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Alive 9
Minefield (P)Review

Another long  forgotten game  was found  somewhere on  a dusty  disk within  the
secret archives of MJJ-Prod. Steph/MJJ-Prod  brings you one of his  boyhood sins
:) The  original version  is delivered  as a  zipped MSA  file for easy use with
Emulators like STEem or SainT. The  zip-file also contains a GIF version  of the
title picture. There hasn't appeared a downloadable file version yet, which will
make the blood of some real hardware users boil for sure. :)

Minefield  is a  plain Minesweeper  clone, without  much effects  or demo  like
gimmicks on  top. So  if you  like Minesweeper  you would  like Minefield  too I
guess. If only there weren't these  (tiny) annoyances. But we will discuss  them

What  does Minefield  offer its  player? You  get the  usual minesweeper  style
graphics, a  nice tune  by Jedi/Sector  1 and  six different  level layouts with
adjustable mine  numbers. The  initial number  of mines  differs on  a per level
basis and is remembered within the same  session of the game for each level.  To
change the number  of mines you  have to perform  a click each  time you want to
increase or decrease the number of mines by one. Lucky enough there is a  second
mouse button too :). A right click does the job by ten mines per click.

If you manage to click a mine  and blow yourself up, the whole screen  is shaken
vertically. While this happens it shows  you some ugly glitches at the  very top
and bottom of the screen. These glitches - which are also famous under the  term
"Mystic Sprite-Land" - can easily be removed by either adding empty space  above
and below  the playfield  buffer or  by modifying  the rendering  routine, which
would the cleaner solution.

What's most annoying about the game is  the fact that it seems not to  recognize
all original rules. When you  play Minesweeper, you automatically win  the game,
if the number of undiscovered fields  matches the number of remaining mines.  It
should be pretty easy to count the remaining, non discovered fields and  compare
them to the number of remaining mines. If the numbers match, and all  identified
mines are correct  you should have  won. Minefield however  keeps increasing its
time counter until you  identify all mines manually  with a right click.  If you
manage to complete that task you'll get a huge well done message printed on  the
screen and that's it. No new levels with increasing difficulty or something.

What a bummer.  If Steph finds  the source and  puts a bit  more work into  that
game, it  would be  pretty nice  for all  those Minesweeper  fanatics out there.
Anyway in its current state it looks more beta-ish than final.

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive 2004-08-07

____               ______           __ 
/ __/__  ___ ____  / __/ /  ___ ___ / /_
_\ \/ _ \/ -_) __/ _\ \/ _ \/ -_) -_) __/
/___/ .__/\__/\__/ /___/_//_/\__/\__/\__/ 


Game Title: Minefield

Genre: Minesweeper Clone

Supported Machines: [*] ST [*] STE [?] TT [?] Falcon [?] CT60

Minimum Memory: [*] 512 kb [ ] 1 MB [ ] 2MB [ ] 4 MB [ ] more

HDD Installable: [*] yes [ ] no

Coding Language: GFA BASIC

Description: Classic Minesweeper ... in French atm

Game Design: Steph/MJJPROD

Coding: Steph/MJJPROD

Artwork: Steph/MJJPROD

Sound: Jedi/SECTOR 1

Current State: An English version should be released if sources are found

Planned Release: 7/08/2004 in French


Contact: mjj (at) freemind-tobe (dot) com


Alive 9