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Alive 8

                                 by Checkpoint

Far away I remember, making a very short intro was a need : packerz were not so
porwerful and size was  a real problem. Then packerz  and compilations came but
including a big intro was difficult : making  several  games running  on a same
disk left about only 20kb max. So at this moment codeing the smallest intro was
only done because there was no other solution :)

Then came the time of a new compo : make a intro in  boot sector. Lots of crews
brought really great things. For those who don't know, a bootsector is only 512
bytes but only 384 bytes are useable!!! So we saw 3d, plasmas, overcan effects,
sprites... At this moment all  was possible in a boot sector :) (But, some used
tricks to  make better intros: they were using hidden files on the disk). A lot
us thought that making 4kbyte limit allows some better effects and some design.

So for a long time, a 4 Kbyte demo was a single effect, with some design and
most of the time, NO SOUND :(

But as always on Atari, there's no limit...

When I opened my Safari browser, then visited DHS website, I saw a new intro by
Checkpoint. "Hu hu hu It might be great!" Ah? 4Kbyte only ? Okay let's see what
Defjam could do with so little space :)

After depacking the archive, two files. The cache off one, and a real 4096 byte
file ;-). First of all, I must add technical information. The screen resolution
is 180*100 (2*2 pixel rulez :) and a there is a transition between all effects.
Great !

The demo begins with a "fake" LOADING. In  fact, for coders, this is a great
moment for depacking and code generating :).... but what other else solution
for making a great 4k demo???

Then demo starts with the name of the 3 authors (505 for music, modmate for gfx
and defjam for the code) moving from left to right with a blur effect.

After introducing them, a bump mapped "checkpoint" appears, followed with a
"4ster" text like in the first part.

A rotative mapped tunnel is moving around on the screen ...

                              A sort of plasma is running ...

And then a pic of a girl face is distorting in circles ... damned! This code
reminds me an effect done by Llama for... the Resurrection demo :))) (Shame on

A rotozoom is coming then? not so powerfull than the "posh" one but remember it
is a 4KB demo! And then the demo loops. Wow ! Only 4 Kb ??? Sure ? Mmmmmmm ? So
could it be a limit one day???

Not sure :)

Another time, Defjam - our  new Nick - has prooved us  that everything is
possible. This is the best 4kb release I've ever seen. Really impressive!
Well what about a new 4kb demo by Checkpoint ?

Alive 8