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Alive 8

              the (fast) report

One  day,  a  red-haired  froggy  called  Chuck had a funny idea : organizing  a
unusual coding party.  This  one  won't  have  any  competitions,  any  horrible
deadlines, any giant screen. It would be a meeting, just a meeting with friends.
So, let's see what kind of party it was.

The  party took place in Pussay (quite a funny name for a town, isn't it?), near
Paris, on October the 11th and 12th. The room wasn't big but it was located near
Chuck's house.  MattUsAlem  and  I  came  with  my car and we took C-Rem with us
during the travel. We  arrived  one  day before the party because the travel was
quite  long for us. So, we had the chance to visit Chuck's new house, and I must
admit the flipper and the arcade game (Super Hang on) are impressive!

On saturday morning, the party began.  So, who was there? Dune dudes, Sector One
guys (gays?) and MJJ fellows. Of course I don't forget  to  mention  the  Falcon
coder  MattUsAlem  from  Troll  &  Co, Juju (a ST demo lover) and Frost's friend
called TME. Not a lot of people, but the members of the three main French groups
were there:
- Dune: Chuck, Corbeau, Frost, Mic
- MJJ Prod: C-Rem, Gloky, Kiksoft, Strider, Zorro2
- Sector One: Dma Sc, Edo

Chuck  had  the  crazy  (and brilliant) idea to bring his "Super Hang on" arcade
game and a VCS 2600 for the fun. There was also some "far  breton"  and  apricot
juice "a la MJJ" (remember the Anomaly Megademo).  We  had the chance to see the
CT60. Frost and Kiksoft came with their CT60-ized Falcons.  The accelerator card
is quite small compared with the size of the computer. Alas, no CT60 demo was in
preparation :-)

The  masterpiece  of this party was the Fantasia demo. The version presented was
almost finished. The test of this excellent ST demo should be present  somewhere
hidden into the voids of this diskmag :)

Now during the party... who did what?
- Corbeau  has  done  his best to get fast 3D mapped routines. And the result is
very impressive. I don't know who is the best ST coder but Corbeau is surely the
best 3D coder on ST!
- Mic  and  C-Rem  shown us their last creations. Their styles are different but
they both are talented artists.
- MattUsAlem  have spend his week-end fighting against his Falcon because he had
problems with his 3D routines. Happily, Corbeau was here :)
- Gloky presented a demo screen with a very nice effect,  a  kind  of  sinusoidal
curves into a circle (hmmm actually it is quite hard to describe it).

During  the  night  we  had  a little discussion about the evolution of the Atari
demo scene, especially concerning activity on ST.  Chuck  would  like to organize
an  Atari  party with current and older members of the scene (including those who
have stopped all activity a lot of years ago).  He  would  like to do it in  2004
but  he  didn't  know exactly when. I guess information will be posted on DHS and
Sector One web sites. As usually, just wait and see ;-)


Alive 8