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Alive 8

Or what's left on Xmas table when everyone has gone to bed half drunk ! :)

    Oki there we  go once  again, this time  reviewing minor  screens that have
been made available here and there over the last months. Quite average stuff so
that I really don't feel like  spending  too much  time on  this article  after
coming back from another  busy day at  work (no, for me  weekend will not start
before Saturday noon :)

MJJ Prod fakes

    Strider and his fellows have struck back with a couple of  supposedly funny
fakes but be it their Love Machine or fake Fantasia, I didn't find any interest
in these prods : crappy gfx, lousy fx and almost no visible storyline (or maybe
something only MJJ Proders can understand ?). I still believe fake demos can be
fun but someone should tell Strider he's not good at them :)

Paracon 5 intro

    Paranoid released a small invitation weeks before Paracon5 which was surely
a nice event tho no one was brave enough to write  a party report :( This intro
uses the same chiptune as in the previous paracon invitro and to be honest it's
not my favourite msx. The same goes to  the ugly white font used over the intro
btw :) After a (midres ?) shaking Paranoia logo comes the only fx you'll enjoy,
namely a floor and  ceiling both  supposed to be  mapped with a dark and not so
coloured motive that is heavily pixellised due to C2P low  resolution. Not much
more to say, it doesn't look  great indeed but  was rushed out in some days. It
seems that if you reload the intro, the motive and colors will change but there
isn't really a convincing version...

    I know that Paranoid has coded other great looking C2P screens and I hope
he can turn them into a full demo sometimes because I'm feeling tired to load
them again and again from my harddrive :)

Paradize Website intro       

    In order to celebrate the grand  opening of the crew's webpage  located at  Sunnyboy, now  member  of Paradize, coded this informative
screen mostly made of text, a few lines and a constantly fading Paradize logo.
Not a lot to feed on especially as it won't run from mid-res and tends to fuck
up my GEM when trying to quit :( More to see from them in a near future I hope.

Xmass 2003 entries

    Several weeks  before Xmas  Evil of  DHS decided  to renew the online compo
concept with another rule : within 15Kb you have to bring  full window gfx plus
a scrolltext not to forget 3 original chippies including one of them based upon
a famous Xmas theme. I tried to give SWE  a hand in his  attempt but my gfx was
still to big and we couldn't find any musician to help out :(

    Anyway let's  try  to see  what  entries we  were actually  offered as many
people dared face the  challenge like Ggn/Kua, Thothy, Torment, Checkpoint, MJJ
Prod and DHS of  course among  others. To speak  the truth  most screens looked
very poor due to the many limitations only showing poorly coloured gfx, a small
scroller and erm... almost nothing more ? For some time I  thought I was on the
wrong machine or maybe had gone 15 years back :)

    Only noticeable screens imho were MJJ's try with  their Xmas zombie :p or
Torment showig some real fx like wireframed cube or even Swe's  screen tho it
couldn't be qualified for lack of original msx. Indeed the screen I like most
was brought to us by a new crew called PARADOX, namely Paranoid and survivors
from long dead Cruor crew. Their late contribution shows a stylish background
with a paradox logo, a semi transparent 1plan  scroller and  offers more than
decent msx, hopefully only a sign of what's to come later !

Last words : let's face the  truth here ! Most  screens mentioned in this 
article have long time been deleted from my harddrive. Still I  want to thank 
all the people involved for doing things and hopefully better stuff next time. 
A Special greeting is sent to C-REM who provided  most of the gfx seen in the 
many Xmas2k3 entries ! Keep doing your great work Emeric !

Alive 8