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Alive 9

C-Rem Thanks  for your  support with  tons of  graphics. Your  output rate  is
incredible,  and honestly  it's not  only the  sheer ammount  of stuff  its also
the superb quality I really admire.

Mic Another big "thank you" for the great menu graphics. Cool that you  jumped
in on it.

505  What  can I  say,  the quality  of  your musics  is  outstanding and  the
production line  never seems  to stop.  Many thanks  for your  great and  always
early deliveries.  Sorry we  couldn't include the fat  8 channel mod  into  this
issue, but it will hopefully be used in the easter special :)

CiH Hey I don't need to say much I guess, sorry I didn't managed to finish the
Magazine in August. But the odds where against me ...

Moondog Welcome to the team, I hope  we can pull off this stunt more  often in
the future :)

gwEm Hey dude, cool contributions from your side, I am really looking  forward
to the next issues. Good luck with maxYMizer.

Dark Angel  Thanks for  bundling MusicMon2.1  with "Alive  meets UCM" and even
more thanks for integrating some of our suggestions into it. Nice to see you are
back ...

Damo hey get some rest man :) Thanks for contributing Triplex and some docs with
this  issue of  Alive, especially  since you  seemed to  be under  some kind  of
pressure. Hope to see you back at #atariscne soon.

Earx founder of the UCM/Alive shell and a brilliant article writer. I am looking
forward to our next project :)

Crazy  Q Hey  dude, thanks  for joining  the Alive  Team, I  hope the  little
usability improvements I  built into TripleX  suit you. Good  luck with being  a
full time musician.

Alien Great to see you are still interested in the scene, a huge thank you for
allowing us to republish the translations of your overscan article, I am curious
about the 4 bit sync-scroller...

Frost Thanks for the translation of Aliens article, an fix your damned falcon
dude :)

Janey Keep pushing iron and don't forget to dictate some more articles to your
"secretary". We need to hook up when your gear is complete :)

Tobe Nice stunt with that blitter routine, don't hit me for downscaling and
colour-reducing your screenshot :).

Further thanks go to the following people:
Cooper, Laurent Kermel, Sunnyboy, STS, Havoc, Ultra, Felice and everybody I
might have forgotten.

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive Feb. 2005

Alive 9