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Alive 9
                         COMPACT DISX NOT WORTH TO HAVE?

Hello and welcome to  moondog's first  strike in 2oo5, woah! In fact the idea to
this article is quite some months old and at first I wanted  to leave some lines
after  the release  of  the latest  BSW compacts, but  somehow my motivation was
dragged  down in  that time  so this  article didn't  matched it to a spreadable
state... But thanx  to the  marvelous cOnstruct crew my motivation woke up again
with "their" latest release...


So let's start with a  straight review of all those disk that popped up over the
last months... and of course, we start with  BSW... BSW you might ask? Yes, Blue
Software, a very infamous  compact makers  group from eastern Germany, known for
their famous  coder bITmASTER. I really thought they were history after the band
was  dissolved in  1994 to join THE CHAOS ENGINE but it  seems The Byte just has
resurrected the label to kick out some more compacts... In fact their  disx were
infamous because of the loosy intros/menus they often contained, offering ripped
grafix and musix, giving the credits to the BSW members, woah...

And if you ask me, this reanimation  of the disk series was just made to fill up
the number 1oo, nothing else... But who cares, so we have something to write
about, hehe...

BSW DCD 8o v2

Here we  go with a re-release  of number 8o. At  least it is called to be such a
rerelease. It comes along with an intro of the known bad quality, showing a part
of a digitized keyboard and a scrolly, together with a damn old chip tune.

The  menu  offers  1o different  screens, starting  with some  old BBS intros, a
ripped screen  of the Synergy Megademo (Pajaro, nice one, but the demo contained
much better stuff), another Synergy  screen with  a kewl digidrum music by their
famous musician  Scavenger, a  porn demo  that wont  run on my  machines, the YM
Rockerz "Popstars" demo, a Zuul screen that turns out to be a Fingerbobs one...

So a various  collection, nice  move is that the menu stays in memory and you go
back to it after every screen if he offers an exit...

What to say about? Surely the menu is ok, if you are a die-hard-cd-collector, if
you  don't care about  the not running  porn show, if you don't  care  about the
missing  Zuul screen... but don't wait for the quality menus by ANIMAL MINE, POV
or RIPPED OFF always brought to your machine...


We go on with  their latest  release, number 99... Upsi, seems I missed a lot of
disx then? But who cares, as I didn't cared to get their whole collection in the
past... The  things The Byte  did with the  re-release of menu 8o, he missed out
this time  completely, so  the menu  doesn't stays in memory, offers just static
"intro" and  menu screen and makes it awfully annoying to run the demos from the
menu, getting  always to the desk... It contains various demo and intro releases
from the  last years, starting with our (.tSCc.) "Fading Twilight" and "Songs Of
Distant Earth", going on with the Tawnee Stone porn show, a small MJJ intro that
leaves a black screen in the end and the YM Rockerz "Wave Upon Wave" demo...

Surely nice  contents if you are off from the scene since 5 years and missed out
a lot, but  really nothing  to collect  for anyone  who has an eye on the things
going on, esp. since  the menu doesn't make it easier to check out the things as
it doesn't makes a difference if you start them from menu or desk...

Die-Hard-Collectors  may store the disk, the others surely will delete it as the
menu/intro  itself  isn't  worth  to  be stored anyway... if you  leave the nice
raster boot sector by the DNT Crew out... ;)


Here we get  disk 1oo A... A? Don't ask me why, as disk "B" doesn't contains any
files needed  to run the stuff that's on this disk... And here we go, what do we
get here? Apart from the usual static "intro/menu" screen we get the Wolfenstein
Preview by  Ray/.tSCc. and games we all have played so much over the last months
and  years  already, "ChuChu Rocket lite" and  "Godpey"... Wow!?  But wait! With
Jet Set Willy  there is  another killer  on the disk, a 1:1 conversion of a 8bit
Spectrum game... one headache later I tried to write my conclusion...

Yet  another  disk the  world  really wasn't  waiting for, while the Wolfenstein
preview is  already outdated again, as Ray did some updating, the included games
by the Reservoir Gods aren't bad at all, but they were played by the whole scene
already months and years ago... so was it really needed to create a compact with
them? At least for my idea about the sense of compacts not...


The last one... so far or forever? Dunno, at  least the intro  comes along as an
intro, or better intro-alike-slideshow this time with real fading routines ;)

Once more The Byte packed  quite uninspired  a load of small intros and games of
various age onto the disk, starting by the game Lombric by Exocet, Santa Fly and
Double Juggle Vegetabobble by the Reservoir Gods, Cream's "Minesweeper" from the
year  1993 or 1994  and a few other  things... Not  really the thing even a demo
collector was waiting about...

So what at all? The Byte  reached number  1oo and surely stops releasing compact
disx now, even though there should be enough stuff around to fill some more disx
if you  ask me... I never  liked the BSW CD's that much, a few of them contained
nice  intros by  bITmASTER but as they used  the same intros again and again, it
was mostly wasted time to check them out, and so it goes for the stuff, that was
quite seldom hot and not seen before... those new disx are no exception...


and nOw fOr sOmething cOmpletely different, suddenly  cOsmO pOpped  up again and
guess what, he brings us the latest cOnstruct crew release! cOmpact disk fOur!!!

wOw, that was the thing we all were waitin' fOr! yeah baby! after the cOngeniOus
menu 3 On fOur disx, we nOw get menu fOur On One disk... the intrO  is the usual
ripp Off Of an Old sOurce cOde and lOOks, tO be hOnest, a bit like dck again...

nOw cOsmO  is prOud tO  present us... lOtus turbO challenge 2... wOah! i have tO
say, if  Our Old member  apache wOuldn't have cracked and sent it tO me 12 years
agO tO shOw  me hOw easy  cracking is, and  if it wOuldn't  be packed On sO many
menus befOre, I really wOuld still wait fOr it... arf...

To be  honest, I still don't got the point to release menu's with stuff that was
already hacked and compacted so many times before, it  goes on with  the PD game
"Stomp" that  even appeared on a lame PD menu by my old band .tnb. 12 years ago,
not to  mention the  ST FORMAT coverdisk that featured it originally, huaah, and
all the other menus that were proud to present it in the past...

The LAPD Virus Killer and  the Revenge Doc Displayer  filling up the rest of the
disk, or at  least a part of  the free diskspace... A part? Yes, Cosmo again did
not care  about the sense  of "compact disx", using  inefficient packers and not
higher formatted disx, to try to pack even some more stuff on to them...

So what? Don't ask me, again a Construct menu not worth its not  used diskspace,
bringing old  stuff everybody knows  and owns already since years... just a disk
nobody needs really...


Ok, that's  it for now... yes, mOOndOg is still  alive (somehow) and still going
to check  out the  things going  on and still opening his mouth ;) So take  care
about your coming releases...

                                                            moondog - o2.o2.2oo5

Alive 9