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Alive 8

    If you have read my part of the editorial, you  already  know that I have
decided to quit. Work is stressing, days are too short, and this is not worth
wasting your life while some  people don't  give a shit. Here are  some final
greetings I would like to address before leaving :

* CiH : sorry  for letting  you down  this way Chris but I am  sure you can
    understand my move. I'm also convinced that you didn't really think I would
    quit, did you ? :) Thanks for the time  spent together, we'll meet again no
    doubt and I hope CXT and  you will go on. Thanks for  the many articles you
    have provided once again !

* Cyclone : hey Heinz, we're  still waiting for  LX remixed ! :) Seriously,
    thx for putting all issues online  and for being my  very personal torturer
    hehe :) Maybe you can go on with online issues, anyway you already have the
    keys of the castle :)

* Swe : not that you've  helped  at all here Janez  but I sincerely enjoy
    chatting with you and REALLY want to visit you next summer ! Time to move
    out if you want to avoid crazy frog invasion :)

* C-rem : you are someone  great  Emeric and I wish  you believed it ! You
    have brought tons of gfx to a lazy Scene and if some people don't like you
    to work  for many crews, then  fuck  these lazy asses ! I hope  to see you
    again, surely in Holland next Easter !

* Earx : thanks for the many  wonders you've brought us ! I  know that you
    are the main (and only ?) force behind LINEOUT but I'd be happy to work on
    ST again with you if you feel like it :)

* Ray : atm you're struggling with BEAMS and then I hope  you can continue
    work on Wolf 3D because this is a great project ! Mail me if you need some
    help ! I cannot promise wonders but I'd love to play the game some day !

* Ultra : hey Olaf, keep working on HEFTIG, nevermind how long it takes !
    Hey you've started it 5 years  ago already ! Please don't  wait until our
    Scene dies, it'd be too bad :(

* Evil : you and I have never been close friends, you still won't call me
    by name and I know we don't share the same views. Still I strongly admire
    your work and hope to  see more in  the future. Thanks for supporting the
    Scene that much and keep up your great work !

* Paranoid : you  and  I have  lost contact  over the last  year and I have
    missed the occasion to meet you again at Paracon :( Still I hope to see you
    again soon (in Holland soon maybe ?) and I  don't forget  about our weekend
    project :)

    It would be too long to  thank personally all the  people involved in this
    issue so let's try to send a massive  THANK YOU  to : Defjam, Exocet, Tao,
    Damo, Timbral, Jace, Cooper, Frequent, DmaSc, Havoc, Strider, Sunnyboy and
    the people I may have forgotten :)

Best regards to Moondog and Grey for keeping the fight hot while I've 
decided to stop. Good luck pals !

Alive 8