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Alive 9
Becane Atari no5

                   by Marss 

Since  the  beginning,   Arethius is fond  of Atari and  proves it with   Becane
Atari, a miraculous publication newspaper. Finally after months of fight and  of
demotivations, it finally completed Becane ATARI n5. It will be the last before
the very last issue of Becane ATARI,  dedicated to Iron Soldier. In issue 5, you
are entitled to 52 pages in A4 format in black and white

Including :
- the Jaguar Connection 2004 report
- a Lyricisms and poetry report
- interview of Johannes Graf
13 tests:
Book review : Zap the Rise and the Fall of Atari
Lynx: Alpine Games, Robosquash, the CGE 5th cardridge
Jaguar: Native, Protector vs Protector SE vs Defender 2000,
the CGE 5th cd-rom
2600: Warlords, Night Riders
Nuon: Merlin Racing, the Nuon Gamepad by Logitech
ST: Rick Dangerous
And the tips.
The first twenty purchasers will receive, completely free,
a flyer of "Clicks" to be released on the Atari Jaguar

Becanes  Atari  no5,  hardly finished,  that Arethius launches out a special
issue about Iron Soldier

You will find there:

- a test of Iron Soldier
- a test of Iron Soldier II CD and cartridge
- a comparative test of Iron Soldier 3 on PSX/Nuon
- tips
- cheats
- codes
- complete soluces, perhaps
- interviews
- a Eclipses Design Software report
- tests of games and programs coded by Eclipe Design Software before
  and after the release of Iron Soldier
- translation of the issue into German
- translation of the issue into English
- a surprise

If  all goes well,  Arethius envisages a cd of MP3 of the musics and videos.
As  far as I'm concerned,  I already reserved mine for 5 euros.  Then do not
wait and buy it  while going on our site:

Marss, for Alive! Mag,Jan 2005

Alive 9