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Alive 9
In ten words

The challenge is,  to sum up a concept, word, person or whatever, in no more
or less than ten words.  The fun is in trying to make it fit exactly.  A lot
of  stuff can be summed up in a pithy three four or five word mouthful,  but
then you have to make it stretch all the way to ten.  Here's what I did with
a few myself..

The players, and the platforms first of all...

Atari - Three fingered salute to glorious times past, now no more.

Intel  -  Crap,  crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap!  (There's  no
ruling to say it couldn't be the same word each time!)

Microsoft - The bloated beast ate all our money and our hope!

Apple  -  Aptly named expensive electronic fruit for  rich  interior  design

8-bit  Atari  - Lived several lives,  eternally strong.  It shines from  the

ST - Soon it will be twenty, never tiring, lives on forever.

Falcon - Still thought of as a "new" machine after ten years.

Jaguar - Never say die, always say "Let's play Tempest 2000 please!"

CT60 - This heart beats faster. The new adventure is just beginning!

Now some demo scene personalities..

Demo scene - Why? On the best days, we can touch the sky!

Evil - Father, mother, elder brother and all to the Atari scene...

Baggio - Big guy who goes "Mmmm pizza! Yum yum!" a lot.

Reservoir Gods - The UK entertainment software industry's hidden underground
atariscene games factory.

Escape - With these guys, bumblebee and Falcon will both fly higher!

Defjam - Genius sparks erratically, but when it catches light, it roars!

Dune - Back from the dead? No, just a long suspended animation!

Moondog - This man can be spiky, but his meaning is good.

Grey - The commanding officer of the Polish scene, new Chosneck please!

Seb (STS) - He tired of the race, but may be back weirdly!

Mr Pink - Many armed coding god, like if Shiva worked for EA?

Havoc - This tall guy lives in a house in the sky.

Deez - With this guy, laziness and Falcon will both fly higher!

Earx - This ancient dinosaur bird kicks out some seriously modern code..

Some Atari heroes not necessarily demoscene..

Nick  Harlow  - "Dude,  where's my Atari show?" - Nick replied  "It's  right

Jeff  Minter  -  This  shaggy  games  genius  looks  to  fluffy  things  for

MyAtari - Are determined stayers on the treadmill of a monthly issue.

Didier Mequignon - The soul of a saint, fingers of a demon coder!

Rodolphe Czuba - Genius,  genius genius,  genius,  genius,  genius,  genius,
genius, genius, genius! (See 'intel' entry. arf!)

AltF4  (Highwire) - Accomplished confident walker on the skinny  strands  of
the web.

And some words on the other parts of the scene..

Peecee sceners - Casually wasting space,  oxygen, food, alcohol, cpu cycles,
eating porn!

Diskmags - Relics of a postal past, hanging on to flickering life...

Amiga - A great machine, let down by the lamers using it..

Breakpoint Party - By day three, it smelt of stale piss and currywurst...

Here are several nations of scene-dom..

Finland - Endless peace, sound of drunk throwing up in the corner....

Sweden  -  Land  of  midnight twilight,  fractal hills endless  tunnels  are

Germany - They take their codingwurst very seriously in the cybernetics lab!

Netherlands - The home of cheese and orchestral manouvres in coding parties!

France - Founder nation of the cutesy graphics in pretty demos treaty!

Poland - Goodness lives at the end of a very long road...

The UK - "Move along there, nothing to see here..." Well almost correct!

We throw open the floor to some politics..

American  Politics - Bricklike establishment versus  irrational  opposition,
want a reasoned debate cocksucker?!

George  Bush  - "Who made that moron president?" They  screamed  shrilly  in

Michael Moore - Is the anti-Bush. When Dubya goes, so will he?

Tony Blair - Should stop playing nude twister and trying to please everyone!

Saddam Hussein - Not a great leader, but does a cool mole impression!

Uday  Hussein  -  Saddams son.  If he lived,  Caligula would have  succeeded

The European Union - More Eurosceptics will appear as more hard choices  are

Slobodan Milosovich - He's an ill poorly dude! I hope it's nothing trivial!

Cult TV & movies

Red Dwarf - They're just these two guys, a cat, and a robot..

Dr Who - The Daleks look like Bill Gates on a good day!

Hitchhikers Guide - The movie is finally coming,  but radio series still the

Star Trek - This five year mission has no immediate end in sight!

Soap  Operas  -  The tele equivalent of Microsoft,  they  slowly  take  over
everything !

Demoscene cable channel - Only a select few claim to have spotted this one?

Star Wars - Started off the coolest thing, but went downhill with Jar-jar.

Jaws - The battered cod fillet's ultimate watery grave big revenge trip!

Kill Bill - Tarantino title taps into subconscious wishes of computer  geeks

Think you can do better? Well you know what to do!

CiH, for Alive mag, is it safe to say that yet? June 04

Alive 9