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Alive 8

          Gus Spank rants again!

   Let the mouthing come to Mohammed!

Dateline October....

Controversial shock-jock and sometime leader of Malaysia,  Mohammed Mahathir
dipped  his  elbow into a bathful of steaming controversy  with  his  latest
speech  given at the October Islamic Organisation's  conference.  Screaming,
"It's  the Jews!  They're taking over the world!" He was carted off-stage to
rapturous applause from the conference delegates. Well I exaggerate *just* a
little bit!

If  you look past the immediate outrage generated from this end-comment,  he
said  quite a lot of other things beforehand,  that were of great  interest,
but largely ignored in the western media coverage.

In  fact,  most  of his speech was searchingly critical of the way in  which
Moslems dealt with the modern world, or rather, the way in which they didn't
in  a  lot  of cases.  He went so far as to suggest that not  all  parts  of
western civilisation were automatically 'bad', and that useful lessons could
be learned from there. He even went as far to condemn forms of violence such
as suicide bombing, and suggest that conflicts between the Moslems and other
groups  were  better  resolved  using "brain rather  than  brawn".  He  also
appealed  to the wider Moslem community to unify,  as with their 1.3 billion
members,  everything  positive would be possible.  I'm not sure if the words
"Moslem Renaissance" were used here, but they might as well have been.

Unfortunately,  this  considered and constructive criticism fell on a silent
and  unappreciative audience.  These seemed to be uneasy at listening to one
of their own people challenge several long-held attitudes and beliefs.  They
seemed  to be quite happy to condone easy fanaticism and suicide bombing  as
part of a "liberation" struggle, thank you very much. Now don't forget, this
was a global conference with its delegates presumably being Islamic  opinion
formers and shapers for their own local communities all over the world.  Now
this is very worrying.

Even  more  worrying  is  the fact that the  same  audience  only  responded
positively  to Mahathir's punchline about those pesky  cunning,  behind-the-
scenes string pulling Jews! The fact that I'm writing this piece is proof of
their  influence of course!  Mahathir said the outrage generated in  Western
Media was 'proof' of such string-pulling on these myriad Jewish-owned  media

Those  comments  about  the Jews could also be seen  as  a  back-handed  (or
possibly  cack-handed)  compliment to them.  Even though their numbers  were
reduced  by  6  million,  they're still up there ruling the  world,  getting
others to do their fighting for them,  according to him.  At least it can be
said  that Mahathir has the good sense to avoid being seen as  a  holocaust-
denier by acknowledging the death toll.   Holocaust-denial is a depressingly
common hobby in the middle east.

So why did Mohamed Mahathir spoil a perfectly good speech,  with a throwaway
comment about those roach-like Jews, top-dogging away in secrecy?

1.  The man is a genuine Jew-baiter? Unlikely, as I don't recall Malaysia as
a  hotbed  of  anti-semitism historically.  Previous speeches have  shown  a
scattergun  distain  for  the West and Western values  in  general,  without
targeting  people with curly beards and wire-rimmed spectacles.  A speech in
June accused 'Europeans',  meaning Anglo-Americans in this case,  of wanting
to  conquer the world and impose a global culture through freedom of  sexual
expression (Sodomy, in other words..)

2.  He  really did get misinterpreted and taken out of context by the  West?
Possible,  but  he did talk of  "fighting the Jews,  but using brains rather
than  brawn." I think the hostile reception that followed from the  rest  of
the world, was entirely understandable.

(What did he mean "Fight the Jews using brains rather than Brawn" anyway?? -
Was  it through mentally agile Moslems outwitting their Jewish opponents  in
a  "Winner  takes all' game of chess for the future of Palestine?  Or is  he
suggesting  something more sinister like genetically engineered  smart  bio-

3.  His speech as originally given,  criticising the current contribution of
Moslem societies to the world,  was going so badly, that he had to resort to
a  cheap  stunt  at  the last minute,  to get the  approval  of  his  fellow
delegates? Possible, but not probable. See below.

4.  Mahathir  thought  he was speaking to his target audience,  an elite  of
fellow Moslems,  with a reasonable and consistent message.  In doing so,  he
revealed a very poor, almost bricklike sensitivity towards the sensibilities
of  many  non-moslem people.  He also showed almost no understanding of  the
context of historical and current anti-semitism..  In short, he displayed an
unthinking  "I  know best" kind of arrogance,  which he  frequently  accuses
others of.

This speech seems to echo a general middle eastern style malaise of  getting
to  grips with a wider reality,  rather than convenient blame-making in  the
direction of a particular group,  especially the Jews in Israel.  I doubt it
will  change  any  of  the hardened attitudes  to  a  more  intelligent  and
constructively self-critical approach. If he wanted to really reshape minds,
and  plant the seed for a 21st century Moslem enlightment,  then he  fumbled
the  opportunity  by  taking easy pot-shots at  the  favourite  whipping-boy
ethnic group.

In  short,  a  truly  wise  person would have chosen their  words  far  more
carefully.  maybe the Malaysians should bring a race relations act into law,
or  consider  importing  some more cattle-prods to  quieten  their  ex-prime
ministers with a flapping gob?!

Gus Spank in 2003

Alive 8