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Alive 9
              little interview with earx of the outline staff
                           by moondog of .tSCc.

Preface: At first this interview was thought to  be held with all organizers. As
an online interview  was quite tricky to organize I decided to send the sheet to
all involved people to smash it together  afterwards, unfortunately  and because
of unknown reasons to me, only Pieter answered the questions in the end, I never
got a filled  sheet, statement or even simple reply by any other the others even
though Pieter tried hard  to motivate 'em. So  you should  not wonder  about the
following questions  but after that  negative experience I hadn't the motivation
to edit the whole sheet into a one-man-one...


ucm... hello together... the party is laying back some weeks now, time to take a
       look back on it from a good distance, so how are you?

orga.. i'm fine. actually, the  party wasn't the foremost activity for me at the
time. mailing to  the organisation  team  took place somewhere in between
work and education. looking back it was  slightly stressful but also very
exciting. at the  moment i'm kinda  out of touch with my crew.. the first
month after outline was filled with mail evaluating the party outcome.

ucm... i guess the outline party idea was flowing around in your heads since the
       pmp 99, didn't it? who was the one who decided to let the things roll?

orga.. it was havoc. the  idea for an easter party in holland was first proposed
by maggie team, because  it would shorten their trip, basically ;) we had
an idea to do another pmp, now a -post- millenium party, for a long time.
pmp was a big success and we certainly wanted to repeat the experience.
but  finding the  location was  a huge  problem. when  you're  part  of a
scouting  organisation, for  instance, it's easy. when  you're not, it'll
cost you a lot of cash and time.

ucm... was it easy  to work out the  party idea, seen from today? i guess it was
       the biggest party  project everyone  of you was involved in as organizer,
       wasn't it?

orga.. for me everything  was smooth. but  only at the  party did  i really help
out. before the  party i only  did some invitations and some mailing with
other guys. yeah, it was  a huge thing. the  building was  really crammed
with  freaks, nice to see. we actually  had the  possibility to  get even
more people over there, but it wouldn't have fit ;)

ucm... as well seen from today, were you satisfied with the "result"? were there
       some things  that didn't  ended up in  the way you thought in the  end or
       happened all as it was planned?

orga.. definitely! it was in  many ways a bigger success than pmp. for one i was
largely sober ;) secondly everyone helped out, even non-organisers! :)
everything ran smoothly i think.

ucm... were there some bad  things in your  mind, remembering back to those days
       you would try to avoid next time?

orga.. well, for one, it's  best to be  a visitor i think, since  work is  never
fun. i'd just  like to drop by without any obligations, have a chat, show
some screens, and  that's all. but  taking some of  the credits for being
organiser of a successful event, isn't bad either. there were some shitty
things like  some visitors refusing to pay and moments of pressure before
the compos, which  to me, seemed  unnecessary, especially seeing that all
people there are intelligent and friendly.

ucm... what do you  think about the  registered-users-only thing today? was it a
       good  choice? or  would  you try  to get  another location  without  room
       restrictions next time, if there is a next time?

orga.. at first, it sounded a bit over-the-top, to be honest. why the hell go to
all this  trouble to get  visitors beds or breakfast, when this is really
rare at most  parties? it seemed  to work out, but indeed it was a lot of
extra trouble.
you need to  do the administration and  do some housekeeping. most people
seemed to appreciate this. maybe due to high average age these days ;)

ucm... what would you  do in another way, if  you will organize another event of
       this size? or would you try to make a little copy of outline o4 then?

orga.. hhhhm, it's up to the others. i'd like to repeat something like this, for
me i think once a year is okay. but i don't know about the others, dforce
and  havoc  were  under a  lot of  pressure. i  understand  why  the  eil
organisers refuse to do a yearly party.

ucm... in comparison with  the error in line parties, the outline as well as all
       other  parties held between  the eil events, weren't  that  stuffed  with
       demo releases. what do you think, is it a problem  of the parties or more
       a problem of the small capacities of the todays atari scene?

orga.. it's the even year problem! always in an odd year 95,97,99,01,03 there is
a big party  with loads  of releases  and then  active  sceners are tired
afterwards  and the  following  year is  very quiet. anyway, seeing there
were about  60 - 70 visitors  at outline, the  amount of  releases wasn't

ucm... so as the atari scene needs another regular event, will you try to create
       an outline party series  alike the eil parties  then? after the first eil
       the organizers were quite burned out and it wasn't save for long if there
       will be a follow up.

orga.. would be  great to  do this, but  i wonder... we shortly had the idea, if
eil should  stop, to  pick up where  eil organisers  left. but since that
idea nothing much has hapenned.. it would be a lot of work for sure..

ucm... and overall, did  all of you  the things they  should or were there some,
       that just liked it  to be in the staff to stay over the others, harharhar
       ;)  nope... just joking, but would you organize another event together in
       this team or would you like to have some more helping hands?

orga.. it was a good  thing others also helped, non-organisers like christin and
some non-scene friends. without  them it would have really sucked. like i
said, actually, i don't  really like organising, but it is nice to put on
your 'CV' ;)

ucm... at last, as we can't do brainstorming on that topic really, just tell us,
       for everyone, what 5 things you liked most on that party...

orga.. the breakfast
meeting new people
the party place
flooding the pizza service
not having to code at a party ;)

ucm... any wishes or things you want to say to the crowd? so do it here now...

orga.. *blub*

ucm... ok, that is all for now, lay back and relax, a cool summer to everyone of
       you and maybe we met  another time again, as it wasn't possible for me to
       come over this year... too bad, seems i missed something ;)

                                                               moondog of .tSCc.

Alive 9