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Alive 9
               "FRENCH OUTLINE 2oo4 INTRO" by several french peeps

system ... ST, STe, Falcon, 512 KB RAM, RGB, VGA, STEEM

credits .. code - Chuck, Cooper, STGhost, Zerkman
           gfx  - C-Rem, Exocet, Mic, STS
           msx  - DMA SC

size ..... 96K intro

release .. o4/2k4


As there seemed  to be no major release planned by some french band  for OUTLINE
Party the  present froggies  decided to  join their  forces to  create something
together then, the result was this small 96K intro for the ST.

This intro  supports  the most  machines, runs smooth  on ST and  emulations and
offers enhanced video settings for the Falcon too, so well done.

We start with  the usual info screen that reminds to many bootloaders, as we get
a multidirectional scrolling background with little pixel hearts as well as some
short informations about the screen. Also  the music  starts to  play right here
and it's a good sid sound designer demo tune by DMA SC.

We go  on then  with a nice transition  with a  vector square  that fills up the
screen, followed by  a picture of C-Rem, showing a cute girl, that you were able
to see in  the last UCM's newspart. We  go on with some one plane presents logos
that scrolling upwards  over the screen  and C-REM offers  us another nice pixel
storm, an Outline logo.

Finally the next effect pops up, it shows interference rays in a box on the left
side of  the screen  while the  right side  is filled  with some  pixeled elf or
something, by C-REM again. The screen is ok, but no woah effect.

Somewhere I have seen the picture motive before... ?!

Then a small rabbit  picture jumps in, painted by EXOCET in his typical style we
love so  much, and finally  some one plane vector star loosing some dusty pixels
flies  around on the screen, quite  similar to the  effect you could  see in the
intro for UCM 23. Get this one...

Blow the dust away little bunnie...

And that's it  nearly, we just get an end screen then with some one plane scroll
that reminds  hard to DUNE's latest demo, "FANTASIA", just that there aren't any
fishes included  here. Over and out... not to forget that the intro doesn't goes
back to GEM then as it was announced in the intro.

SO WHAT? Thanx to the froggies for the fast putting together, even if this small
intro can't deal  with the previous releases by DUNE. DUNE? Yes, as the
intro lives  from CHUCK's routines mainly. The tune is nice, the grafix
are tasty and the  very few effects do their jobs, but the design falls
back as well as the whole impression, but for the fast putting together
live on the Party it is well done... Hope to see some more french major
releases next time!


Alive 9