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Alive 8

    I won't call this issue a "finale" but for  sure there may never be another
issue or then without me... future  will tell. Anyway  it took  us once again a
LOT of time to  collect articles, piccies and  msx from  our supporters. Thanks
are hence  adressed to all of  them. I may  be the 'brain' behind the mag (with
huge writing help from CiH) but a brain without body would  serve no purpose :)
Anyway here I stand, contemplating the almost final result. At the moment, only
the intro is missing but Defjam will make it and we've been so late that
another small delay won't kill anyone, if someone reads us of course :)

   At least, I'm happy we manage to bring you if not a last, say a ninth issue
oddly called Alive (l)8 :) Oki, enough crap, let's rather  consider some facts
and figures about this issue :


Intro    : Defjam told me his intro should weigh about 70Kb, we'll see :)
Musics   : 6 files amounting to 290Kb unpacked and 131Kb packed
Articles : only 61 textfiles atm counting for 635Kb now packed to 350Kb
Piccies  : 31 piccies a bit under 1 Mb big before and only 460Kb now

Whole issue (including the shell not taken into account above) then weighs :

         > Unpacked just several Kb over 2Mb
         > Packed about half of it, meaning still 1Mb :)


    I don't even need to zip the mag to  know that it's already too big for ST
users. Well  maybe  harddrive users  can get the  big package and  copy  files
separately to their ST hd ? Anyway it would be useless since they cannot enjoy
the soundtrack included :) In other words, once again, I'll have to split this
issue and spread a Falcon version and an ST one.

   Enough blabla, this issue is completed ! It's time to assemble it, work on 2
versions, zip them, update  the website and  put them online. Hey, whoever said
work was over, was sooo wrong :p

Alive 8