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Alive 8


Since MJJ Prod (or its shadow) came back to life it  has gathered an awful 
lot of more or less talented people tho we still hope to see new pictures from 
Wilfried and hope that Zorro2 won't yell at us once again << grin >>. Gloky is 
one of their coders and I sincerely think he's their * best * hope to regain a 
great reputation since I've had the chance to see some of his screens !

Oddly nothing has officially been released by him :( If he needs motivation 
then I hope that instant glory in a worldwide known magazine will contribute to 
get him  cheered up :) Note  that this interview  was first done  in French and 
then translated by me without major changes of course.

STS : Hi Gloky ! could you please start with introducing yourself with the 
usual info  like name, age, background  especially about the  Atari  Scene. We 
would like to know if MJJ is your first crew experience or not for instance.

    GLOKY : Hi STS ! I'm a  handsome  male specimen, currently  aged 32 and my
name  is  Vincent. I do have a  small  knowledge of the Scene  since I started
computers with a 48Kb Spectrum though I  wasn't  fully involved until I had my
atari and felt interested in GFA. It took me very long to switch to ASM out of
laziness I suppose. My first crew was called  AMADEUS WOLFGANG later  known as
EUPHORIA. Still I have never released a single screen by lack of motivation.

STS : Actually since you didn't release a screen, I guess very few people 
actually know your name :) What is the  reason for that ? Maybe I've missed a 
screen coded by Gloky ? Any projects in the pipeline btw ?

    GLOKY : back  in the  Golden Years I never quite finished my screens. Now I
complete (al)most of them  but I have  troubles optimizing them  and working on
tiny details. Still as I  like things to  be perfect, I  simply refuse  to give
these screens 'as-is'. I'm not  motivated by fame but like  to gain "know how".
I plan to release about a dozen of my old school (but original) screens for the
ST before I move to Falcon and work on applications or various tools. It should
get me busy for the next 10 years at least :)

STS : I remember your nice screen presented at the HUNO party but it would 
be better if everyone could enjoy it :). I'm pretty sure you have some screens 
ready at hand (editor's secret source :). Btw what language do you use ? 

    GLOKY : Yes I have some screens ready, well final touches needed, but it's
mostly a good excuse to delay them :). I code in ASM on 68000 and Pascal on pc
to create tables only tho.

STS : A nasty rumor spread on could find us convinced that indeed 
the real mastermind is your cat !! What's the truth ? :)

     GLOKY : yes, it's  the entire truth ! Sometimes my cat helps a lot indeed
tho he seems to be mad at me these days... Maybe I forgot to feed him ? But he
doesn't code every line, only half  of the demo :) Oki  sometimes he also find
great algorithms. I would be lost without him.

STS : you mentioned Falcon earlier but have you ever coded it, even for the 
fun of it ? What computer do you currently own and/or use ?

GLOKY : I have a Falcon with CT1. but I don't work on it at all. I also have 2
STs but both are broken down so that  I have to run  STeem to code ST demos. I
think I'll really get started anytime now. Btw I only code STf at the moment.

STS : I know that you live in the north of France (you're a neighbour of 
Thyrex I'd even say ;) while most other MJJ  Proders live down in the South. 
Have you already met them all ? What do  you think of the  whole crew ? Ever 
thought going freelance ? :)

    GLOKY : truth is that we seldom meet in body and flesh and indeed there are
still some MJJ people that I have  never seen. Yet the crew seems very friendly
and that's the  main thing  to me. I wouldn't be  able to  go on if  I were all

STS : oki, except for the HUNO party, I don't think we've ever met you on 
Atari parties. Surely you were not at the EIL3, got  excuses ? :) Any chances 
to see you at  the  next  Easter party  in Holland ? Maybe  you're not at all 
interested in parties ? Tell us now.

GLOKY : attending parties is always a  bit tricky for me since  I have health
problems that  don't make my life any easier. I  wish I had  been to EIL 3 of
course and would like to go to OUTLINE but nothing is sure at the moment. I'm
really interested in parties  which are  great opportunities to  meet people.
Still parties tend to  kill my rate of  activity, well it's easier to code at

STS : What do you think of intros and demos using C2P ? Dunno if you've 
ever tried C2P yourself and I'm not so sure that your MJJ fellows even know 
what it means :) Anyway your opinion matters now, in other words how do you 
like or dislike demos like POSH for instance ?

    GLOKY : I like demo like POSH a lot but I'm still  addicted to one frame
effects :) If I even release newschool fx, I'll make sure I won't go above 2
VBLs or you'll never see these screens :)

STS : while we're  discussing demo, have you  seen the  first CT60 intro ? 
Ever seen the  latest Falcon  demos or CT2  based prods  like "Don't break the 
oath" ? Do you think the future of the Atari has found its way or would you be 
an old fart like me and stay addicted to the ST ? :)

    GLOKY : so far, I haven't had a chance to see CT60, I haven't even seen so
many Falcon demos indeed. I'm currently working hard  on ST projects, though I
cannot say I'll never give CT60 a try. First I should start on standard Falcon
and then I  would  see. First impressions  on the CT60  seem pretty optimistic
from what I've heard and read.

STS : Back to the ST with your personal choice of best demos and games. Do 
not hesitate to name utils, applications or any tool you like too.

    GLOKY : I tend to like  DUNE demos a lot. I  don't play  games  that  much,
still I liked Joust for a while. As for utils and others, erm except for Devpac
I don't know anything else :)

STS : Oki then I hope that now you are motivated enough ! Otherwise I could 
ask C-rem to  drive to your  place and rape  your cat ! :p More  seriously, I'm 
sure many people out there would love to see some of the screens you have coded 
(and that I've had a chance to enjoy too :) 

     GLOKY : yeah I swear I'm gonna release these screens tho I'm not worried
for my cat since he's a martial arts expert !! Not to forget that C-rem isn't
that wicked :)

STS : fasten your seatbelt  as this is the last trial for you ! Sure I've 
translated the rest of  the interview from  French to English but here you're 
gonna to play it like a grown up and find English words for the brainstorming !

G : gloomy
L : loudness
O : overscan
K : karate
Y : yoga

M : maniac
J : jokari
J : jump

P : paris
R : rasputine
O : odd
D : demos

STS : Take a deep breath, now you're free ! I hope that you'll soon become 
the great coder I can see in you  Vincent ! You know I'm  not the only one who 
thinks you have lots of skills !

    GLOKY : thank you, erm dunno what I should answer here... I want to thank
all my followers...  ;)

STS : a last message ? Greetings or fuckings or whatever. This space is 

    GLOKY : yeah I want  to say that  I hate the 'redevance' (French  fee every
owner of a TV set has to pay  once a year) and  that it shouldn't exist anymore
especially when we are  so flooded with  commercials on TV. I'm also mad at the
internet providers that won't allow everyone to enjoy fast internet, pretending
that it costs too much to build transmitters every 5 kilometers. A last fucking
goes to the "rma" that replaced the "rmi" (new French law against unemployment)
but I would finally send kisses to Noemie :)


Alive 8