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Alive 9
Lethal Xcess XL


Let's take a  look at a  project which was  resurrected 4 years  ago. As you can
easily learn from  the project pages  of the Lethal  Xcess website, several  new
enemies have been  pixeled and a  whole new level  has been started.  There were
lots of open questions, since most  of the source code isn't commented  and some
important files were  missing. Also the  way how to  generate the game  disk was
long forgotten and not documented anywhere. Most of the problems are solved  now
and it's even possible to generate a new game disk. The master copies of  Lethal
Xcess were originally written with a lame Amiga generated disk protection  since
the  processing  laboratory  experienced difficulties  with  Sunnyboys  own copy
protection which was created  with a modified SF  314 drive. However now  we can
write a working disk with a plain ST, leaving out the copy protection.

Beside this general advance  the project is on  hold atm. While designing  a new
level it was discovered that the custom file system used on Lethal Xcess is only
supporting a very limited amount of files.  In fact it was modified that way  to
use less memory since the file allocation table for both disks is always kept in
memory. Currently  the author  is quite  demotivated to  continue, since  coding
floppy routines  was never  his favourite  task. Floppy  routines were Sunnyboys
domain, who spent several months if not years working on them for several  demos
and his  copy program  (Turbo-Booster). Despite  that fact  we are  not sure  if
Lethal Xcess should support  Gemdos loading as it  will kill the possibility  to
run it on 512k machines. This issue occurs due to the current memory position of
the main program, residing at $1000, it won't be possible to get away from  that
address  without  causing  memory  and  perhaps  performance  problems  on small

What else  can be  said? Once  motivation comes  back and  the ST(E)  version is
finished it will  also be a  lot of work  to port the  game to Falcon  and other

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive 2004-08-11

____               ______           __ 
/ __/__  ___ ____  / __/ /  ___ ___ / /_
_\ \/ _ \/ -_) __/ _\ \/ _ \/ -_) -_) __/
/___/ .__/\__/\__/ /___/_//_/\__/\__/\__/ 


Game Title: Lethal Xcess XL

Genre: Shoot'em up

Supported Machines: [x] ST [x] STE [x] Amiga (OCS) [ ] TT [?] Falcon [?] CT60

Minimum Memory: [x] 512 kb [ ] 1 MB [ ] 2MB [ ] 4 MB [ ] more

HDD Installable: [ ] yes [x] no

Coding Language: M68k

Description: Improved and extended version of the classic shoot'em up

Game Design: Cyclone/X-Troll

Coding: Cyclone/X-Troll, Sunnyboy/X-Troll

Artwork: Cyclone/X-Troll, Tanis/TCB

Sound: Mad Max/TEX, TAO/Cream

Current State: Paused due to lack of motivation and support

Planned Release: Not known


Contact: cxt(at)atari(dot)org


Alive 9