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Alive 8

                           (TENTH BIRTHDAY OF MJJ)
                                 By MJJ PROD

Yes Another demo by the french Crew ! This is a compilation of several old and
new screens.

1- Cursor by BigFoot : 

There is a sinus distorting background with scrolling rasters and a text effect
(like the one in the SOWATT loading screen) with a moving cursor displaying and
clearing the text.

2- Demo by Squale :
Very old style demo˙: A distorting logo at top, with 2 little boucing ones at
left and right. A scrolltext  at  center  with  raster inside :) And vertical
rasters in the background. And 3 level bars for the music at center down.

3- Fullfish by BigFoot won't work under my version of Steem :(

4- MJJOne by Fenris and San-a :
Contribution for the transbeauce demo . It has been refused (hey welcome, ours
also was not). A  distorting  log  at top  and a  bouncing  scrolltext  onto a
background picture?.

5- Piche by BigFoot :
Funny picture with a guy who has fall down on its motorbyke  and a overscan
(low, left & right) scrolltext.

6- Rasters by BigFoot :
A lot of vertical rasters with a perspective drawing, moving with user-config
sinus table. A little scrolltext is onto.

7- ScrollPT by BigFoot :
A pic of a guy hunted by a sword in his front (blood runs :) . Onto a dot
sinescroll is running in different ways and 2 line  color at up and down.

8- ModPlayer by GodFather :
A modplayer : a pic of a astronaut with a little distorting mjj. A scrolltext
at low overscan and some rastered  bars for "vu meter" completed this screen.

9- Demons by TooSeb :
A 8 pixels depth sinescroll , and 3 animated cranes sprites moving onto a nice

0- Exotica by TooSeb :
A 1 bit pic with rasterz for making a sunshine on a beach? Wow that's remind me
my island :) MJJ  were  at  home  last year?  A BIG 1-bit plane  scroll text is
behind the first  coconuts and before the others and a low border is displaying
informations for the credits.

Some comments? Yes this is  not 3D-mapped-environement-gouraud-shaded demo? yes
this is not a NEW scholl demo? yes some of the screens come from ages when some
of you were not using Ataris! All the screens look plain.

But MJJ is 10 years old ! They made a pleasant compil with lotsa unused stuffs
for  their bithday, and this is a  good idea. If all crews  were making a demo
for their 10 years, Atari  scene  would not have  been so sad! (For example, I
didn't made a  demo  for  the  10  years  of STKnights? In  fact I didn't make
anything exept last alive issue demo? :( )

But I think they should have included some news demos, to join the past and the
present. If most  the screen are  pleasant (no ugly pics), even if some effects
are simples, we would be happy to see also some new effects.

But it is  a nice  compilation and  MJJ is  proud of his beginning. Would some
coders show their first intro at this time ? Hey what an idea ! Making a first
intro compil ? send them to me :)

Thanx to MJJ to continue the dream of Atari !

Alive 8