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Alive 8

Oh yeah  another YM  ROCKERZ  compil ! What  is the price ? Free ??? Oh now I
understand why  all  majors told  us they can't  sell cds ! For all chiptunes
lovers like us, it is so cool to get such nice music for free. Even if people
around told us we are mad, that dis noise is ugly, we still love it !!!

It's been a couple of years already since the YM rockerz started to entertain
us with some compils. Their new opus is called called Warryorz.

The sounddemo begin with a beautiful pic of guy sending a personnal message to
MAJORZ as can be seen above. Btw it was painted by Timbral of DHS !

The main screen includes an old Atari VCS painted by Exocet. When you select a
song, the face of the composer (also pixellised) appears in the TV screen. The
menu are  the  scrolltext use the  same  handling as  in the  other YM rockerz

Let get a fast review of the tunes :

TAO : The compilation uses the name of his tune. As always nice and fast
      melodies always featuring Tao's very own style and strange noises.

LOTEK : My favorite one ! This music really rocks !!! It begins with some
        drums and silent.. Then the music grows and differents beats come.

TRIMBAL : Nice melody, reminds me of those great game action tunes like
          turrican ones :)

DMA SC : Herrrr sounds like a DMASC sound :) As always it is pleasant at the
         first listen. Great melody, great sound.

CRAZY Q : Nice techno like tune. With a nice melody. Is he the brother of
          scanvenger ? I think he has the same style and really nice !

GWEN : Heavy beginning. And then the music really sounds like a old good
       chiptune with sid effects added !

DAMO : This music really rocks too :) including some beat breaks, quick
       restart and some speedy melodies.

505 : Very soft music reminds me of old games music like great gianna sisters.
      Damned time is going to fast :( There is this sadness and happyness

STU : Uses some sampled sound for the best effect. Really fast and heavy. Some
      good beat and the mix of the sampled beat and the chipsound makes all a
      pleasure :) This is really Dynamite !

BS2000 : Also a soft music.. It's been a long time since I didn't hear a tune
         like this. Are you sure it was composed this last time ? This pleasant
         music sounds like the great old adventure games.

Once again, this compilation brings us the best of YM. All styles are present for 
all of us. As for me, it is  still a pleasure  to continue to  listen to some new 
compositions.  And  if  your  wife  or family  really  don't understand  why  you 
spent your time torturing your ears  with this strange  noise, instead  of buying 
the latest britney's CD, just pump up the sound :)  

Alive 8