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Alive 9
                          Jaguar Connexion 2005
                            23 & 24 April 2005

            On the road again : The Jaguar Connexion 2005

Slowly  but surely we approach the fifth Jaguar Connexion event!  The  small
meeting of French Atari fans has rapidly become a big retro-gaming event  in
France.  Dozens of gamers and collectors from all over France (and even from
foreign countries) have come each year to share a magic time together.

The  Jaguar Connexion 2005 will take place on the week-end of the  23th  and
the 24th April in Congis sur Therouanne,  near Paris.  This year we will put
the emphasis on presentations,  each with a theme which will be explained by
a  specialist  in each subject.  You will discover or rediscover  dozens  of
machines, not only the best productions on the Atari consoles (Jaguar, Lynx,
and 2600) and computers (ST and Falcon),  but also Sega machines (Dreamcast,
Saturn,  Megadrive),  Nintendo machines (Nintendo DS, GameCube, Nintendo 64,
VirtuaBoy etc.) Sony,  3DO, SNK, Bandaļ (Wonderswan), and even some rarities
like  the  GP-32 and the Nuon from VM Labs,  the zodiac from Tapwave or  the
Gizmondo from Tiger, plus even more.

Meals, hotel details and exchange places will also be arranged by the Jaguar
Connexion Team. The dates are announced five months in advance, so you don't
have  any  excuse  to miss this event.  Soon you will be able to  order  and
prepay for your place(s).  There are only a limited number of places,  so we
can provide an effective,  quality reception, and a great atmosphere. Do not
forget: the people who will regret the most, are the ones who don't come.

                       The Jaguar Connexion Team

                       The official website:

                       The official discussion thread:

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