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Alive 9
                                D-BUG MENU 184

released ... o4/2k4

This menu comes along on two disx again, a thing we hadn't that often anymore in
the past months and so I was curious about the things it may contain.
The first impressive  kick was the cool menu by DHS, showing us a stylish screen
with environment  mapped vector stuff  and comes along  with a very nice tune by
5o5, yummy. The second disx features a smaller intro by D-BUG, too.

The two disx  featuring three games  this time, and with "Pegasus" another never
cracked game was released now. The other stuff on the disx are the well known
"Snacman" game and last but not least "Space Battle" by Paradize.

"Pegasus" is a mixed horizontal scrolling  shot'em'up by  Gremlin Graphics. That
means the single levels featuring different styles, so you fly  on the back of a
flying horse in level one  while you run by feet on level too. The game plays in
the greek mythology and you take over the role of Perseus who fights against the
evil creatures  of Satan, flying little  and bigger monsters, scorpions, spiders
and such  stuff... so the usual things  to do, and while  your horse  is able to
shot lightning bolts you have to kill'em with the sword head-to-head in level 2.

The technics of the game  are far behind of 1991, the whole  game design, grafix
and  musix belong  much  more in  the eighties, to  be honest  and it  is really
nothing compared  to other  games from this  times. It comes  along just too old
schoolish but it's worth a look as it  should be some very rare game nowadays as
it wasn't cracked before.

"Snacman" then is  a colourful little Pacman clone  with tracker  sound from the
year 1994. Not  much  words  to loose  about Pacman itself  I think, just that I
still  prefer "Crapman" as  the best  Pacman clone  around  for ST machines, but
tastes are different. At last you have to know that the game is STE enhanced...

I think I don't have to add some more words for "Space Battle" in here as it was
reviewed in the last issue of UCM already.

What else? The docs are  only included  for "Pegasus" (also describing the built
in cheat mode) and "Universe 2" from menu 182.

So what? "Menu 184" is another well  done compact in D-BUG's line as it features
a quite rare game  that isn't a dumb text adventure only, hehe. For up-
to-date users  the included "Space Battle" may be a bit useless but for
me I have  to say I missed "Snacman" somehow  up to  now... Anyway, get
the disx!


Alive 9