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Alive 8

  The bus stop flyers

Not unlike any other Saturday in Gothenburg, Sweden, people were walking from
point A to point B in the mid-day summer heat.

"Probably going from store to store to see what things has potential and/or
ambition to be bought next pay day", I thought to myself.

I, however  had a more  relevant  goal with  my transportation. I was  going to
visit  the NAS2003,  my first  Atari  gathering. With a  soda in  my hand and a
rucksack on my back I strolled down the avenues, and finally found the premises
where the gathering was taking place.

Since I am little of a newcomer in this  Atari business I was pretty astonished
when I entered the building. There were actually people with their old machines
there, and there was a  guy coming there from the UK to sell all types of Atari
software and some hardware taking form of mostly Jaguar and Lynx game machines.

I paid a very reasonable entrance fee and got my name on a little pin to put on
my shirt and some  numbers if  i wanted to connect to  the Internet. Of course,
this gathering was a work by  the  veterans  at SAK (Svenska Atariklubben), and
they seemed to be happy to have some "fresh blood" visitors.

As I checked the place out I found Ataris connected to the Internet and to each
other, among others the guys from Nature were  installing the "fresh out of the
oven" ct60, someone  had  brought an "Atari  2600 in a joystick".  So, this was
definately  the place  where to  spend  the  Saturday afternoon, playing  retro
games and checking the progress with the ct60's.

Nature optimizing their 060-processor?

Of course, I couldn't resist asking Nature for previews of their productions,
so we spent some time  checking  Aces  High, and  when the ct60  seemed to be
working we tried to kick-start some cpu- demanding demos.

The hours  I  spent here  went  fast, but I  had settled  that I should see
"Reloaded" this evening with a friend of mine so I had to take farewell and

NAS2003  was  an  unexpected  happening  in my  home-town  that  surprised  me
positively. It showed that there are still some old Atari geezers left in this
country, and they seem to be  in full control of  the machine they are dealing


Alive 8