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Alive 8

   I am writing these words on a CT60!

At  last,  what we have been waiting for has come to pass,  the first Alive!
editorial  written  with the vast power of a 68060  throbbing  away,  hardly
ticking over,  waiting to be unleashed,  mere inches from my fingertips!  Is
this  a cue for the non-CT60 owning portion of the readership to switch  off
their brains, and go and look for a more congenial article to read instead?

Yes  there is a bit of a CT60 theme in this issue,  with a first look at the
hardware,  and  how  it actually worked out,  when long-term fantasy finally
came  to be reality.  Also we have the first CT60 specific demo reviewed  in
here.  But  there  is  also the sudden realisation that the  Falcon  in  its
original '030 form, is now a decade old. So we are catering for those people
with  a keen memory for those early innocent days with an affectionate  10th
birthday  tribute to that machine as well.  The Falcy is yet another classic
item of hardware which outlived Atari's lack of forward planning for it. And
it is all thanks to you,  the scene community that made the effort,  both in
the early days, and those of you still going for it, even now!

There  is plenty in here which will appeal to all.The latest  instalment  of
the  constantly interesting Alt Party is featured here,  and quite a few old
favourites  that  haven't  been seen for a couple of issues or  so,  make  a
welcome return. I won't say any more than that about the contents, but we'll
let you indulge in a voyage of discovery for yourself.

At the time of writing this editorial,  the next big thing in Easter Parties
is  pending  an  official announcement,  waiting for the ink to dry  on  the
signed  contract,  so  we'll see as many of you as possible in  the  eastern
Netherlands  this Easter!  Just remember to bring along enough spare cash to
buy a souvenir "I didn't go to Breakpoint 2004!" t-shirt.

Right now, I'm sitting in the aftermath of the creation of my part of Alive!
Strangely  named  picture files cluster together in odd corners of  my  hard
drive,  resembling a cyber-simulation of my room, which is equally messed up
and unattended over these past couple of weeks.  Another small consideration
which  pleases  me,  is that my original Falcon which gave birth to so  many
Maggie  issues,  has been reborn with the CT60 inside and is playing a major
role in putting together this issue of Alive! Not that my faithful CT2 Falcy
has been left out of things though.

I'm  hoping  to see as many people as possible in the next issue  of  Alive!
Although I've no idea when that might be.  I think Seb might have some ideas
about that, so as I've had my 3k's worth, I'll hand over to him now.

CiH - 1.2.04


    Hi again, if anyone  actually reads  this :( Here I  am, with a nasty flu,
typing words on my ST without the slightest motivation. Once again, support is
getting lower, we have broken  several deadlines  but somehow this is the last
time as far as I am concerned. We have several nice  demos to feed on, CT60 is
finally out but I'm feeling so tired at the moment that I've decided to take a
long break from this main editor "job".

    All I want now  is to get  rid of this  issue and  then close  a chapter. I
remember 10 years ago exactly, when I became main editor of ToXic Mag, then was
responsible  of UCM from  issue 15 to 20, then 9  issues of ALIVE (counting the
EIL special) but it's all over now. Dunno if  we'll see another UCM or CHOSNECK
since the situation seems crappy on all editors sides. Our scene isn't dead yet
and I'll try  to paint  again here and  there under my  other nick, Wee[r]do...
Don't expect too much tho, I'll just try to keep going a bit further.

    No regrets tho, I've lived a lot of great things and met a lot of cool ppl
I consider as friends (you know who you are, read the  greetings for details).
CiH and Cyclone seem willing to go on  and I wish them good luck, but it'll be
without me, or maybe with me again but not before long.

   I want to release this issue and show respect to the people who helped us
but also to  the ones who  keep doing  things. Enough for me, I have made my
decision now. See ya all and good reading btw :)


Alive 8