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Alive 9
Pooz Preview

Watch  out  drug  addicts!  Pooz  is  coming  to  your  machines  with  lots  of
multicoloured prescription free medication pills.  You might even get some  free
Viagra, since there are blue pills included too. And beware, from what I saw  it
would be very easy to get addicted to it.

Pooz is an  arcade conversion developed  by a joint  venture of Cooper/Paradize,
STS, Exocet and DMA-SC.  As the name is  indicating it’s a port  of the strategy
-action game "Zoop" by Viacom.

Obviously Cooper is doing the code, which is mainly GFA-Basic. The graphics  are
painted by Exocet and STS. The  latter seems to suffer from a  creative outburst
since he left Alive :). The sound  is done by DMA-SC which adds another  quality
aspect to the production.

The game will run on any 16/32 bit Atari platform and hopefully on the CT60 too.
The  Pooz  preview looks  very  promising and  could  easily have  passed  for a
professional project in the 90s. I bet, if someone hit the front door of Thalion
or Eclipse with a  demo of Pooz in  the pocket, signing the  contract would have
only be a matter of minutes.

Pooz will feature  nicely drawn graphics,  lots of game modes  including 1 and 2
player options. A planned four player mode was dropped during development.

The preview already had some nice demo-like effects build in, and if I  wouldn’t
know its GFA Basic I would say it’s done in pure assembler.

How do you play Pooz?

The key element of Pooz is colour.  There are four colours of pills that  appear
on the screen (blue, green, magenta  and orange). The player starts with  one of
these colours too.

He is placed in a square at the centre of the screen. The player figure wears an
arrow which can point  up, down, left or  right, accordingly to the  movement on
your joystick or keyboard. If you press fire you can make pills in front of  the
player disappear if  they are of  the same colour  as the player.  If you aim at
pills with a different colour your  own colour will be exchanged with  the pills

The aim of the game is to stop the pills from piling up against the centre  area
by making  them vanish.  Sounds easy?  Give it  a try.  You will  see it’s  very

What have we got

so far?

The rendering engine seems  to be finished and  a lot of surrounding  coding has
been done  too. Beside  the game,  we have  a nice  intro screen with new school
colours and some effects plus a working main menu and a high score system, which
is already able to write your precious  scores to disk. Pooz runs fine from  any
subfolder of the harddisk and worked rock  solid for me. I have to admit  that I
really liked the  game, and I  hope the team  will care as  much about the  game
design as it did for the technical realization.

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive 2004-06-20

____               ______           __ 
/ __/__  ___ ____  / __/ /  ___ ___ / /_
_\ \/ _ \/ -_) __/ _\ \/ _ \/ -_) -_) __/
/___/ .__/\__/\__/ /___/_//_/\__/\__/\__/ 


Game Title: Pooz

Genre: Action/Reflexion

Supported Machines: [x] ST [x] STE [ ] TT [x] Falcon [ ] CT60

Minimum Memory: [ ] 512 kb [x] 1 MB [ ] 2MB [ ] 4 MB [ ] more

HDD Installable: [x] yes [ ] no

Coding Language: GFA Basic

Description: A multiplayer Zoop clone for atari, with many game modes
                    and nice features (STE enhancement).

Game Design: Gfxmen

Coding: Cooper/Paradize

Artwork: Exocet/JFF^Checkpoint^Spaceballs^Industry, ST Survivor

Sound: Dma-Sc/Sector 1

Current State: 70% of work done perhaps, anyway the hardest part is done.
                    Already playable, but some polishing to do on game modes.

Planned Release: Around Outline 2005 I hope :D

Website: -

Contact: st_cooper (at) voila (dot) fr


Alive 9