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Alive 9
                       CINEMA - "DAWN OF THE DEAD"

remake of George Romero's zombie classic from 1979

As I  have read  the short  description  of that movie  in my  TV journal I just
decided, "I have to see it!". Even  though  it  didn't  gave  away that  much it
seemed to be one of the best  horror/splatter movies that came  into the cinemas
since many years and you know what?
I almost had  missed it in  the end as  it was taken out of the playlists in the
most  cinemas after 3 or 4 weeks  and so it  was only  shown in two cinemas in a
surrounding of over 1oo km in the second week of May...

Anyway, we droved there and had to see that it lays on the few visitors, just 12
people were  sitting in the hall  that evening in the end, but who really cares?
A problem  could be the fact  that only 18 years old people are allowed to watch
the movie over here in Germany.

I don't  right remember  if I have seen snippets of the  original  movie as this
is "just" a remake  of a classic  zombie slasher from 1979 by  George Romero but
was set on the index in Germany and was even for adult people only given away in
censored  way, but  somehow  I  think  that  I can  remember  some  moments  and
situations in that movie that might come from this first original movie.

Ok, so what's this one about? The main actor is Sarah Polley, a cute young woman
who plays  a nurse  called Ana  somewhere in  a city  the  United States. As the
movie  starts right from the  beginning very filled  with action, blood and gore
nobody really cares about a story here, hehe... brainless, no?

Anyway, Ana goes  home from work  after a  stressy day, she works at a  hospital
where some  people with a very strange disease  were brought in at that day, and
at  the next day  the chaos took  over the role. Her  husband  woke up and their
little daughter, already  turned into  a zombie, jumps onto him, biting him into
the throat, blood overall, woah! She tries to rescue him but the blood sprinkles
over her and  the whole room  and finally he dies  as she can't stop the rain of
blood, suddenly  he turns into a zombie, trying to bite her, she tries to escape
through the  bathroom and while her ex-husband-zombie  smashes through  the door
with the head she can escape through the window, finding herself in a world that
is overroled  by total chaos and  anarchy... and this was  just the intro of the
movie as now the title sequence starts...

And in this breathtaking speed the movie goes on, she tries to escape out of the
city with her car, the  world around was sinking into a battlefield, she crashes
her car and was found by a police officer and she followed him, collecting a few
more survivors and  finally entering a big supermarket as last stronghold as the
zombies aren't able to come through the unbreakable glass doors.

At this supermarket  the "story" takes a little  pause in development but seeing
thousands of  zombies around the building while food and ammunition turning down
to zero  as well  as water and  power supply are breaking down brings the people
in there  to the plan  to escape somehow  from there  but somehow  this  plan to
escape and trying to realise it already brings a lot of victims to the survivors
as every bite  by a zombie turns  the suffering one into a zombie too and in the
end only  the half of  the imprisoned people  match it with two busses to escape
from there... for just a moment...

In fact you don't have much time as watcher  to follow the story or to make your
own thoughts about it, the  speed how it  develops and changes is that fast even
if a  few  happenings  are  foreseeable but  in the  end the  movie  stays  very
thrilling untill the very end  as you always  hope some of them might escape the
zombies in  the end but if  you try to realise their chances after the movie you
should  know that there was  no real chance to be rescued for them right on from
the moment as they entered the supermarket.

But watching  the movie leaves  you no moment  to think about the future  of the
heroes, as the  movie isn't only  damn thrilling but also offers a load of cruel
effects  and ideas  you really  must wonder  about. Exploding  heads and smashed
bones are  the most soft of them, very  horrible are the ideas to use a chainsaw
to get rid  of the zombies that  tried to capture the busses and the things that
can happen if  you don't  work carefully  with such a  machine... strong stomach
recommended here...

So what? "Dawn Of The Dead" is one of the best horror movies that  came into the
cinemas  over the  last years, it  features not  only a  very cute main
actress, no, it  is technically state of the art and leaves you no time
to take  breath as well as the  movie even matches to impress with damn
cruel and  funny moments  as well. I  know, some hardcore  fans already
have stated  out that this one  doesn't reaches the original movie from
1979 but for all that  don't know  the original  and just want to spend
some good hours without much thinking in the cinema should go there, or
as it surely  wont be shown  anymore as this UCM will be released, just
get the DVD (if possible uncutted!).


Alive 9