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Alive 7

Here's the full collection of superheroes this movie offers !

Once a kid I was a marvel fan... Like many kids I dreamt  of being that guy 
who had super skills that would help save the world and that kind of shit ;) I 
dind't buy all Marvel zines, dunno why, maybe I just didn't have the money but 
there's one crew I STRONGLY remember and it's the XMEN with Wolferine, Cyclope, 
Kitty, Orora, Colossus and Diablo (aka Nightcrawler) which was indeed my first 
nickname tho not as a gfxman but as a mere hardcore gamer :P

   I was therefore happily surprised  when I first heard about  the first movie
based  on these  super  heroes  but  unfortunately  it was nothing  more than a
typical American movie... not bad but  nothing more... Now the sequel  is given
in theatres  and feeling  like having some  time off I decided to give it a try
esp as Diablo (aka Nightcrawler) was to be present this time !

 Starring : Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke
           Janssen  Plus...
 Directed by par Bryan Singer
 Running Time : 125 minutes

 Official Website

   This second episode won't oppose super nasties and super  nice heroes but
starts in a darker time where mutants are feared by common people especially
when a strange creature, namely  Nightcrawler, tries to  murder the American
President in the name of the mutants  freedom (no there's no evil Saddam nor
Bin Laden involved in here :p).

    This soon leads to heavy  military intervention  into Xavier's  school for
Gifted Youngsters, the place where mutants can develop their skills and follow
a regular education. But how come the military knew about that place ? Well we
learn that an officer is using Magneto's knowledge  to unveil this underground
society. In case you have missed the beginning of the story let's  recall that
Magneto was the super nasty guy who was defeated and locked up in very special
cell... While the military are  taking over  the school, Nightcrawler is being
chased by his fellow mutants : why did he assault the President? (Well if that
president is as stupid as G.W. Bush it can be explained :)

    One of the best parts in that  movie is the military breaking into Xavier's
school with a  raged out  Wolferine using his  claws to slice up  the intruders
(uh, does it  hurt ?). Fans  will surely  recognize that  heavily built man who
takes care of the children, leading them thru a hidden passage to a safe place.
Yes the guy who  changes his body  into metal  is COLOSSUS ! Yeah the  XMEN are
reunited  now ! Almost  indeed  since you can  only see him for 30 seconds :( I
guess that introducing another hero, beside Nightcrawler and other newbies, was
too much for a single episode and I'm pretty sure  that he'll be among the main
characters in a certain sequel :) No need for a crystal ball here !

    Oki so the nasties are trying to get all the mutant kids into cages and it
seems that you shouldn't try to annoy Wolferine. If you want to avoid problems
please follow my advice ! At the end of the day, the military  only get 6 kids
but also Professor Xavier and his powerful  machine called  Cerebro, a strange
device that allows him to mentally connect  to ALL other mutants  all over the
world ! (must be  quite  useful  when  you throw  up parties, no  need to send
invitations :)

    We  soon  find out  that Nightcrawler was  drugged  and  sent to  kill the
President against his own  will by a loony general  who wants to trigger a war
against  mutants ! As Wolferine tries to  catch up with his past, he discovers
that he was literally "made  up" by this general who  turned him into a lethal
weapon. Here my little knowledge of US Comics makes me wonder if the producers
respected the real  origin of that  super hero (but surely  they did otherwise
fans would have cried out :).

   Then what, I hear you ask breathlessly ? :)

   Calm down and let's see the current  situation : the war is almost declared,
while  our fave  mutants are  heading for the secret  base where  Wolferine was
created. There, Professor Xavier  is being manipulated to  use a replica of the
Cerebro to find and kill all mutants ! Uh, scary, isn't it ? :) I forgot to add
that in the meantime Magneto  was freed from his  glass jail and is now joining
forces with our mutant rebels. But should they put their trust in him... ?

   As you can guess our mutants will break thru the Secret  Base and kick a lot
of asses blablabla... The movie is of course packed with a lot of action scenes,
fights with mutants and so on... I'll try not  to unveil the final part of that
movie, let's focus on good and bad points instead !

> PLUS : 

   -  A  lot  of  new  characters  including Nightcrawler of  course (with  his
   terrible German  accent but  hey,  he IS  German  and you  cannot contradict
   history the way it was made). Other new characters are Iceberg and Pyro, two
   youngsters who play a very small part in the movie tho  the end implies that
   there is more than the eye  can see :) There is  also the  female version of
   Wolferine, hmm tasty and spicy as they say !

   - Action, action and action ! Wolferine is a fierce beast and to be honest I
   was quite surprised (almost  shocked ?) to see  him slice up  militaries but
   hey if you break into my house and attack me, then surely I wouldn't be that
   happy, man !

   - The "humans vs mutants" theme  is really nice  and  acts  as a reminder of
   such terrible events as WW2 where people considered abnormal were thought to
   be parasites ! History loops they say...

   - The movie looks nice and you won't get bored for a second ! The whole
   ambiance is a lot darker than the first episode or I have bad memories ?


   - Argh the whole XMEN crew was almost complete but Colossus is missing tho
   you can spot him for 30 seconds !!

   - Like any American movie it's a bit too sweet sometimes, tho some parts esp
   at the end will lead to deadly decisions...

   Final words : I would say that this sequel  plays much better than the first
   movie with new characters, a nice theme, darker ambiance, blood and a lot of
   action scenes ! not a master piece for sure, but surely a nice entertainment
   for everyone and above  all for all Marvel fans ! Maybe  hardcore fans won't
   like it, dunno since I cannot consider myself such :)

   Of course  we should  use this  occasion  to draw  a comparison  between X2
   and the many other super hero movies  released lately : oki Spiderman isn't
   bad, looks even nice, but the bad guy looks RIDICULOUS ! Besides you "only"
   have two super heroes  while  X2  offers  a pack  of them ! Also we managed
   to avoid the -almost- compulsory love affair  that tends to spoil the whole
   movie ! I haven't seen DAREDEVIL but dunno why - maybe from the teasers ? -
   I feel like I'm not missing much :) Last but not least SPAWN as a movie was
   so tasteless and remote from the dark, sexy AND damn bloody ambiance of the
   comics that I had almost forgotten about its existence !

   We can also allude to BATMAN with a first movie that  was quite stylish and
   nice except for the shocking ending when Batman KILLS the Joker ! C'mon you
   cannot do that ! The  other Batman  movies are  pure crap. I also forgot to
   mention the old SUPERMAN movies but you can forgive me :)

Then, if not the ultimate super hero movie, I think thart XMEN2 manages to 
bring a nice story, attractive characters, enough threads to  follow along 
the movie, a lot of action, nice  pictures. I'm only missing COLOSSUS this 
time to be fully satisfied but I guess I will only have to wait till X3 :)

Alive 7