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Alive 8
   .__         ___________.__   .__   __
______  |__|___  ___\_   _____/|  |  |__|_/  |_   ____
\____ \ |  |\  \/  / |    __)_ |  |  |  |\   __\_/ __ \
|  |_> >|  | >    <  |        \|  |__|  | |  |  \  ___/
|   __/ |__|/__/\_ \/_______  /|____/|__| |__|   \___  >
|__|              \/        \/                       \/ 

                  (Volume 1)




Everyone  knows NEOchrome  is the  best thing,  ever..! It's  got hidden  depths
(secret functions!). It's got  the best zoom mode  of any gfx program  - ever..!
It's got blah blah & it's got blu blu.

So why do I love Degas so much? I  was asked to point out the best parts of  the
program during a  lively 'discussion' with  some other atarikids  in #atariscne.
The  strange thing  is, I  couldn't really  come up  with anything   technically
outstanding, any demo-like smoothness... nothing. Degas just works for me. All I
can say is that I know how to do what I want to do in order to drop those pixels
where I want them.

If you've  read cxt's  file, you'll  know he  had the  great idea  to turn  this
pointless (but often amusing) argument on it's head.

So here  it is,  one of  my favourite  bits of...  The Design  and Entertainment
Graphic Arts System (31337!).

Before we  allow SH3  to continue  with his  article, let  me (Cyclone) tell you
something about the basics  of using Degas Elite.  If you manage to  start Degas
successfully you  will see  a screen  filled with  lots of  colours, cursors and
buttons. In  most cases  you will  get some  adjustments if  you double click an
object on screen. For example if you double click onto one of the colours of the
palette, you can adjust this colour in several ways. Unfortunately Degas  offers
only the basic 512 colours of the plain ST palette.

However, on top of the  screen you will find a menu, which acts more or  less as
the command-centre of Degas Elite. You may also want to adjust some settings via
the menu,  as described  later in  the text.  To enter  one of the eight drawing
screens in Degas Elite, you simply have to perform a click with the right key of
your mouse, another right click brings you back to the command screen. To select
one of  the eight  screens you  can press  the numbers  1-8 on  the keyboard. It
doesn’t matter  if you  use the  main keyboard  or the  numeric pad it will work
either way. And while we are talking about screens, "9" brings you right back to
the command screen. Now its about time to give the keyboard back to SH3.

_________  __   .__                 .__
/   _____/_/  |_ |__|______  ______  |  |    ____
\_____  \ \   __\|  |\____ \ \____ \ |  |  _/ __ \
/        \ |  |  |  ||  |_> >|  |_> >|  |__\  ___/
/_______  / |__|  |__||   __/ |   __/ |____/ \___  >
\/            |__|    |__|               \/


Stipple is  rubbish..! It's  like the  airbrush from  hell. Well,  it's actually
better than Degas' Airbrush  tool (using brushes rather  than a fixed circle  of
dots), but that tool is next to useless. So let's take a quick look at Stipple.

Stipple is great.  Give it a  double click, go on!  Stipple lets  you draw  semi
-random but  controlled brush  points within  a defined range.  You  can set the
range from 0 to 7 pixels away from the centre of your brush and you can slow  it
down if you like...  I suggest you don't.  You can also use  stipple with blocks
but that's not going to offer much useful.

OK, so stipple let's you draw this silly mess all over the screen.. is it really
useful? On it's  own I would  maybe use it  once or twice  a year, but  the best
thing with stipple is that you can use Change with it.

Change is a very useful function. It  lets you replace a colour in your  picture
with  the currently  selected colour.  But it  doesn't just  work on  the  whole
screen, it combines with other Degas functions to let you alter specific  areas.
Set/Change lets you pick the colour you want to affect, then combining this with
Draw for example will allow  you to paint another colour  over it & only it.  So
you can choose a large brush  and happily re-colour sprites quite quickly.  Give
it a go.

Now instead of using draw, select Stipple while you've still got Change switched
on and don't forget to use a large brush. Now you can affect a greater area even
quicker than with Draw and you can be more certain that you've not missed a bit.
I use this every day, whether it's working on sprites for a game, making a  logo
or whatever. OK, it's not earth-shatteringly astounding, but this simple  little
combo makes my life easier & that's why I chose to write about it here.

A round of applause for Stipple/Change! (with a big brush ;)

Cyclone is back with some additions, what I like best with the stipple  function
is the ability to stipple with pattern and change activated. However since I  am
a  lot older  than sh3  I would  prefer to  switch to  medium speed  via  double
clicking onto the stipple  button, but medium speed  is much to slow  and pretty
useless this way, it  sucks.  So  using single  clicks to  stipple with  another
colour works fine for me.  At least  it  allows me  to generate  the patterns  I
need faster than pixeling them manually with NEOchrome.

If you want further  informations about Degas Elite  I suggest you download  the
Sewer Docs Disk 10 and 6. Disk 10 contains "Extensive Instructions" and a "Quick
Reference guide" while disk 6 contains  "Hints and  Tips part 2". The  Sewer Doc
Disks are available from the P.H.F. site at
You can find a  complete list of the  disk contents at the  Pompey Pirates  site
at . Hey  Grazey,
maybe it would be an  idea to update your list  and btw I wonder where  we could
possibly find the "Hints and Tips part 1" :).

2003-01-20 sh3-rg (with some tiny additions by Cyclone / X-Troll

Alive 8