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Alive 8


STS has found another stupid and crazy idea to keep you entertained ! Have 
you ever tried to look for  yourself in a search engine ? I did and found that 
there was another Sebastien Larnac (yeah same  first and  surname !) hiding in 
Quebec ! Now it's time to see what some nicknames can reveal. Of course I have 
only kept the funniest and oddest results, but better have a look yourself :)

There is no special order here but the alphabet, not to forget very silly 
comments by STS, understand Stupid Trisomic Sucker :) Heeeeeere we go now !!! 
In case anyone actually reads this, then let  me tell you that  I simply used 
GOOGLE search engine.

CIH : Symantec Security Response - W95.CIH
Due to the decreased submissions, SARC has down graded this threat level to 3
from 4. The CIH virus also known as Chernobyl was first discovered in June 98 - 28k - 12 nov 2002

Comments : oh myyyy god ! All of  this time, I've been working with a virus 
and I had no clue about it ! Only 2 years  since CiH was proved a bad virus ! I 
already knew it since the guy won't stop sending me articles, again and again ! 
Please someone, stop the infection now ! :)

CREM. Deficiency in spermiogenesis Postmeiotic ... citations). METHODOLOGY
( FROM T-BASE). ( (crem)). Line  Name, DNA  Construct. 1. CREM (+/-), CREM ...

Comments : uh, that sounds bad :( Seems that C-rem has troubles with erm... 
Having successors ? Sure  that can  happen to all  of us, that's  why I want to 
send a wave of cooperation here ! Please get steady and DCC sperm to C-rem asap 
or he'll never get Atari kids :)

DAMO : Chinese DaMo Qigong / Chi Kung -
Damo qigong, Chi Kung: a Chinaese alternative medicine including Kung Fu,
alchemy, acupuncture, herbal  medicine, Tao, chinese cure, chi kung,

Comments : yeaaaah  man, keep the medicine going  especially if it implies 
herbal ingredients ! Hey Doc Damo, I'm feeling stressed at the moment, can you 
give me advice about some herbs ? :)

DEEZ : 7deez <> -, Click for more
information.  Description: Official site  of the Disco, Motown  and Funk tribute
band based in Illinois.

Comments : yeah groovy man ! Even though he shaved his head, Deez didn't 
forget about his  true love, pure  diiiiisco music ! Next  time you meet him, 
don't feel embarassed by his wide and colorful clothes :)

EARX-tacy" - Guitar Nine Records
Andy Timmons "EarX-tacy". ... Orange Swirl', 'Passion', 'The Spoken And The
Unspoken', 'EarX-tacy 2', 'Pawn Kings', 'That Was Then, This Is Now'. ...

Comments : hmm Earx seems to be a real artist though we only know him as a 
great coder. But he wants to go on with his  musical carreer now and will soon 
stop all coding. Get ready to buy Earx next album at your local CD shop !

EVL : Electronic Visualization Laboratory at University of Illinois
Description: A graduate research laboratory specializing in virtual reality and
real-time interactive computer... Category: Arts > Digital > Resources Digital/Resources/?il=1>

Comments : we already  knew Evil to be  a multi skilled  coder but now you 
fully understand why ! the guys has his own lab to develop new 3D routines for 
CT60 Falcons, buh that's not fair !

LOTEK Fish and Wildlife Monitoring Systems - Radio, Acoustic, ...
Lotek is a world leader in the design and manufacture of fish and wildlife
monitoring systems. ... Copyright 2003 Lotek Wireless Inc. All rights reserved. - 20k - 18 nov 2003

Comments :  so here it is ! Truth is unveiled regarding Lotek music sources 
and  inspiration ! He's merely copying fishes moves  and sounds ! now I clearly 
see what he means where he wrote "thanks for the fish" here and there !

Striptease Entertainment. Striptease by men, show dance, for a stag night,
birthdays and other events. Category : Regional > Europe > Denmark > Arts and

Comment : we already knew that Mr Pink was working hard for EA but now we 
find out that his employer isn't paying him  that good so that he also has to 
have another job ! Respect man, btw my grandma is aking if you also play with 
whips ! :)

NERVE : Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, 
Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture, Picture...
Description: Glasgow, Scotland punk band. Biography, discography, pictures,
audio clips, tour dates, news, forum,...
Category : Arts > Music > Bands and Artists >

Comments : Nerve seems to be a shy (and married guy :) still he wants to 
spread pictures of him all over the world ! I didn't dare watch any of these 
pictures, surely expecting to meet the guy in odd suits :)

RAY : American Roentgen Ray Society - Anonymous
Newsline. The ARRS Neuroradiology Review Course is available now. The course
focuses on current knowledge and recent advances in ...
Description: The oldest radiology society in the United States, providing
monthly peer-reviewed journal and annual...
Category: Health > Medicine > ... > Radiology > Organizations

Comment : Ray is  undoubtedly an awesome  coder but it seems that we have 
found out about his trick ! Currently being at the army, he decided to go for 
brain surgery to make sure his  precious Atari knowledge would be kept safe ! 
Now we all hope  it worked out as  planned so that he  can go on coding great 
stuff like Beams or Wolf 3D !!

SWE : Society of Women Engineers
Headquarters - 230 E Ohio Street Suite 400 - Chicago, IL 60611-3265 phone:
(312) 596-5223 - fax (312) 596-5252 General SWE/Membership Questions
Description: An organization that stimulates women to achieve full potential in
careers as engineers. Includes...
Category: Society > Organizations > Professional > Women > SWE

Comment : now  I can  understand why  SWE  cannot  find spare  time to keep 
working on Bars ! I simply didn't know he was so fully involved in women rights 
organizations, a true rebel indeed ! I respect your work my friend and can wait 
some more before you release Bars now.

Of course this was  complete comedy and I would be very sorry if the people 
mentioned above felt offended since most of them are real friends ! I hoped you 
enjoyed this silly break in your serious reading, better get back to real 
business now !

Alive 8