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Alive 9
       OutLine 2004 realtime article
         for UnderCover Magascene

Wednesday, April 7:

20:45: Earx on the keys: Just put Everest on a DD disk to go with the
1040. Still typing this on my Falcon. I just wasted over an hour
trying to put the (broken) mouse cord extension of the 1040 back in
the case. At first, it seemed wise to lead it to the back. But it
seemed good as well to have shielding. The two didn't go toghether :/
So, the 1040 ended up with just a hidden broken mouse port.

Okay, time to wrap it up. I'm gonna start testing everest on the 1040..

21:00: Yes, the 1040 is working. I also modified the desktop a bit ;)
Off to my parents place to get a sleeping bag and matress. Gotta take
out the trash as well, just forgot :/

22:00: The vacuum cleaner is dead as suspected. In a way it's a shame.
It lasted 30 years. It's a cliche, but honestly, do they make stuff of
that quality today?

Erm.. Something a little different. This realtime article was of
course Monndog's idea. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it this year,
so this old beast will have to do without that 'realtime punishment'
flag, or whatever it spelled ;)

The realtime article machine was my side of the bargain to release UCM
25 at OutLine. Even on it's own it's cool, because it implies there
will probably be an UCM issue 26 ;)

Okay, I'll cut the crap. I have some stuff to prepare for tomorrow.
All there is left to say is the excitement for OutLine is very high, I
hope to see many people and may they type a lot of bullshit in here ;)

THursday, April 8:

Earx on the keys..

Yep, been busy as hell. Mailed basically all day. I'll be picking up
Deez and Exocet somewhere after nine o' clock AM. I'm now packing the
ct2 and all it's belongings and checking if I missed something. I need
to hurry up now.. I bet tomorrow there'll be a lot of crap in here.
There are a lot of crappy people coming over ;) Well, a lot of people,
anyway.. I'll be nice. *g*

Friday, April 9:

Earx typing:

Here at the party place. Just a few people here so far. The Dresden
posse is here as well as some faces unfamiliar to me. COol! But there
is some work to do... Somebody else type something!

505/checkpoint: so we finally arrived in this nice party place. it all
has a mood of a living room or big comfortable pub or something - fit-
ting pretty well to our big family :)

After a long day of travel we finally got here, its now 5PM and Ive
been here since 1 oclock (had to get up at 3 this morning to catch a
flight from Manchester Airport!). Anyway, nice place and it should
hopefully fill up soon. Cant wait to get a monitor so I can actually
do something! Dont expect too much though, dont think ill managed to
finish anything at all :(

c-rem/mjj-prod : we are finally here ! really nice place :) ok ...
time to fight ;) cu later


felice / maggie


CiH and I have been in the building now for some hours, arriving
around 6.30 or so. It was an excellent journey across from my place
down to Harwich, on the Stena Discovery ferry across to the Hoek van
Holland and then the journey here from the port itself. Nice and easy,
no stress either and only one slightly wrong turn ! I say slightly, we
turned off a bit too early but fortunately found the place we were
looking for just over the road from the back street.

It's quite a cool location as well, people are pretty much all over
the place setup in different parts of the room. It's small and
selfcontained but this has to be good. Put it this way, our
alternatives if this party had not been organised was not looking
good, either a choice of Breakpoint or toddling over to Norway for The
Gathering. Still, this is way cooler than either of those two parties!

Most of the regulars are here, including 505, Lotek Style (bless you,
whoever sneezed there), the Dutchies and others. Also, an unexpected
visitor in the form of Twilite, who's active on the Oric scene, is
also here. Unexpected but very welcome - he only booked up his flight
here last night, which is really cool :) We're expecting the other
Finns to make an appearance later this evening and have seen Partycle
already, who flew in earlier on.

Well, pizzas have arrived, time to eat :)


21:10 Lotek Style / The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation finally here...
      Falcon is set up.. now lets rock :)


Pizza time! the most luxurious I ever had. Seems like a success so
far. Counted 30 ppl hours ago and it should now be over 40. Now
someone else may type something, I had just too much impressions
today. Overflow! *ghurghll* *blub*

21.17 - Pizza Pause, CiH on the keys. A blood red LED glowers at me
sinisterly! I had Calzone, which is like a giant pastry sea-mammal
with a pizza topping as filling, or more correctly, several pizza
toppings as filling! MmmM! Fat vitamins (C) Baggio.

After the sleep loss issues described in more detail in my own
captains log of a personal account, I think that the roof-bound Bunk-bed
bunker complex will hold no terrors tonight. Not as if I have to *finish* anything now, is it!

Back later? Yeh, sure!

21:46 Baggio

The swedish posse plus Creature have finally arrived after
driving for almost 12 hours straight. Time for some food
and then some relaxment...

(no blowing off now mate :) )

23.00 What, no-one added since then?

CiH back, been laming around since the last log entry, updating Felice
with my back catalogue of CT60 demos, all two of 'em! Not to mention
other stuff such as 'Out', the new Chosneck etc.. The Swedes are
camped in on the end of this table, a well established presence. I've
spoken to a few people, dozed around on the comfy chairs in the hall,
what a great innovation! Time to see what the others are doing?

23.13 w00t!

Cerror writing here! =D
I just finnished my chipentry an hour or two ago...
I first made it in mod yesterday caus of the time pressiure.. :(
Converted it to atari (just retracking it) in soundmon 1 (oldskool!)
and it sounds pretty ok but not a winner ;)
I had some pizza and some beer&cola and I just saw the crazy french
doin something funny with an amiga 1200...
I think i stop now and drink some more beer :)


The biggest suprise this party is the Nature bros. I think. They
showed some real hardware. It's still a prototype apparantly divided
in two functional blocks, but nevertheless very exciting! I hope this
will grow into a fully usable card for the CT60.

The place is crammed and noisy. The violin music on the other side of
the building is really unnoticable, highly supressed.


00.02 Just to bring you up to time and date. CiH back again with a
nicely developing tiredness vibe. Lots of nice people, most of them
previously known to me. I did meet a new dude, a friend of Damo's who
was described as doing one of the more 'Out there' tunes in
YM-Rockers. So what do you define as "unconventional" in that sort of
case? Commodore SID perhaps!

00:24 Charon at the kezs.. I think this is going to be a great partz,
even without a computer.. :-) the wine tastes verz good so far .-)

00:26 Metty stinks!

00:26:30 Nils is an OSSI!

00.44 - Finns have entered the building, boring buggers suck! (C)
Setok, a couple or so years ago ;-)

01.28 - Boring buggers have been giving this RTA a miss. I find wine
on sale at the bar, and partake of a glass, coolness, a civilised
coding party at last! Let's have Opera done on chiptracker, and demos
shall speak unto nation! Then again, CiH may come down from his tree a
bit later tonight.... All from me for tonight. Let's try the cheap
looking beds shortly..

(stop snoring !!!!!)

01.41 - Damo up to bat.  not sure what to do with myself, so opted for
the grolsch route.  you know the deal.  wish i ordered 2 pizzas man...

01.55 - there seems to be a terrible stink atm in the gents, not quite
sure why, I wouldn't have thought anyone here was directly responsible
in a deliberate kind of way. Hopefully that'll be sorted out soon.
Wiztom and the other newly arrived Finns are currently setting up
their stuff and have a wireless network going as well. The party
itself is proving to be very cool, the mature atmosphere is helping a
great deal. No problems as far as we can see.  Felice.

2.04 cerror needs more beer and an disk to put his fake-entry on.
(fixed now =P)

2:30: where is the pr0n!

3:00? Earx typing (aagain)

Hey rocky, watch me pull a massacre out of my pants. We found out son
laying dead with a shotgun. There was an Ozzy record on the turntable.
So now, we're gonna call our lawyer.

The dillhole




stghost and chuck finally arrived at partyplace, fighting through mist and radars


Lekker Afwassuh!


Just woken after quite a good sleep, slightly punctuated by the low
level snoring and occasional blowing off in the sleeping area,
fortunately things are not too bad. 505 was doing his impression of
sleeping like a little baby, with the occasional gurgle, as I think
was witnessed back in Poland at SV2K. Talking of Poland, I think Grey
and Sqward at the very least should have been here :-|

over and out for now (oink)


9:40 Baggio

Breakfast ruled! Time to assemble deez falcon and get some
work on the demo done.


An RTA in semi-darkness with no chair is not going anywhere in a
hurry! - CiH


We're just after breakfast, we arrived yeasterday, 18 hours long
travel, phew. And we are in another timezone! ;-)

Mikro, Xi, Baky -- slovakia!!! ;-)

11.30 RTA needs a chair, so I, CiH will provide one for it! What a
nice bloke I am! Looking around at the assembled party people coding
away, I feel a bit like a sweatshop factory overseer. So I'm gonna rub
my hands together gleefully until they burst into flame!

Of mid-morning interest is a nice intro sequence from Evolution, for
their CT60 stuff. I hope this is going into a finished production for
the party. There are plenty of other people doing "stuff", but again,
the next couple of days will tell what it will become...

Chuck - Dune
Ih all - Hi mic and corbeau
Happy to be here and stiil here :-)

14:earxx typing

Busy with the household chores. Glad to hear most people are having a
good time. Bonus and Wingleader showed up an hour ago. That was a huge
suprise =)

Frost - Secte One
French realtime rulez, Chuck is doing some btw !
Nooooo Chuck, don't kill meeeeeeaaaaarglll

No more Frost resident ............ Hum guns are ... easy to use

Chuck m'a tuer

yep really kill him ...

15:25 Bonus at the keys!!!
Well this has been a while typing on an Atari, feels like years.
It is really, i have only an old stf left and that one is covered
under a huge mountain of dust. I am lookin for an Falcon again an
maybe even try to program again. So maybe I can finalize some of that
old stuff that is rustiing away on cd rom...
c'y l8ter


The first time I've typed on an Atari keyboard in yonks. I arrived
about an hour or so ago and been walking around for a bit, meeting
old friends, talking about the scene now and the scene 'then'. The
atmosphere is contagious...all I want is to go home, fire up a decent
emulator and play the old games, watch the old demos, even re-read
some of the old disk magazines.
I was surprised that the Atari scene was very much vibrant and alive
at STNICCC 2000, so I shouldn't have been surprised that it still is.
It's still happening, and amazing things are still being done. I
wonder which boundaries will have been pushed further, or broken
altogether, in another 11 years (at STNICCC 2000).
Shameless plug: Check out

Richard "Cronos of Quartermass Xperiment" Karsmakers


17.00 Dunno how you're supposed to spout forth demi-holy text in these
condition?? Ah, a nice Chuck of Dune has given up his seat for me,
what a cool guy he is.. CiH

17.01 Well, time to visit the realtime again, there's a lot going on
here. People are doing graphics and coding, unfortunately some of the
RG's seem to have been struck down again with the fluey-type bug they
had at EIL 3. Hopefully they'll get over that soon....Felice.


ah lunch pizzas finally arrived ;-)

20.20 - I don't think there is going to be a lot more on here. People
are working, including the man normally in this seat, Chuck, so I'd
better leave it there. Competitions are traditionally running behind
schedule, so nothing changes from the parties that came before then
:-) - CiH

C-Rem : BURP !!! Good PIZZAS !

21:35 - Wingleader / FUN - Synergy at the keys, drove together with
Bonus here. I brought my falcon and my old scsi stuff with me and
after almost 8 years everything works oke (had to do some restarts)
and now we are watching the stniccc 1990 DVD.


And untill 2015 -=- Wingleader -=-

22h45 - Cooper

Currently watching the STNICCC dvd on the giant screen... Great and
nostalgic moment during a great party...


Some final words, after the initial showing of the STNICCC 1990 DVD
(to the general bemusement of those present). In an audience, one
could definitely argue that some of the less Hollywood-MTV-tempo
material ought to have been cut but, hey, its primary audience is
those who were there, and they'll like it (I hope).
Off to go home again, to where an 8+ month pregnant wife dwells...


Earx on the keys:

The realtime article is relocated a bit again ;) Lack of power sockets
seem to be the technical weak spot of this party. Anyway, it seems at
least some people have written some bs, but I think there is more to
be.... *brulp* Can't finish the sentence, and really don't want to ;)

This is what I want to say: bewilderebeast. The Llamaball mini game in
Starball was a great kind of game, isn't it?

23.30 - The RTA has been relocated from its original hiding place,
next to Chuck of Dune, whereupon we had to tip him out of his seat
every time to add to it. It is now in a more accessible spot, next to
my very own table in fact ;-) - Which probably makes me the backup RTA
guardian person, come to think. (CiH)

23.33 That seems to be your regular job at coding parties, eh Chris ?
:-) Anyway, to recap, we just saw most of the STNICCC DVD release,
from footage of the original party back in 1990. As most people will
know, my movements around that time were nowhere near as happy as I
was nowhere near or at the party at the time. But, life goes on as
they say, and we're rolling on with it.

The voting sheets for the first compos have been distributed, we are
eagerly awaiting the entries as they come in.


(one of the few who hasn't broken his bed yet) :)

23.37 It is so cool to see something about retro computing, i see also
also some inovations the guys from the super videl are here
ACP coldfire project
We share this earster holiday the 'Beusink' youth hostel with some
some curious violin players orchestra .. two of them visit us now
are asking "what are you doing
here?" "Well we are freaks. We are developing software for old computer
just for fun the posibilities are greater..".
"do we have special tasks developing here? "
"Basicly we are forming groups  we are using very limited sofware to
make something useful. Whe have some  kind of competitions,
 we, are here but sometimes we are in germany, may be
next time some  were else, most ppl are working with computers also
for their work". Mainstreem popmusic, dance partys, video-screens, are
getting closer to the style sceners have for years. back to the 80's
is hot. (or not?)

Sunday 00.30, Just so you all know..

01.15. Nils (505) sat here for half an hour chatting on remembrance of
things Atari past. He didn't find time to input any text on here
though, so down to me as usual (grrr!) - CiH

02.47. Ok, time for my first entry. Arrived pretty late at the
party-place just in time to miss the music-deadline by a good four
hours. But doesn`t matter too much. Location looks great so far and a
comfortable matress should take care of me later. Spent some time
talking, catching up, good vibe.:) - nemo

4 o'clock

that has been a prettty long day... time fr stghost to get a little

6.50. Almost eveyrone is sleeping at the moment. In the computer room,
I just can see D-Force listening to some music near the screen. I'm going to try to
settle in the corner I see in front. Just some bags to move. Time to
spend some time using the Falcon - aldn (who came late)

09.40 - CiH back on with the first log entry from the newly awakened
zombie multitude. Fell asleep, didn't destroy parts of the bedding, got up a little while ago when continued sleeping would have left me feeling
more shite than I started.. had breakfast. The Dutch 'sugary flakes on
toast' traditional breakfast rules, for about one mouthful. Then time
to spit it out quick or consider a brilliant career with diabetes!

There are still very few up at this time, the Finns may have stayed up
all night?

11.somethingNOwatchATmyARM ... it's going to be a fine day today I
think :) MC Lotek Laser style :) lol


Woooaaah... we were in amsterdaaaaaaam.... boys that city rules ;-)



Another good night's sleep and breakfast seemed to be had by all last
night, including even MSG, who is sounding better than he was all of
yesterday .. let's hope this is the case :) Not good to travel all
this way and then be sick for most of the entire weekend :(

Circulating a bit more now, btw Mikro, Amsterdam certainly does rule
if you are single - if you're in a relationship then it's a tad more
difficult, but I guess the CD music stores rule in that respect :)


11.28: Re-running the competition entries from last night. - CiH

12:22 Baggio

Well, Deez has managed to fix a preview of our upcoming ct60-demo.
It will not enter the democompo or anything, it's just meant as
a nasty teaser :) Looks like the weather is a bit better today,
maybe there will even be time to sit outside and have a beer.

13:08 We have another guy travelling back with us later on tomorrow,
in the shape of Twilighte. He was able to book a single foot passenger
ticket with our original booking as a reference no, and the biggest
benefit to him was that it has only cost him 10 ukp !!!


13:40 Setok

Had a good night's sleep at last and feeling pretty refreshed. Seems
like there, once again, wont be much ready for the Aggression demo.
Will it suffer the same fate as Motion? I hope not. Anyway, this is
exactly the kind of party I was looking for Easter. My original plan
had been to go to Breakpoint with a bunch of Finnish sceners. Indeed,
I had already purchased plane tickets (non-refundable). But after the
stress of the last Alt Party and everything else going on, I really
preferred the idea of having a relaxing time with people I haven't
seen for ages, instead of looking at dozens of Finns completely
pissed and noisy. Not that I wouldn't like to go to Breakpoint at some
point, but just now I want something different.

I've been trying to talk about the Alt Party with many people and to
get them involved and interested. We really could do with more Atari
folk around. Generally it seems people assume it's expensive to travel
to Finland and that's why they don't come. Well, it's not! Flying with
Ryanair can be stunningly cheap. Like the trip to Breakpoint would
only have been 40 euros, return... So if any Atari sceners end up
reading this: enough excuses! It's about time the scene at large got
to know about the stuff happening with Ataris.

14.05 I might add that the After-party on its own is worth the effort
of making the journey over, especially bearing in mind recent
experiences (Cue Beavis & Butthead type laughter, "Hehehehe!
Hurhurhur! Etc..) - CiH

14.10 Dma-Sc
That's a really cool party we're having. Great location with quality
facilities and services, the best part of it being... BEDS! Finaly,
comfortable sleeping in a party. ;-)
Also there have been lots of quality contributions in the music and
graphics compo. I hope we'll have some nice ones in the productions
compos too.
OK, enjoy the rest of the party. Funkeeey... B-)

14.59 Just said hello to daylight half an hour ago. Ordered a pizza.
Prepared to release my Ace Tracker tune in the Wild Compo (missed the
Music deadline by arriving too late at the party place). So at least I
get my little share of airtime.:) D-Force just brought me my entry
sheet... - nemo

15.30 - Damn classical musical hooligans, with their symphonies and
arias, disrupting the outdoor peace and quiet... - CiH

16.25 - Felice has usurped my seating arrangements for the showing of
laptop stuffs to a selected audience. In the background, the Gloop
demo jauntily plays... CiH

17:05 Baggio
Evil phoned us last night telling us that he might be able to
finish an intro for the falcon 96k compo. So about one hour
ago he did indeed finish it and thanks to hencox/nature and
his beloved Sony-Ericsson p900, we were able to download
the intro from the web. This has been a really nice party
so far, i really look forward to the democompo later on.

Damn frenchies have plugged again their dance game after completing
their intro ;-) But it seems everybody give it a try...

56787876762 - Hunger marks on the top row of the keyboard. This here
realtime STe was dualtasking by keeping my Pizza warm, whilst hosting
the RTA as well ;-)  - CiH

18:30 Baggio
Well, one more has been finished. Some people seems to think that
exercising after dinner is a good idea. Wiztom and some frenchies
(namely Chuck and ST Ghost) have been playing that "dance on a board"
game for a while now.

Kto nieje keket nech dvihne ruku....nikto sa nehlasi??? pecka...takze
vsetci su tu sme ale znova v peknej spolocnoti...;)
This nice greetings are from guys from Slovakia... -XI-, Mikro, Baky



Hadu hadu hadu, hadu hadu hadu *select music*
It's better than the guys at the other side of the building tho ;)
There's loads of stuff happening. A lot of entries are being
collected. The demo's are all thrown onto one big pile, basically.
There's way too much different systems to handle.
What to say? Perhaps a little Asperge Sperma? A bit of Maelstroem
Fornicator? Yeps, they are all delikatessen. Ensemble bruitiste,
Mierda Dekappirt Aura el goal ist!

20.09 - We're in that pre-compo lull period, where people have
(mostly) stopped working, and are looking around for things to do. The
bigscreen has been pressed into service to show Atari classics great
(Hmmm) and not so great (Hdemo IV) - Baggio discovers a sudden urge
for the outside at that point! - CiH

20.49 - Mate..... i just chased a football for 2 minutes and now i'm
in a proper mess..  but it seems we have a serious footballing talent
in our midst.. none other than marakadona.  He got skills baby!

20.50 - Toastie, yer supposed to leave your name on the comments you
make! Compo's are getting close now, the voteforms have been handed
out, and the organisers are having trouble getting a CT60 to read its
own config cpx. Business as usual ;-) - CiH

Most of the compos are over and I have to say i am very impressed by
the high quality of all entries. wow stuff... and finally dildo fatwa
gave us a good chance to have a laugh... thanks all involved!

22.18 - Compos are all over now but the vibe is still going :) the
orchestra have partly moved out into the passage area, let's hope the
stink from the loos won't put them off. Not quite sure why they are
smelling though, I'm sure it's not deliberate. - Felice.

22:28 - Wow! This is service! Live playing classical music when
going to the toilet. That's really cool! Charon

22:51 - Perhaps it is some kind of message to some of us guys here to
keep the volume down of farting and related noises in the gents :) -

23:04 - Nice party, nice location, beautiful country. Thanks to the
organisation for giving us this meeting. - aldn

23.15 - CiH climbs on board.. We're in the wind-down zone, before the
prizegiving ceremony. I think there will be time for a leisurely breakfast
before we leave. I wonder if the prizes given will be matched closely to
the entries? Dildo Fatwa win:- A pair of plastic see-through panties!

23.17 - hello, this is creature on the keys, we have just showed our
demo from EIL03, Beams on the big screen! It rules! Best demo in the
Deez is sitting here with me enjoying the classic music coming from
the cute girls playing next door.

23:20 - da real creature on da keys.
   The above as not me. It was DeeZ.
   But he is absolutly right about the cute girls playing
   classical music next door.

Chuck - Hum it 23h50 and the night seems to be longer ... Arf the competition
is nice but sleeping is now necessary - Go my bed waits for me

00.05 MONDAY!

Time will be upon us for the prizegiving, and the end of good things.

00.10 Yep, the second part of the prizegiving is now done, with Setok
giving a short presentation about Alt Party. Hopefully we'll see more
people from the Atari scene at the parties in the future. Felice.

01.10 WEE WONN! Dildo Fatwa won teh wield kompo! Wee ruule!

01.20 It was the first time I saw Beams running, and I must say it's a
great demo - the style is very original for a demo and reminds me of Kraftwerk
and those cyberpunk SF writers which is no suprise considering Lotek
Style must have been heavily involved in it :) / Exocet

01.35 : only 1 thing to say : badger badger badger (repeat 1000 times
for fun). Soon time to sleep, and enjoy the last minutes of this great
event... Cooper.

01.45 - CiH hitting the bed elastic! Be back for closing thoughts and
breakfast in the morning!

2.09 - Earx is spinning around a bit. Mijn hoofd loopt dubbel om.. En
geen miljaardzju in zicht. Some ppl have chosen to go to sleep. Some
are still up and watching Bud teh Chud or UCM25, which I finally
decided to spread after the intro was shown on the big screen. That's
it.. B;ah.. The Finns made good coffee and I have too little alcohol
in my blood. The Swedes are as stoned as a garnaal. What more to say?
THink I'll watch over the bar for an hour or two and then go upstairs
myself. Bye bye!

2:40 The room is slowly getting quieter as more and more persons head
towards the sleeping room, and I guess I'll be doing the same once
I'll have had a go with a sprite Twilite needs for his Oric shoot'em
up (that looks definitely good considering it runs on a 1 Mhz CPU)...
more pixel pushing ahead :P / Exocet

4:00(but i'm mot sure) TOO MUCH red and white vines ;)) ( i'm sure that
RG's members kmow what i'm speaking about ... burp!!! ) / C-Rem

05:27 - ZPQ on the  keyboard.. everyone is sleeping.. I and Nicco
have to go back to Rotterdam but he is sleeping too so I dont know
what to do now.  This have been a really nice party.

6:something - Earx here... Due to some snoring and some Finnish coffee
+ some 2 ltr. of coke I was up earlier than expected and so Havoc is
now off to bed. ZPQ and I are the only ones awake. I am just looking
around and it seems some people have cleaned up their stuff and some
others still have their stuff fully installed.
I think I will leave at 13:00 with Deez, Christos and Exocet. Before
that I can prolly wake up the others to do a little breakfast. The
kitchen is a little dirty and we have ran out of waste disposal bags,
that's a problem, but I think I can dump some stuff directly in the
containers outside..
Yep, let's do it.

9:00 all frenchies in bed and no one to help me puttin stuff on car
... arf sometimes it s so hard to awake ... See ya Zorro 2 Rulessss

09.20 - CiH on the PRANKISHLY CAPSLOCKED deck here. I think some of us
really got into the party spirit last night (Damo/MSG!) Judging by the
noise levels towards the end. I think that certain people (Damo/MSG)
will be counting up headaches and blurry vision this morning.
Breakfast is running in all the usual places (the kitchen, you fool!)
Back laters...

10.06 - Partycle has just sat up in bed, bumped his head and is
looking rather scarily like Marilyn Manson again :-)

10.35 - Escape has left the building, erm, Escaped perhaps?!!

10:41 - naaa, I'm still here... Charon

10:48 stghost on keys... it seems i've slept a lot, the partyplace is
almost empty now... departure is always a sad time, it was a nice
friendly party. doh, i have to finish waking up before starting
btw, i don't know if i'll go to any other parties after this one, i think it
was my last one.

11.XX We are going to leave. ltk/tscc

11.00 - Earx here. Loads of people have left already, I estimate still
30 people are here. I will split at 12.30 prolly. Except for a few
minor technical difficulties and small misunderstandings it was a
great party. I guess indeed an improved version of PMP. Just waiting
for Marakaman to come down from his nest and disconnect, then I'll clean
up this little antique wonder ;)

Tuesday, April 13

Back to real life again: a world filled with labour, boredom and
powerlessness. But I'll always have the memories of this great party!
Yesterday Exocet, Chemmad, MSG, SH3, Christos and his girlfriend and me
drove back and had a nice chat. The goodbye was bitter-sweet, just like
when leaving the party. Now that sounds cheesy like Gouda. Hopefully there
will be another event like this...

Earx typing in the last words of this article on his 1040.

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