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Alive 9


What the  fuck... moondog appears  in Alive  magazine now? Why  can't that  dumb
asshole close up his sphincter to release UCM 26 instead? Good question, and you
may get the solution with this small "article"...

In fact UCM 26 was planned to be released somewhen in end of summer/early autumn
but due  the usual lack  of support and furthermore lack of inspiration, loosing
motivation and so on (what a fucking devils circle) I kicked all away in the end
as the constant  begging for help wasn't that motivating. Once upon a time I was
in the mood to release UCM just for me, to show  me and the scene that I'm alive
and willing to support the whole thing.

But times and moods changing and in the end I wondered for what I should torment
myself. Seeing myself fighting nearly alone to keep UCM alive (What the hell?!),
while so many people stated out on a DHS poll that they want to support diskmags
brought me  to the point  to skip the  things as they were. It makes no sense to
hold on a thing (UCM) that already seems to burried by  the crowd. And so UCM 26
seemed to turn into vapour ware as only very few chaps gave me a hand this time:

BIG THANKS TO EARX (Hi my old chap), GWEM (What a promising article writer!) and
last but not least 5o5.

Suddenly Cyclone asked  me about  the things  goin' and as I skipped UCM somehow
already I got the idea to merge the few things I got with him, not for the stuff
I did, but  especially  to save  the kewl  articles I got by the chaps mentioned
above. And so we did, I finished the  few bits that  still were left on my parts
and shared the stuff with Cyclone...

And what about UCM  now? To be  honest, I don't  know at  the moment... Just one
fact: I'm quite burned out in magazine editing and more or less Atari'ing itself
at the moment and I  will take a break  for sure, as I already did, you may have
noticed  this already. This  surely is the  result of the pain in the ass having
something to do for UCM but without a real idea what to do at all.
Another reason is that the small dripping software flow makes it hard to fill up
a magazine with reviews  and esp. reviews were the things I liked to do so much,
sucking out  your fingers to fill  up a magazine with other crap isn't that easy
and may end in  a complete brain damage. This was a point were I was in hope for
foreign  help that  didn't appeared  in the way  it should to  keep the magazine
going. I never had a  problem reviewing all softwares alone, but taking over the
other parts esp. since there aren't  much reviews to do turned out to be a quite
hard problem, even for me, yurk.

So UCM will fall asleep  now and I will focuse on other things, surely not doing
pixels again. I thought long about  this point but came to the conclusion that I
lost  my  motivation at  this topic completely. So  I will use my  UCM break for
going back working on my Falcon archive CD, maybe some people remember about it.
Even though this  one isn't in an alpha stage so far I can tell you that it will
be the most complete Falcon software collection for sure, esp. since Lotek Style
gave me  a hand and we  may work together on it, that  surely will  make it much
more possible to see it somewhen :)

I don't  know if this will be all  what I do within the next time, maybe loosing
the UCM package on my back will give way for some new ideas and motivation to do
other things. I guess I will check out this pressure less feeling and its result
within the next weeks and months. In fact  I will check out  the things going on
at the  scene and I'll  be there for sure, my mail add should be known to anyone
and I will write back to  anyone who  thinks that he  has to mail me, it doesn't
matter for what reason. Just keep  in mind, I don't quit, I just take a break to
reorganize my brain...

Ok, enough words  about this topic, just enjoy UCM 26... errrr... Alive magazine
now, with a small UCM touch maybe... ;)

Stay cool - stay Atari...

__________________________________________________________ moondog __ 11/2k4 __

Alive 9