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Alive 9
                   GEM MANIA: "GEM QIX" by PHILLIP DONZE

system ..... "any" TOS compatible (at least 29o * 22o pixel in 16 colours), NVDI

supports ... ST-Guide, GEMJing, MultiTasking OS'es

tested on .. Falcon TOS 4.o4, SingleTOS

genre ...... Quix clone (...)

release .... 12/o3


"GEM QIX" is another game  that tried to  reanimate the starving GEM games scene
but makes, sorry to say  that right now, the same failures as the most other new
released so called "GEM" games. But later for that...

As the name  suggests, "GEM QIX" is  another clone  of the  old "Quix" game that
invaded about every computer system since the eighties. Even though you know the
game, I will leave a few words about it...

You control  a small spot  on the edge  of a  window. In that  window a  ball is
jumping  around and  you have the  job to  minimize the room for that ball while
drawing lines with your spot through the window, but take care, neither the ball
nor the "sparx", little  moving spots  on the edges of the window should  get in
touch with  your spot as well as the ball shouldn't touch a fresh drawn line. To
get to the  next  level you have  to fullfill a special ammount of the playfield
with your colour/minimize the room for  the ball as far as possible and for your
work you have a special ammount of time.

That's it for the aim of the game in short words. "GEM QIX" changed some bits as
you now have a "Fuse" that prevents too slow line drawing. Another change is the
fact that the ball doesn's acts really physical as he changes the direction also
without bumping  to the walls, but  this is more or less a bit unfair. Therefore
the number of balls doesn't raises from level to level.

Ok, that were the basics of the game and it's time to get to the technics... The
first thing to mention is, why the game is announced to run on -any- TOS machine
as it wont run. As you  can see in the  system requirements a minimal resolution
of 29o * 22o pixels in 16 colours is needed  to play the game and so ST machines
are kicked out right from the beginning as the game wont run in Hi or MedRes.

If you start the  game you get a  static window without the usual Gem Menu, that
you can't  resize under 22o pixels in height. If you have installed ST Guide you
may get  an online help  but I didn't  tried  that  out as  I doubt you need  an
online help  for such a simple game. The game offers the most simple grafix that
are possible, only points and lines in different  colours. Above the game window
a status "screen" informs  you about your  lives, the time for solving the level
as  well as the  ammount of  space you have coloured and you have to fullfill to
finish the level.

Sound/FX you  only get in  Multitasking mode  if your machine supports DMA sound
and if GEMJing is installed, meuh... I didn't checked it out yet.

Last but not least the controls. The game is  completely keyboard controlled, it
gets started  with shortcuts and  controlled by the cursor keys. This works good
and may be a better solution as using joystick or gamepad.

You may guess that I already lost my motivation to write more about it and so we
get to the final words...

"GEM QIX" is another game that fails at the aim in reanimating a GEM games scene
as only  the fact  that Quix runs  in a window now makes  no GEM game  out of it
really. Ok, you  can  resize  the game  window in  here, but  you can't make  it
smaller  as 22o pixels in height. If you play  in higher  resolution in a little
window the whole  thing screws up. So  the contents of the former levels are not
deleted completely  and info tables  like the highscore are displayed in totally
mixed way. So I doubt this is really the thing a GEM gamer wants  to play as you
than can play  a classic Quix clone that doesn't runs in GEM environment too and
maybe even smoother and more comfortable...


Alive 9