to  the 9o% of new  released GEM games that can't change
the normal view onto GEM games  as too limited and unspectacular
items nobody really needs... sorry.


Alive 9