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Alive 8


Corbeau is a  coder who  seems to have been part  of DUNE for the very start 
since his name appears in many prods including * ILLUSION * that was finally  
released some months ago  or better said  almost 10 years after it was first 
hear of... Still the guy is quite unknown  to many of us, including me, so I 
thought it was a good opportunity to learn more about him especially as he's 
been deeply involved in the great FANTASIA demo too ! 

STS : Hi Corbo, or should I call you Corbeau (French word for 'crow') as your 
nick seemed to be spelled so in the previous years ?

 CORBO : Hi. Corbo or Corbeau, it's as you want.

STS : let's start with the  usual info : can you tell us more  about you like
name, age, occupation and scene background ? Have you been a DUNE member from 
the early years of the crew ? What computers do you currently own and use ?

 CORBO : My name is Francois Kermorvant, i'm french and i'm living in Paris.
 I'm 30 years old.  I was a Dune's member before Dune ;). The first crew was
 LBF and it was an Evil Metal's creation, in 1990. Then, Mic and others guys
 joined us, and we  changed the name. I programmed some  average demos, like
 'Mathematiques Squizophrenes', 'Graal' or 'Petit Papa Noel'.

 I have a PC, and i use Steem or SainT if i have something to do on ST.
 There's no place in my flat for another computer.

STS : DUNE came back to the Scene  around 1999 with a couple of stylish intros 
(including for Toxic 18) like MEMORIAL or PARADISE but what happened to you at 
that time since your name doesn't appear in the credits ?   

 CORBO : I worked for  Quantic Dream  and it  wasn't possible for me  to code
 anything else.  It was not a question of time. I didn't have any motivations
 to code anything else than what I did at work.

STS : Let's get back to ILLUSION, surely DUNE's biggest and fullest demo as it 
comes on 2 floppies ! Can  you tell us about your involvement in this demo and 
how you came to stop your scene activities after this project ?

 CORBO : Illusion was a  project from Evil  Metal and Obi Wan. At  these time, I
 worked on my own  3D engine and some  games' projects, like Space Fighter. Evil
 Metal asked me to make a small screen  with texture mapping because I'd made it
 for my engine. But there wasn't any optimizations, so it's very slow compare to
 others ST's screens with  texture mapping. I stopped  programming demos because
 was more interested in games development.

STS : Do you still  have contacts with other DUNE members and what memories do 
you have of these years ? I have read in  FANTASIA's greetings  that you wrote 
"forget the bad days" when you referred to Evil Metal. How were your relations 
with DUNE's mastermind ?

 CORBO : The contact with Morton and  Mic has never  been broken. There were 3
 periods for us. The first was the crew's creation and  demomaking. The second
 was Frontier Software  and  our  beginning in  games' creation. And the last,
 since the end of  our  collaboration with  Frontier, has been  our individual
 professionnal experience in different studios.

 It's another story with Chuck...but i think he would tell you his Dune's story
 better than i should. And last year, he asked me to make the texture's mapping
 part of Fantasia. I'd left Quantic Dream and I didn't nothing else to do... So
 I did it.

 For what I wrote about Evil Metal in  Fantasia, it was about a stupid story :
 Mic, Morton, I  and  others, we  left Frontier  Software with  some conflicts
 with Evil Metal and his father. It was the bad days... But Evil Metal remains
 a great guy.

STS : Again in FANTASIA  you focused on new  school fx  while Chuck emphasized 
the old - but  great looking - school parts. What's your opinion about new and 
old school screens ? Both surely are great (no stupid debate here) but I would 
like you to express your own views. 

 CORBO : Now, I think it's very difficult to do a 'never done effect' on ST in
 50 fps. But i'm not a partisan of 'all in C2P'. I don't like  bump fx, things
 like that. I prefer to try another way...

STS : You are now working on another amibitious demo called MY GALAXY and I've 
heard that  you were  intensively  working on  more new  school stuff. Without 
unveiling everything, can we expect to  read a bit more about it ? Any release 
date in mind ?

 CORBO : I'm not sure if that will be a 'new school demo'. I try to do some new
 effects with old things  like  sprites. There is a  lot of  things to  do with
 sprites ;). There's  currently no date, but I hope it  will be launched before

STS : While MY GALAXY seems to be a more personal dream, other DUNE members 
have already announced their  forthcoming demo, namely SEEDS, due to be STe 
based. Will you also give Chuck and Mic a hand in this demo ?

 CORBO : Yes, sure. I'm waiting for a call from Chuck about it...

STS : Have you ever considered moving to Falcon ? Maybe even on Amiga or PC ? 
Hehe maybe you already have done things on these machines, but I know nothing 
about the situation :)

 CORBO : I worked on Falcon, but never had one. I and Florent Gondoin had begun
 a big project on this computer, called Elixus, but we never finished it. Frost
 has one version of this game. I worked as programmer on Omikron-The Nomad Soul
 on PC and Dreamcast. Now, I'm essentially working on PC.

STS : By  the  way while  Chuck and  Mic attended  the awesome ERROR IN LINE 3 
party, you were  not to be seen  what seems unlogical considering your current 
level of activity... I suppose you attended tons of parties before but are you 
now thinking of crossing the line and  meeting your fellows, for instance next 
Easter in the Netherlands ?

 CORBO : You know i'm very lazy ;). But i'm going to think about the Easter...

STS : You've been hanging around on #atariscne for some months now, what do 
you think of the people you met compared to the "old" Scene (understand the 
Scene from the Golden Years) ? Do you think, like some fellows who knew the 
Grand Scene that today people are more friendly ?

 CORBO : It  was  different. I  remember  some  great conversations in  coding
 parties, and there were great guys. But there  always was a war  beetwen some
 crews and a lot of arrogance. Now, I think that people of the Atari scene are
 more interested  how they can  continue on Atari. It's just a  passion, not a
 competition. It seems to me more mature and more pleasant.

STS : What do you think of  accelerating cards like the very promising CT060 ? 
Are you drawn to them or clinging (like me :) to the good old ST limitations ? 

 CORBO : I'm not  interested in  the CT060. First, because I  don't have a
 Falcon. And if  I had  one, I think I  would prefer  to have  one or more
 additionnal DSP, like Maxxout dreamed. I'm not bound by 'ST limitations'.
 It's a real pleasure to code  in 68000. Sometimes, when i want to test an
 algorithm, i prefer to make it with Devpac rather than on PC in C++, just
 because I think more efficiently in 68000 than in any other programming's

STS : Have you watched new  school demos when you  came back to the ST ? Sure 
current demos can keep up with the one frame rule, but maybe you were (or not) 
impressed by latest demonstrations ?

 CORBO : Posh, Into The Darkness and others are great. I just regret that they
 are too grey and too concentrate on C2P.

STS : I cannot think of more questions at the moment, so take a deep breath 
and fill in the blanks with whatever comes to you :

C : Chucky, Mic and the others...
O : O'l Dirty Bastard
R : Robots of Kraftwerk and Robots of Asimov.
B : Bird aka Charlie Parker
E : eXistenZ is not a game
A : AtAriiiiiiiiiiiii is not Infoggggrrrrrrrrmmm
U :  the UUUUnion demo

D : David Braben
U : Ubik, by P.K. Dick
N : Naked Lunch, by W. Burroughs
E : Edda by Snorri Sturluson

STS : Thanks a lot for giving me some of  your time ! I think  that your next 
demo will strenghten the  idea that we  have another high  end coder (Defjam, 
you'd better feel worried :). Any message or greeting you would like to add ?

 CORBO :hmm...I'm looking for a job, so... ;) More seriously, I have a thought
 for Spiral. RIP.

Alive 8