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Alive 9
                             OUTLINE INTROS

As a few smaller intros were  released at Outline party that don't need a single
article each, you get some short words about them all together in here...


This is the first of three releases by the new formed PARADOX team. It is just a
4K intro for the ST, running  on any machine up to Falcon and STEEM. As the read
me says it was thought as little birthday intro for a friend of PARANOID who was
just 3o  years old. And as the  title says as  well, it shows 3o burning candles
flying  around on  the screen in  form of simple sprites  together with a rather
nice fire effect and that's it.

So what? Nothing very spectacular in comparison with some other 4K intros we saw
         on  the ST  before, esp. if  you remember  to "4STER" for  example, but
         still a nice intro and the first real lifesign of PARADOX...


The second PARADOX release at OUTLINE needs a STE machine but will run on Falcon
and STEEM too. While "3o CANDLES" still  was something for the eyes, this screen
now is  a lot more  technical and  looks even  less spectacular  for demo hungry
people. It  shows a simple picture  in 16 greyscales that starts to swing up and
down on the  screen and  gets 12 bit RGB splitted  later on  that makes it quite
colourfull and changes the colours by overlaying. Nothing more to add...

So what? Surely a good effect, showing  a lot of colours, but in the end nothing
         else supports it, as it was with the first intro, means no extended gfx
         or effects or musix at all. So it stays on the screen and swings... for
         technical interested people surely more exciting...


Alive 9