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Alive 9
PARACON 6 party report

Autumn time is Paracon time. Luckily  also this year Paranoia striked back  with
organizing the traditional  Paracon party in  November. The place  was as always
the little DLRG-house in Niederselters near Frankfurt. This year only  NO/Escape
and myself made the trip from Dresden by train. The travelling was just as usual
so we  arrived in  the also  usual dark,  cold and  wet November  climate at the
partyplace. The chaps from  Paranoia, RA and ZWF  of Paradox and also  Manou and
GWem where already there. The later two came over extra from UK which as I  have
been told wasn't  as expansive and  complicated as one  would expect (thanks  to
those cheap airlines). However, we built  up our stuff and went to  some italien
restaurant to have  some dinner. Coming  back some demos  were presented on  the
bigscreen and general Atari business could be seen. So the show just went on.

Actually I remember this Paracon party  as the one with the most  creative mood.
Lot of party  attendees were doing  things with their  computers (with about  18
people the partyplace  was really crowded).  Also the amount  of Atari computers
present was quite amazing especially  regarding the amount of people  present (I
counted about  eight or  nine Falcons  and four  STs, where  two or three of the
Falcon had a CT60). This all was nice to see.. a little army of Atari computers.

However, as Paracon don't feature a  competition anymore, I also cannot spend  a
lot of words about releases. Therefore I  could have a short look at the  one or
other interesting thing in development: Paradize (Cooper and Simon Sunnyboy were
present) did  some finishing  touches on  two nice  games for  the ST which cool
graphics. Paradox were busy  working on their upcoming  demo for the Atari  STE.
ZWF was  forced by  his groupmates  to paint  some pictures  and logos meanwhile
Paranoid did some code  on his Falcon. RA  coded on some special  STE-only music
software, which already looked pretty promising.  But I don't want to loose  too
many words about this one,  as much more needs to  be done on that. Speaking  of
music  software:  GWem  showed  the  latest  version  of  his  Atari  YM-tracker
"maxYMizer." The interface is really well "thought-through" and seems to be very
handy and comfortable. And well, GWem  also showed me some new demo  sound.. and
would should I say, what I could  hear just sounded like Acid-samples used in  a
modtracker, but it was YM-generated. This filter effect (with adjustable cutoff)
was  just  amazing!  On  the  party itself  GWem  was  working  on  the sidvoice
implementation while STS did some painting for the title picture. On the  Falcon
side  of  things  specially  Ray/.tSCc.  and  EarX/Lineout  were  hacking  their
computers.  Ray worked  together with  LotekStyle on  the "Beams"  demo and  it
actually looked as well  as finished (only some  small design and timing  things
along with the endpart  need to be done!).  Later on Ray was  also sniffing some
DSP-air  with the  help of  NO and  Charon of  Escape. EarX  was coding  Falcon
effects, as I was told impressive stuff (I only managed to see one great screen,
but I don't  want to break  the tension). We  can however be  looking forward to
another Lineout demo  sooner or later  :) Well what  else? People were  talking,
doing strange things like comparing Benchmark programs on the CT60 Falcon  tower
of David Galvez, watching  demos and movies. Myself  spent quite some time  with
ACE-tracker  and also  backuping my  internal harddisk,  as it  started to  make
strange noises after a while (you know.. I remember any harddisk causing strange
clicknoises while loading crashing sooner or later).

Although, as mentioned before, there was no competition at the party (which just
makes sense as  there probably wouldn't  have been entries  as well:) a  kind of
show was presented later  on. The guys of  Paranoia recorded some scenes  at the
party and put  it together to  a movie with  music and text,  which was a  funny
thing to look at.

Well, what  should I  say more.  The atmosphere  was great,  the breakfast was a
kingdom (again), the monstersnorer was there in the sleeping area (again) and  I
guess it was a great weekend for all people present. Thanks Paranoia! :-)

Hoping to see you all again next autumn!

 - 505 / checkpoint^creators -

Alive 9