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Alive 9

        Breakpoint '04, the "Highlights"!

                  Erm, Oh Dear!

Whilst  we  were  taking  our Easter pleasures at  the  rustic  environs  of
Beusink, others were at a totally different party, somewhere over the border
in  Germany.  The  'Breakpoint' party is the successor event to  the  oh-so-
memorable  Mekka  Symposium  series.  Several highly  amusing  reports  were
produced,  and  it  seems  that  not  a lot has changed  since  we  had  the
misfortune of going to the 2002 event.

Here,   extracted  extracts  are  considered.  The  carefully  selected  and
distilled  bits  of nastiness which reveal the fact that if  certain  things
change, the rest of it works twice as hard to stay the same!


In  this  first part,  we hear from the organisers who were having  troubles
with  one particularly dense partygoer,  even before the party had  properly
kicked off!

This extract came from the forums:


"And  for  those who care (I guess that's not many,  but just in case):  The
above is a private IRC query I just had with tmb/rebook."

"Background is that at BP2004 he died on the main hall floor even before the
party  started.  After  giving no sign of life for 20 minutes we decided  to
call the ambulance. At the moment I picked up the phone some other organizer
had managed to make him puke so he could breathe again."

"One might expect to get a thank you or a "sorry" from such a person."

"Instead  he just now joined the Breakpoint irc channel telling us how  lame
we and breakpoint are, and that he drinks as much as he wants etc yadadada."

"As  the  official  organizer of Breakpoint and the person  who  is  legally
responsible I have now decided to not allow him to visit Breakpoint 2005, as
he already announced to be a pain in the ass again next year."

"By  the  way,  the  same goes for his groupmate dkdman,  who pissed (!)  on
another  visitor who was sleeping under his table in the mainhall,  and when
he  was caught got aggressive on both the security and the person he  pissed

"Scoopex - Generations ahead in lying in their own puke and pissing on other
people :)"

Scamp (Party organiser)


Wow!  was  this any relation to the guy we found out cold in the car park on
day one of the megamighty Mekka Symp '02?!

Needless to say,  this outburst produced the following mature,  considerate,
literate and well thought out reply from the person concerned!


"i  already annouced to NOT come to bp05,  because bp03 and bp04 were really
bad organized and everybody freezed their asses off. the orgas fucked up the
compos quite bad, didnt show entries or showed them 30 minutes late (without
music then)."

"as i told already before,  i like a private atmosphere were you can talk to
ppl and have fun, which was not possible at breakpoint, at least not for me,
the bad organising made me very pissed."

"at least i paid my entrance after i woke up again,  what other sceners that
were drunk before the official start of the party, did not."

"i am not sorry that i was drunk,  why should i be??? i can drink as much as
i want,  and if i want i can even drink myself to death (which seems more to
be a job of bronix, hehe :)"

"so stop taking yourself too important, you are replaceable like everyone of
us, just human, nothing more ;)"

"no scoopex member pissed on anyone,  dkdman is not a member of scoopex, and
well,  i am not responsible for what other ppl do,  that's more your job, if
you  call  yourself  organizier of a party,  so blame it  on  yourself  that
someone pissed into your partyhall."

"thank you :)"

    added on the 2004-04-16 by tmb^scx


Ha  ha!  The generally pitiful and self-justifying whingerant of the  toerag
amuses!  I  thought  that this comment especially "you are replaceable  like
everyone of us, just human, nothing more ;)"  was most outstanding.

Seems  to me like tmb is auditioning to become a lesser  life-form,  drunken
amoeba perhaps!?

Back to the delectably pissed off Scamp for another word now..


"Ok,  so  the  problem  is solved.  If tmb didn't plan to show up at  BP2005
anyway, I don't really see any use in this thread. :)"

"eye: We don't have a problem with people getting too drunk. We don't have a
problem with people pukeing.  We've got a problem with people we try to help
to survive who later then tell us how lame we are and that they have a right
to  die  etc yadada.  And everyone with a brain knows that "just  don'  care
then"  is  not  an  option  if you do not wish to go  to  jail  as  a  party

added on the 2004-04-16 by scamp


Fine  final  words  from  Scamp,  I'm  just a  little  concerned  about  the
excessively  liberal  parts of their party organisation.  "We don't  have  a
problem  with people getting too drunk,  puking etc...." But he is right  on
the money regarding ungrateful fuckwits with a deathwish drinking habit!

Now to ban the other 1499 of them for next year?


Okay, we're into themed aspects of misery here, starting with the cold chill
fingers of that most final of resting places, the sleeping hall!!


 Extract from Lobotomy's report..

Thursday:  Arrived.  No food was available.  Decided to sleep.  The sleeping
hall wasn't being heated,  so it was cold as fuck.  During the night (around
7:30  actually) some drunken Norwegian motherfucker stepped on my  head,  my
feet and my glasses,  the last of which broke (repairably,  but anyway). The
MF in question has now been identified as Slummy of Spaceballs.  Fuckings to

 Extract from Mikko "Break" Nieminen's blog..

And what can be said about the sleeping hall that hasn't already been  said?
There was supposed to be some heating, but the place seemed colder than hell
on  the day when Instant Ejakulation released a finished compo demo.  I  had
even been dumb enough to borrow my sister's light sleeping bag instead of my
industrial strength Siberia-proof one,  so hypothermia was only a few shakes
away.  I  passed  out  quickly though,  although I have no idea how  I  even
managed  to find my bag in the dark much less roll out the  needed  sleeping

(And this later on..)

But  there  was no choice - I had to give in to the meat locker's  call  and
catch more downtime.


And I've seen pictures of the sleeping shed,  gawd,  what a grim scene!  One
difference  from  the arctic tent we so loved from Mekka,  at least it is  a
permanent  structure,  a  hangar  or  something.  So  heat-sapping  concrete
replaces thin wood and canvas, err great!

Next, we consider the facilities available, or perhaps not?


 Extract from Mikko "Break" Nieminen's blog..

Sunday didn't exactly begin on a high note. I intended to take a shower, but
it turned out that the facilities at Bingen had already closed by the time I
crawled  out  of the cryogenic storage.  The enormous steak sandwitch I  got
from  the GP stand got rid of my hunger,  but I remained extremely tired and
dirty and didn't feel like partying at all.

 Extract from Spot/Up Rough's report..

The  food at the party was of QUITE german standard,  curry wurst disgusting
meat  like  that.  In  another  food stand they  sold  sandwiches  and  some
vegetarian food that was a bit better,  but they where really unfriendly and
refused to speak english.  Gilligan/Triad did let them know about it though!


I  wonder what the organisers talk about when they have meetings  to  decide
what to do for next year?

Org 1:  "Okay,  we've read the feedback, it seems that people are pissed off
with  freezing to death in the sleeping place,  not happy with being able to
get clean again,  and would like the food service to operate with a pretence
of  a  smile  at  least,  what  are we going  to  do  about  those  pressing

Org 2:  "No,  didn't hear any of that,  don't care anyway.  So who've we got
down for next year's drunk freakshow then?!"

Which leads nicely on to the next topic!


 Extract from Mikko "Break" Nieminen's blog..

I  wasn't  the  only one getting back into party  gear  though.  Bronix  and
Finland's  own  Nosfe were well prepaired for the Mr.Freshness compo  :  The
former  was  pushed  around  in a shopping cart,  in which  he  performed  a
spectacular  urination performance in front of a German TV crew.  The latter
was carried away from the fire early on, with his private parts immortalized
by  several digital cameras for the generations ahead.  I missed the  actual
compo inside, but if memory and rumours serve correctly it culminated in Sir
Garbagetruck   strolling  around  naked  and  Jaffa  of  IRC-Galleria   fame
reportedly  providing someone with a blowjob.  That sounds totally happy  to

The Nude Michael Moore lookalike competition gets underway....

 Extract from Spot/Up Rough's report..

Fairlight organized a 'Mr Freshness compo' and some disgusting sceners where
told  to  enter the stage.  The most unfresh dude would win the compo.  Hell
broke  loose.  Some  finish  dude in Dekadence undressed to  get  some  more
attention.  And  then Sir Garbage Truck entered the stage with his ...  well
... American body! People started shouting "Undress!!!" and he actually did,
at that point my eyes stopped focusing on the stage,  I focused on the floor
instead.  The organizers was quite happy about the distractions I guess,  as
some compo was heavilly delayed and people was busy looking at the freaks on
the stage,  forgetting about the compo.  Well, the freaks wouldn't leave the
stage,  and  Bronix  dropped  his pants aswell,  and the some  guy  starting
sucking  him off,  I don't know who,  as I was so disgusted I didn't dare to

After  that Sir Garbage truck and that dude from Dekadence was still at  the
the  stage  and  the Dekadence guy starting  talking  really  serious  drunk
nonsense  about the scene,  I booed and Sir Garbage truck got really  angry,
most  of  the audience was quite fed up at that  point,  and  Gilligan/Triad
immitaded the BP04 jingle and shouted (reffering to a certain american body)
"Bubba  Fat,  Bubba  Fat,  please  come to the information disk,  someone is
waiting for you!" I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair!


It might be me,  and you can call me unnecessarily fastidious, I won't mind,
but don't you think that giving out spontaneous blowjobs to strange  baboons
of  dubious  personal hygiene might be a good indicator that  your  drinking
habits are WAY out of control!?!

Oh look, we almost forgot the other traditional amusement of the bigger demo
party! Porno rules!


 Extract from Spot/Up Rough's report..

When  it  was  time for the price ceremony,  Steeler entered the  stage  and
announced  a  surprize  compo.  They  had logged the  biggest  porn  FTP  at
breakpoint.  The winner had leeched 65 gigs(!!!) of porn I believe,  and the
runner  up had tried to hide himself behind three different IP's,  but  they
got him,  together with his name and his table number! It was hilarious. The
winner even entered the stage and collected his price,  10 meters of printed
logs, and something that I can't remember! :)


And  so  thoughts  turn regretfully to the end of the party  vibe,  and  the
journey home..


 Extract from Mikko "Break" Nieminen's blog..

Everyone got in the bus nicely, even Virne who was crawling around looking a
little less sober than most of us.

(And a little later..)

Everyone  got  on  the 737 safely,  even Virne whose blue lips  caused  some
concern  among  the  aircraft  personnel.  Our  fellow  passengers  probably
appreciated  the  eau  de  scene floating around  though.  The  flight  went
smoothly in a comatose state of sleeping and drooling, and not long after we
found ourself back at the Tampere railway station having come full circle.


Okay,  and  a  final bit to see how impressed the rest of Bingen  was,  with
their  prestige scene event of a lifetime.  I've got a feeling that  they've
been reading some of the party reports with keen interest!


Extract from jazzman^flugeldufel's report..

Breakpoint's  return to this place was an obvious choice,  but far from easy
to  realize,  or so I heard the city government of Bingen had been  opposing
the use of this location vigorously. I fail to imagine a sensible reason for
this  behavior,  the  city  can only profit,  and there are no neighbors  to

A  pity,  actually,  that  lack  of neighbors...  we could have sent over  a
delegation  of delirious Finns for a spontaneous serenade.  Jawohl,  jawohl,
wir trinken Alkohol, jawohl! But i disgress.


Now aren't you glad we have our own party without any of this crap!

CiH, for Alive Mag,May '04

Alive 9