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Alive 8

 Have you ever wondered about the  name of such and  such demo ? Why should one
 demo be called 'Suretrip' ? or 'Madness' ? Why 'Grimey' or 'Illusion' ? I have
 been watching these demos and many others a HUGE number of times, always being
 aware of the amount  of work put into every of these jewels and I finally came
 to ask myself : why this name ? What's the meaning or story hiding behind it ?
 Well here are some answers  for you to  enjoy ! As I start to collect clues, I
 still have to harass lots of shy guys who haven't mailed me yet but I hope the
 final result will be satisfying enough :)

Grey of MYSTIC BYTES explains :

* "Firestarter" (Shadows, 1996)

Firestarter of polish flames! 1st life-sign from Falcon scene in western
Europe. Erm... I won't soap up Your eyes telling twisted stories about the
title... ;) Yup, most of us were die-hard Prodigy fans! "Firestarter" clip was
rockin'... and that's why Cedyn choosed this title for the demo AFAIK ;)

* "Teardrop" (Mystic Bytes, 1998)

This one was inspired by Massive Attack song... I was fascinated with this band
for a while :) No story as well, the only proposal accepted by other MSB

* "Upside down" (Mystic Bytes, 2000)

Oh man... this demo was put together in a real hurry! Except this project we
were working on the Falcon SV2k invitro, official www-site and other things
concerning this party! Everything around just turned "Upside Down"! And that's
why we choosed that name...

* "Chosneck" (-hard) disk-magazine (Mystic Bytes)

Did You ever wonder "wot da fuk it meanz?!"? Heh, that was our goal! This name
is silly but... it was intended ;) Many times when we met some of our scene
friends abroad we did our best to teach them some words in polish... (yO wInIo
uNd mAcGyvEr!) It was always so funny to see someone breaking his tongue trying
to spell it rightly... "Chosneck" means nothing else than "garlic"... yeah,
hehe. And original form of that word is "Czosnek".

Spiny of TORMENT explains :

* "comeback" - fairly straight forward this one, we had been 'undead' for
   years and this little intro was our 'comeback' :)

* "chrimbo" - this confused a few people, it was part of the dhs christmas
    intro competition, and here in the UK 'chrimbo' is a nickname for

* "twitching flannels" - this was the screen we did at the pre-millenium
 party in utrecht, it's an in joke play on words. Many years ago we started
 development on a sample-demo called 'switching channels' which we never
 finished (though now that we are all back in the same city we might (i.e. I
 have been hassling the coder) try and finish it) so when it came to choose a
 name for the screen 'twitching flannels' poped into my head, a quick pic was
 knocked up and that was that :)

Damo of RESERVOIR GODS explains :

* "GRIMEY" : I've been trying to rack my  brains as to how I got  the name for
 'grimey', and if I remember correctly, its a fucking boring story ;) Basically
 development started with  some really really nasty digidrum/ym routs, and this
 was saved  off as 'ghettotrak'. When  development went a little bit further, I
 was looking for a name that  was similar in vibe, ie. dirty and  nasty, and it
 just so happened  that at  that time, the  word 'grimey' was featuring alot in
 music, and in slang, so I thought that'll do. I sampled  the Capone and Norega
 track  'grimey', sped  it  up  for  comic effeCt, and the  rest  is  forgotten
 history!! I told you it was dull, but you asked for it ;-p

PeyloW of TOYS explains :

* "WAIT" is simply  a pun  at what  preceded it. I think I  first  mentioned a
full blown Falcon  demo in -96, and since then  people has been nagging my lazy
ass. So you had to wait for it. Born  from that, the name  for the next demo is
already set ; also as a  pun. Fortunately it  has only been spoken about within
T.O.Y.S. so far as we did not  want to give any  false expectations, but now it
is too  late for  that I guess :). But  considering  the pace we  have released
demos so far nothing is to be expected within the next years anyway. At the end
of the day I code for my  own pleasure only, a release  now and  then is only a

Evil of DEAD HACKERS SOCIETY explains :

* Tyranny : Inspired from Front 242's "Tyranny for you", Loke came up with the

* Demolition : Inspired from the Sly Stallone film called "Demolition man".
   Loke's idea again.

* Chippin' For Air! series : Me and Toodeloo came up with the idea. As it's a
 chiptune collection, it should have the "chip"-word in it.

* 4ever : Well clearly made to illustrate that it's a 4k demo. Back in those
 days multipart 4k's wasn't as common as now. It would seem our other 4k demos
 also got "4"-names, and later not just ours.. Some guy at the Maggie team got
 nearly upset of all the "4"-names after a while.

* Dream Dimension : Toodeloo had composed a track that we would use for the
 demo, and it contained a sample saying "Dream Dimension", and what the hell,
 not such a bad name for a demo..

* 128krawl : Again to illustrate the size of the demo. The "krawl" part means
 "crawling" and should illustrate the slowness of the effect.

* Massacre : I was looking for an 8-char name for a demo (to fit a nice name
 to the filename without cropping). Setok / Aggression suggested Massacre. And
 that was it.

* X-MiX series : There was a show called Chillout Zone on late nights on MTV
 in the past (perhaps still?). They often showed alternative music from
 something called the X-MiX. Inspired by those weird videos, the X-MiX on the
 Falcon got it's name.

* A.T.S. : This one is a bit weird. Childrens films in Sweden are sometimes
 dubbed (I forgive them, kids of 6-7 years have a hard time with english and
 reading fast enough for subtitles). And quite often they have a printing of
 the cover telling "All Talk Swedish" (or "Alla Talar Svenska" in swedish).
 Also in TV-ads for these movies they ofter say the same words. And that's what
 A.T.S. is short for.. Alla Talar Svenska - All Talk Swedish!

* Sweety : Edo/Sector One painted that cute rabbit picture, and I told him it
 was a real sweety. Edo thought that would be a nice name and that was it.

* 2in1 : Trying to combine some oldschool stuff (lines, dots, sprites) and
 some newschool (ofstables, bump) into one small demo. Well that's two type
 of demos in one and hence the name.

* Don't break the oath : Well we did one of the first demos that wants an
 accelerator to run at an acceptable speed. There was a big arguement about
 this during the time we coded it. But we didn't give a shit, we code for fun
 nothing else. So I thought of a name in the style of "Burning the borders"..
 when I suddenly came to think of an old record from 1984; Mercyful Fates
 "Don't break the oath"..  It was just what I had been looking for. After the
 demo was released we got some strange mails from heavy metal Atarians ;-)

* Moving into darkness : We were doing a part for the Evolution project for
 the EIL3. But as it never seemed to move forwards we made a demo of it
 instead. However, far too few effects to reach a whole demo. So there was only
 one solution; to slow down the demo :)  And adding more 3d-shit. A slow demo
 can quite easy be made to feel a bit dark, and hence the name. First I thought
 of "Waiting for darkness", stolen from a great track of Ozzy Osbournes Bark at
 the moon record. However 505 thought Moving into darkness would suit better.

Nerve of CREATORS explains :

I think i may have  told you before, but here  it is again... The  story behind
the  name  of the Atari Behn demo... It was Stoney, the gfx / animation dood of
Ephidrena, who  came up with  the name. Easily the  spaciest member of Eph (and
remember, these guys never did  drugs like certain  other people you might have
heard of;). When Frequent requested gfx for an Atari demo, it just snapped from
his mouth: "Atari Behn!" So that was the name of the demo from that point on.

This is a norwegian pun, as Ari  Behn is the person  who was recently (2yrs ago
or so) married to our only  princess, Maarta. Ari Behn is a weird guy, beeing a
writer and very much stribing to  be a "different  artist". He is also known as
the sneaky type, weaseling his way into the Norwegian Royality. So the name fit
perfectly for  our form  of demo. To add to the  story, his (bestselling) debut
book is called "Trist  som faen", which  translates into something like "Sad as
fuck". And that is the story behind the name "Atari Behn".


Alive 8