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Alive 8
                           | Atari forums on the net |

                     by Simon Sunnyboy/The Coolest Paradise


Without communication via electronic means the scene would die. Communication
is the most important link for the Atari scene and this article will give you
an introduction and review of the various forums available on the net. I will
focus on webforums accessible via http.


There are 4 large and important webbased forums for the 16/32bit Atari scene
and perhaps 1 or 2  smaller ones. I'll focus on the  large and international
ones :

DHS Forum
found at: Bulletins section

This is the heart forum of the demoscene and probably the one where a newcomer
should watch carefully before posting. For a real  and accepted scener it is a
must to show up here from time to time.

Pros  : proper threading, main scene forum, works in simplest webbrowsers
Cons  : no login - anyone can fake your name here, only 1 well-frequented board
Rating: recommended

LGD Forum
found at:

On the  famous  and  wellknown  LGD  website, you  will find  one of the oldest
webbased forums that is still active and alive. People here are in general more
emulation related and from  time to time  annoying FAQs arrive. Here you should
expect more people without real Ataris then elsewhere.

In general people are friendly, helpful and generous here. It is a nice and
rewarding community and therefor worth joining. If you don't hate emulation
addicts and their questions, this is a nice place to visit frequently.

Pros  : proper threading, login with password
Cons  : annoying javascript for menubar, emulation newbie forum
Rating: recommended Forum
found at:

This is another central meeting places for  Atarians. The forum concentrates on
Ataris in general so  you will find VCS, 8-Bit, Lynx and Jaguar  stuff as well.
Beside  that, the 16/32  Bit forum is  more oriented for using Ataris as a work
platform. Here you will most likely meet people that still use Ataris for their
everyday work.

Pros  : proper threading, works in the simplest webbrowser
Cons  : no login
Rating: a must for any Atarian!

Atari Forum
found at:

This is the slowest and most  colorful forum. It is more for  emulation addicts
but several bulletins concentrate on real machines. This forum features several
bulletins  for  demos,  games,  applications, coding,  music, Falcon  and a few
special forums like a  dedicated STEEM  and a D-Bug forum. You can  share files
here and adding  them  to  the thread  making  requests for software and  games

The main problem is the large amount of emulation-only people and the slow
loading of the forum.

Pros  : login, large amount of different areas to talk, file sharing
Cons  : no proper threading, slow
Rating: quite interesting if you like the design and the content

As a personal opinion, I think Atari Forum is too colorful and people tend to
use too large avatars here. Browsing this  forum with a modem is pain  in the
butt. But as this is my personal opinion I do not count that.


There are several nice Atari forums on the net so why don't you just browse them,
if you haven't yet? Hardcore Atarians should  join the well known  Atari related
groups on Usenet if they haven't done yet.

Alive 8