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Alive 8

December 22th, 2003

 STS on the keys to try and bring you  my latest views on our Scene : it's not
 the first time we go through  such empty span of time, but as always I wonder
 if this is  just another break or a * REAL * sign  of extinction. I, as first
 culprit, have to confess heavy laziness, surely emphasized by heavy work (but
 hey you're not the only one working  hard sucker !), still I  want to believe
 that it  is still too  early for showing  the END part... We are only growing
 older and busier than  ever with  was most of us  still call "real life". Odd
 don't you think ? How many of us, of YOU, actually feel more alive, important
 and surrounded in this Scene than in real life ?

[ If you have instantly thought "bullshit" then waste no more time reading 
this article and go read something worth... ]

 But if you are reading this, then it means you -even partially- agree with me.
 It is very both  strange  and  captivating to  me to see  and understand what
 belonging to this, or others, Scene means...

But hey, what the fuck does B.O.O.F stand for ?????
Wait another second and I swear I'll come to it :)

 Sure, some of us need be involved in projects to * really * get started and to
 speak the truth I'm one of them, tho  being quite mentally ill-balanced I tend
 to be made of a hundred different sides of views :p To wrap it up, some people
 do believe that it  may not  be  worth working  hard on a demo or game if they
 don't get  a  thousand  feedback mails. If I  can understand  their opinion, I
 still feel surprised to notice  that I am not  the only one  who expects  nice
 comments to feel sure he's actually been doing something good !

 Oh, before I forget, B.O.O.F stands  for "Brotherhood Of Old Farts" as someone
 told one  day on  IRC when  talking about the  current Scene, describing us as
 "people clinging to a past, an  obsolete system and not looking forward". once
 again this is tho pretty  superficial, another feature  of my humble person :)
 Already when I see so called  Next Gen consoles, I don't feel too drawn to the
 teasing millions of polygons they offer : what is  the point bragging about so
 much power and use it for brainless sequels ? Today, computing and video games
 have  become daily  common features, turned to consumption  items, gulped in a
 second like a plastic tasting hamburger...

 Maybe we are old farts... Tho I cannot be sure of what 'farts' implies here :)
 Surely we cling to a long time obsolete computer, but I find no fun nor decent
 challenge in  modern computers with which you need 128Mb to  have a scanner or
 printer running (thinking of the actual printing coming with such device !). I
 don't want to paint in TC, nor even in 256 colors, I would just waste too many
 of them while I  can peacefully  paint crap in 16  colors and then blame it to
 the limited resolution and palette :p

 I don't care being called 'old' (tho as we say it only happens in your head :)
 but one has to admit that the younger generations don't care anymore about the
 creative part of computers : they  use computers for single sided tasks like a
 mere coffee machine while ALL kinds of  computers - mostly older types - still
 show  many  surprises  and 'hidden' features, understand  things they  are NOT
 supposed to be able to produce. I'm afraid we cannot rely on youngsters to see
 and understand our love for these small systems and  that's really bad because
 we ALL hope to see new  sceners join and  strenghten our forces... Please tell
 me I'm wrong otherwise our Scene - and others too - will vanish and disappear.

UPDATE or something looking  like one :) Over the last weeks, some Atari demos 
have been made available as videos. Sure, I would rather run  them on the real 
system  but it's nice to show my students  what a humble (or CT accelerated :) 
Falcon can do ! Not to forget Strider's great demo compilations ! Surprisingly 
kids love to see these demonstrations ! Spread the word ! Show the world ! And 
maybe we can turn some youngsters away from the Mac Donald way of life !

 But the most important feature in our Scene is the 'brotherhood'. See how many
 golden years sceners have come  back to life and told us that  today our small
 community is  much friendlier  than in  the early  nineties ! sure we  tend to
 grant respect to the people who have  done things but please don't get  mad at
 them if they  now speak of Peecees with strange brightness in their eyes. They
 have forgotten how to dream, fight against the "main stream", though they were
 among the first  to make  us dream. I wonder  what some of them  remember from
 this time in their lives. People  like Chuck, Mic, Cyclone  or Keops are still
 hanging around on #atariscene and/or doing  great things ! It would be awesome
 to see more stuff from Keops on the ST though :)

 Even though we call  ourselves Sceners (not  without big pride as  far as I am
 concerned :) I call all of you friends : good if you want to do things, better
 if you ACTUALLY do them even and don't forget to be *THANKFUL* to all of these
 people because  they spend an  awful  LOT OF TIME  doing them while they could
 simply sit on their couch, have a  beer and watch  brainless TV shows... Maybe
 some of you are feeling touched here :) Maybe you will even get started again,
 who knows ?

Personal greetings to Ultra of CREAM : Hey Olaf, the few things that I've seen 
of HEFTIG rock like hell !!!! Please complete the demo someday ! Cheers !


Alive 8