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Alive 7
.'  '.       ____      __   _     __
/      \     |----\    /--  |--\  /--|   ____
( D)    ||    \  //__  ||  \/   |  ||---|
|  i|    ||    /  \\    ||       |  ||   |
'   l|    |____/    \__  ||       |  '____'       _
|    d|        ____                ___            | |
| F   o'       |----\   |     /\   |---\  |.  |     ||
:  a|       ||    \  |    /__\  ||__/  ||__|      |
|   t|       ||    /  ||  //   \ ||  \    --|
|    w'       |____/   |'  ||   | |    \ |___|      *
|     a|
|        :
'-._  _.-'      WHAT!! WHY?? THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT!
The making of 'Bud Teh Chud in ASCII Minor!

Day 1!

aBout uS...!!

Dildo  Fatwa are a dedicated group of three talented people,  thrust into a
unwilling spotlight by the presures of celebrity and xtreme demo coding.

We are  as folows;  'Ferlease',  our main grafics man,  and inspiration for
this  demo,  He  comes qwalified with a degree (Btec Third class) from  the
university  of Life,  and can not be equalled when it comes to cranking out
the ol' ascci like buggery!

I'm  'Charcoal',  the  writer  of  this ongoing,  live,  realtime,  city in
lockdown styled realtime demo dairy,  which is like a video diary, but only
its done in text form.  I'm the main dude behind the coding that makes this
thing posible in the first place.  My habits are generally popular and less
reclusive  than  Ferlease,  but hotels like to count the number  of  towels
they've got after Ive been to visit them! Cheeky cnuts!

The  thrid member of this kewl group comes from the mid-1970's pages  of  a
publication called "Krazy Comic", he is none other than our very own 'Pongo 
Snodgrass',  and he is providing the musical input, and smells,in the demo.
He is kewl too,  for the very simple reason that if he got hot, he could be
classed as one of Sadam Hussiens 'Weapons of massive deastruction'!

Anyway,  enough of us, you want to kno more about the demo now? Well it was
back  in Mid-Simmer last year,  that we got around to talking about an all-
time  great Atari demo,  that had hardly been seen by anybody.  It had been
coded by Ferlease,  back when he was working on his own. It was called "Bud 
the  Chud",  and had only ever been shewn to a select few ppl at the  local
Atari club by Ferlease.

Ferlease was very misterious about the exact nature of this demo,  he wasnt
even  sure where the disk with it on was anymore.  Several search  attempts
for  it were foiled by various illments on Ferleases part.  After the  last
one,  which was a poorley ear,  we aborted,  looking for the original disk,
and decided to make our own vastly remixed tribute instead.

There  will be some changes from the orijinal.  ferlease made a pact with a
minor Milk God,  and sacrifised his coding powers, for the no less valauble
ability to draw stuff in asci. Ive taken over the main coding roll, so this
demo will be an ascci tribute, as in "BUD TEH CHUD in ASCII MINOR"!

Anyway,  weve  got  a plan,  Pongo has already come up with a tune,  and it
Whiffs! And Ferlease is starting to do some graphics, so time to roll!

Day 2

We  had  a  listen to Pongo's modfile tune,  and we were  slightly  worried
aobout  what seemed to be a remix of samples from the  Maybelline  'Becuase 
your  worth  it!" tellevision commercial.  At this point we decide  to  ask
Ferlease what this Bud the Chud thing is all about. He is happy to tell us.

It is all about this mutatoed underground monster that lives in the  sewers 
and comes out to atack people at night.  It was a kult film, some time ago,
in Australai.  Even better,  he is abl to give us samples from his coppy of
the film, so I get Pongo to ditch the silly shite, and start again with the
real stuff on the musiks.

A  bit  later,  I found an alternativ deffinition of 'Chud' in an very  old
issue of 'Disk Maggy'.  THis had a regular collum from the kings of wit and
wisdom,  the 'Mutant Ninja Turtles', and it was cool. They described a Chud
as  a  "Terd".  I  must  say that I noticed severel  mispellings  in  their
writings,  and I think that misspeling 'Turd' as 'Terd',  is infanttile and
laugheable to say the least!

Day 3

Pongo  is strugglng with the demo modfile,  he tries somethign with the new
samples, but  fails.  He  declares that "It Stinks!" Ferlease,  not usually
noticed for his ligtning wit, immedietelly retorts "And so do you!"

It took me, Charcoal, over an hour to brake up the resultent fight. At this
rate, w'ell never get this demo finnished!

Day 4

Attention  shifts  away from Pongo to myself for a while,  as I atempt  the
very  first lines of kode for the asci-displayer engine.  I reach back into
my heritige of coding acheivments,  going rite back to schoolday times with
the folowing

10 Print "Teacher is a homersexaul!" 
20 Goto 10

This  amuses everyone for a time,  the hwole rest of today infact,  we fall
about  laughing.  Pongo nosebleeds,  and Ferlease makes a noise like he has
just pikced up a major lung disordar, at wich point, we stop laurghing.

Day 5

As group  leader,  cordinator,  and kicker of backsides in genneral,  it is
down  to  me to organize group funds,  so its of to the old marketplace  to
sell  faifully  reprojuced  high  qualite copies  of  softwares  and  DVDs,
otherwize known as 'Warez', yes, I think you get the piccture!

Lots  of ppl were very pleased to see me,  appart from two heavy built  men
who claimed to be policeman and arested me!  I mean, they werent dressed as
policeman,  not being in police uniformed and all.  Its not fiar, if anyone
can go around dressed like you and me,  and act as policeman, how do we kno 
when to run awa when we see policeman?

Anyway,  they  asked  me  lots and lots of questions,  and kept me  at  the
policesstation  for  a long time.  They only let me go very late,  and said
that  I  would be going to cort for this.  They rekoned that I could go  to
prisson for a time, which would really nacker up making this demo!


## Six Months Pass ##

Charcoal's  worst  fears  come to pass,  as he gets to spend the  next  six
months "At her majesty's pleasure." Well I've always wondered what  strange
thrill  the queen gets out of people going to prison?  Does she jump up and
down  in excitement on her throne when a butler or equerry brings  out  the
latest list of convicts being sent down??!

Royal  Butler  -  "And  next on the list is Arthur  Scrote,  who  has  been
sentenced to two years for burglary!"

Queen  -  "Oh  goody!  I'm  so excited,  but hurry up and get to  the  mass
murderers,  now the custodial sentences for those reprobates really hit the

In the meantime,  whilst Charcoal is undergoing his enforced downtime,  the
other two,  Ferlease and Pongo,  manage to spend the time usefully by doing
nothing at all!

Day 6, and six months later

I am bak!

And  I have had to be verry careful in bending down to pik up the  soap  in
the shower for a while! Jeez! Prison suckks!

And while I have been away, the other two groupmembers have been idol, as I
thought they might.  Its only a coupple of months to go to the Eror in Line
party  now,  so if we want to release Bud teh Chud,  Id better get kracking
the  whip  and  use  some of the juicier  tecniques  of  prison  beahaviour
modifikation that I learned from the 'Mr Big' when i was inside!

Day 7

Pongo  has come up with a prototyp of his modfile.  It has all the  samples
that  we  grabed from the film in,  and sounds like a special hospital  for 
sick donkeys.  I tolld him this,  and he thanked me, said that was exacktly
the effect he was working for.

Day 8

Not  a lot happened today,  Scottisch bank holiday,  so we all dresed up in
skirts  and  yelled "Hoots mon!" in a totolly not stereotippical  way.  Not
that some of us need any exkuse to dress up, eh Pongo!

Day 9

Ferlease  gets lippy with the asciii,  but he presents his first atempt and
asks us "Can you see what it is yet?" We say (truthfuly) "No we can't!"

Ferlease  suggests  holding the monnitor screen upsidedown,  so the  little
stickmen  start  to  make shapes that you and I can  rekognise.  I  suggest
holding Ferlease upside-down until he makes more senze! Ferlease storms off
in  a  huf!  Ah well,  who said this demo making lark was evver going to be

Day 10

My  eforts on the demo-engin are starting to bear friut at last.  As I have
been waching the hors-racing on the telly, I will codenam it off one of the
racecorses. Im' torn between naming it "Goodwood", "Uttoxeter" or "Sandown"
at the mo.  Ferlease, who is still in a bad mood since yessterday suggest I
call  it  "Horseflop"!  Well  he'l hav to eat his wurds when  he  sees  the
finnished artikle shortly!

Day 11

Goodwood - She runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 12

Well, for a minut, anyway, damm bugs!

Day 13

Ferlease  is 'geting inspiration' from the internet,  looking up 'Asci-art'
on the serch engine 'Ggogle'.  Unfortunatly,  he has stumbled accross loads
of asci nudes. At the best of times, Ferlease is moer than a bit suseptible
to the lure of ladies flesch picctures,  and this new diemension just makes
him ten times worse!

From  the permannently glazed stair on his face,  we wonder if we are evver
going to get him bac into this world???

Day 4teen

(See  the  day  beffores entry.) We haf to take  many  desparate  measures,
starting  with pulling the plug on Ferleases internet computor,  and wiping
all 80196  porno pics off his hardrive.  A trajic waste,  you all kry,  but
shok treatment is the only way to restor normal funktion to Ferlease.

By  evening,  it seems to be starting to wurk,  as Ferlease is able to walk
unaded, and hold basik conversations with the other group members. Mabey we
can get started bac on demo stuffs tommorow?

Day 15

An odor of latrines anounces that Pongo is coming up with another remix  of
his demo modfile.  He is using his own cusstom tool caled 'Stenchtracker' -
He he, how apropriate!

His latext produktion is innteresting aswell. It uses the Chud samples, and
also a load of bear growls and Comodore 64 sqeaks.  I think we are turrning
the korner at last.  Now we just need Ferlease to cum out of his post-porno
truama, and wel'l get this demo finnished, in like, no time at al!

Day 16

Not a lot hapens today.  Ferlease had a cool idea for some kind of take-off
of  teh  famous  'Lost Blubb' demo by  classic  mid-ninties  Faclon  coding
wizzards  Layzer.  He rekoned that he could do one of the screens in it.  I
recon  that he is covertely drooling over martina!  Still,  he thinks he is
ontto something, so wel'l see!

Day 20 (!)

Well were not really shure what day it is at the mo.  Our groupmeeting went
very well,  infact,  all too well,  and we went out on the olde towne,  and
held  the  groupmeeting in several local pubs.  As Ferlease is a  reluctant
alcoholik at best,  Pongo had to drink a doubble share,  and so he ended up
rather unwell.  Still,  beforr my brane stopped recording,  it gave me some
usefull tips on coding pavement pizza plasma stylee effects for the demo!

The drinking parts of the crew feel like their sense of space and time  has
been  randomley sodomised by a gangg of albeeno monkeys!  so it is only now
that I am abl to tel you all this!

Day 21

We're going to a get toegether at the house of the part time Sweed, Deezel,
in  a coupple of days.  We should be meeting up with the Reservior Bogs and
others  there.  I  should  have a preeview of the first part  of  the  demo
running, if I can suss out this damnm skrolling in time!

PS.  I also saw the furst version oF Ferleases 'Lost Chud' screen,  not too
shabby,  but  reduced  by two thirds when I made him take out  the  Martina
worshiping and drooling!


Pre-EIL Grope-meeting, and with others including the Reservior Bogs!

This  was  coolness  dot org levels of coolness.  We did a  sort  of  live,
realetime report,  as it hapened.  Lots took place, and the folowing people
were there.

Stumpy,  siting quietely in the korner, burning holes in his clothes with a
soldiering  iron,  and  mumbling  about being too olde to go out  to  clubs
anymore,  now  he's  ninetein  years old.  A bit of a sadcase,  but good at
fixing stuff.

NSG,  said  "Heeey!"  a lot,  spent much time disagreeing with Mr Punk  and
sleeping in his wurm bag. Ferlease thinks he is feeling left out.

Sparehen  3,  Grafist for the Reservior Bogs.  Spent most of the weekend on
the  same  logo,  but  also talked to Ferlease exchanjing handy  hints  for
interesting websites, hem hem!

Mr Punk,  Res Bogs groupleader and coder. Was working on a demo of his own,
but wouldnt show us, even after we showed him the current work in proggress
of Bud teh Chud, boooh! He did make up for this when he brought us drinkies
at the 'Jazzmag and Jester' public house on Sunday.

'Deezel', our fine upstanding host, and owner of 3,770 Faclon computers, of
which 3,668 were broken! (3,669 after Saturday night!)

Ourselves, the cool group, Dildo Fatwa, of course!

Here goes with the realtime RTA!

Friday 14th March.

Not got there yet,  Ferlease is driving, and does not like the darrk, so we
will go on Satruday morning instead!

Saturday 15th March.

Charcoal  writes:-  We're here!  We found Deezel's houase,  after loads  of
driving around Lemington Spar.  Should have realised that we had to aim for
the  dodgy  part of town,  where council house children are barely kept  in
chek with thin pieces of string. That is wher Deezel chooses to live!

Still, w'ere here, and so are all the others.

NSG: I have a sore neck, it hurts

Ferlease: Aye, I'm sure it'll get better soon!

Sparehen  3:  'Cannibalistic  Poodle Holocaust' on the Gamecube rules,  but
when is Mr Punk going to convert it to the ST for us Atari kidz to enjoy!

Deezel:  Looks  like the preceding fifteen pages of witty flowing  realtime
dialogue,  written  in  a  flash of Wildean wit and humour  have  all  been
deleted  by  my TT running a dodgy ethernec driver,  and no-one  saved  it,

Charcoal:  Chinese,  my favourite,  yum yum! Not a lot productiv happening.
Deezel  is  doing  something in the corner,  but everone  else  is  dicking
around, still, maybe the food wil help?

And let's do it again! (Pongo wuz 'ere!)

It's Sunda!

And  Charcoal once more on the keyz.  The productiv happenings have  turned
into a mass orgie of demo watching, everybodie playing breath-holding games
between Cobrra 'Revertant' demo rendering and drawing a new frame! Ferlease
nearly went the whole distanse but turned blue, so had to stop.

Ferlease: Night all, off to bed ATM, see u in the morning!

NSG: My neck still hurts, ST and Faclon disks do not seem to like the other
machine. Looks like the Atari compatible is doomed to fail.

Charcoal  here,  at around 03.00,  we al decided to find the neerest bit of
floorspace to crash on. I mannaged to get my own bit of floor upstairs, but
Mr   Punk  decided  to sleep in the gardan shed!  Now  affter  last  nights
chineese bloatfest, we're all hungrie and roaring to go for some more food.
Right, were outta here!

And  that  was the last we herd from the realtime RTA.  Afterwords,  Deezel
took us to the aforementioned 'Jazz Mag and Jester' pubic house, which also
serves up some good food. I had the graet British 'hert attack on a plate',
a full scale fried brekfast.  It ruled!  Pongo opted for something that was
moestely baked beanz,  which we suferred on the journy back. Ferlease semed
happy with a suasage in a bun.

Tears and ghoodbyes followed Sparehen 3 to the railway station, then it was
time  for  a  spedy  juorney  home  in  Ferlease's  kar,   with  much  wind
'assistanse' from Pongo, thanks very much not!

The week after the Meet:

It is only now four weeks to EIL! Must get krakking!

Day 27

WAR! War!, What is it good for?

Well,  its paid off in a neat "MAKE CHUD,  NOT WAR!" screen! Progres on the
rest  of  the  demo  is going well to.  Plus I had a big  long  chatt  with
Sparehen 3 on chanel Atari IRc.  He is drawing some "Tarrty grafix" for the
Reservior  Bogs  EIL production.  I hope some of them are  Lesbien  themed,
prefferabley gurl on gurl action!

Day 28

Another  bit  of good news I must share with yuo all,  Ferlease has  finaly
boocked the fairy crossing for Eror In Line,  so its officail,  Dildo Fatwa
will be at the party!

Digresion  note:-  I read something on the Dedd Hakers  Buletin  Board  the
other  day.  "Krool Gurls stop Aniplayer development!" Now forgiv me if  Im
acting  stupid,  but I was'nt awair that Krool Gurls were doing stuffs  for
Aniplayer? I thought it was that Diddyerm bloke from Francaise or somewhere
doing that?

Maybe Krool Gurls demo has a hidden aniplayer screen in it, but i doubtb it

Day 30

Just over three weeks (count 'em!) to EIL now!

It  is  also  just a handful of dayz away from  the  anniversaire  of  last
Easter, and our disasterus outing to the Meka Simposium last year! Ah, what
fond memoires we hav of that parrty, NOT!

Pongo  enjoid it for a time,  as it was like his entire family tree,  wierd 
couzins from siberia and all,  had comm to visit.  I would swear that these
peopl,  (only  in  teh loosest sense!) wer even less houstraned than  Pongo
ever could be. Afther the first coupple of days pelting people with rotting
rubish  and  shouting  inkoherantely with bad breth,  even  Pongo  had  had 

Ther  were  some  other Arati ppl there too,  but I dont  think  they  were
enjoyeing it eether.  The compos went on for farr to long,  but not with to
much  in  the  way of arati stuffs.  In a way,  we have Meka to  thank  for
partlyy inspireing us to do 'Bud teh Chud' for this easters 'Eror In Line'
party.  And I can gaurantea you, there wil be *no* repete of the demo famin
from last year, with us on the case!

Day 33

Not  a lot hapened over the last few days.  We spend mych time watching the
tele for news on the War. We think all that shootydeth sucks and hope it is
over soon.

On a lighter note, we marrked the first anniversarie of our journey to Meka
Simposium with a curse and a spit!  Now if they wanted to test thier wepons
of Shock and Aww anywhere, it should be in lovely sunny fuck all to see and 
do Harwich!

Anywa,  got  to get kracking on the new version of 'Goodwood' and get  this
demo to the finnish line.

Day 34

Pongo  has  found a cheep hotel in Harwich,  so as to aviod  the  cocked-up
journay and late arival for the feery we had last year. Me and Ferlease are
all  in  favour,  but  we're not shure about the name of  the  place.  "The 
Sodomie Arms Hotel" Hmmmm?

Pongo went and booked the place annyway.

Day 36

Even beffore 'Chud' is finished, we start to think of our next producktion.
Yes, there wil be more to come from us! I'm thinking of ading xtra features
to  'Goodwood',  most of which probabley won't be used until next time.  No
firm ideaz as yet, but one or two thorts, and the most likely venue for the
neXT demo will be the Altered Party in Finnland,  whenever they hav another
one.  The Altered Parties that weve been to, have all been kool. Especially
the  last  one,  which  in the depfths of winter,  was *very* kool  indeed,
appart from the Suana, which Pongo wasnt too keen on!

Anyway,  there  have  been no Artari prods there for a while,  and I'm  not
imppressed with Wiztum working on the same old Shadebobbins routin from the
prevoius year. Meybbe we can shame him into finnishing something?


Day 38

Eror in Line gets ever closer,  as there are onnly two and a bit weeks left
to go. Time flys when you are having ffun!

I  am plesed to anounce that the entire second part of 'Bud Teh  Chud'  has
bean compleated as of tonight. After remooving countles amuzing bugs in the
scriptfile,  which  werent  aparrant when teh individual constiteunt  parts
were running on thier own, I finaly got it all to run. Tomorow, we're going
for a full build of the compleated demo. Be back then!

Day 39

Full  build  of the demo,  v1.0 went uncanily smoothley.  It works!,  It is
complete,  and we're stil two weeks to go to the party!  Looks like all the
footsloging with the scriptfile paid off at last!

The  only small thing is,  that it comes in at something over four minites,
which  is amazeing,  but Pongo's modfile musix dribbles to a stop at  arond
two and a quartor minutes. Clearley, he is going to knead to go back to the
drooling board and redo his musix to make it fit.

At leats, Ferlease and I can put our feetses up for a time :)

Day 43

If  I  could  rerite  hisstory,  I may have wished to have  eaten  my  most 
recently written wurds ;-)

The  fun  al  started when I tryed to add modtracker  replai  code  to  the
Goodwood  engine.  A  job  wich  I thouht would be easy turned  out  to  be
annything  but.  Even  geting the help of ppl like Mr Punk,  and his friend
Gruff couldent solve the problem.  The replai worked, but it sounded like a 
very  sick horse being draged across barbed wire,  a sound even worse  than
anny of Pongo's modfiles!

In the end,  we mannaged to rig some zikplayer code to work instead.  Which
meens that there will be NO modfile for this demo,  so al Pongo's hard work
and  weird  and cruel funny samples wont go in this demo :( Insted,  it  is
bakc  to basics with some zikmusik,  and Pongo has been sent awa to come up
with  something a littel bit Madmax sounding.  Pongo is mutering under  his
breth,  as  he only has a week and a bit to we start to travail to Eror  in

These things are sent to piss us off, etc, etc ;-)

Day 47

Now only a week to go to EIL! Yayhay!

Better get our demo finnishing shoes on though!

It  is nearrly all done now,  I've been triming the fat off the thing,  got
rid of one or two of the less, hem, charismatik effects, and tightenned the
rest of it up a bit,  as the hole thing seems to hav got a litle bit,  erm,
slow running. I think we might haf to downplay the fackt that it runs on an
ST, and show it at the party on a Faclon ;-) Ah well!

After  avoiding  the subjeckt for three days,  Pongo is starting to get  to
gripps  with blip-blopping,  and earlie indications are prommising there :)
He's  been making some weird phat sounds tonight,  which he'll haf to  turn
into five minuts of tune somewhow!  I'll let you kno how that goes over the
next feww days, then its off to the partie!

Day 49

Pongo  is  coming  up slowlly with a tune,  wel,  its more of a  soundskape
concept,  with  weird  YM synth sounds,  and the odd katchy rhythm.  Theres
about  a  minut  and a half left to do,  not to mention the fact  that  the
replay  sorce code makes parts of it sound even wierder!  Who sed this demo
making  lark was eazy?  Stil,  Pongo sais it should be finnished tommorrow,
which means that the demo *is* finaly ready for the partty showing.  (Might
knead a bit of tidying up after though!)

It looks like we are stayying with the jolly Dutchmen again on thursdai, as
Ferlease has been in kontact with Clomp 7, and we are off to Ewetrecht. But
we  will meet with Havuck,  the very tall grafician,  on Friday when we all
travail to EIL toggether.  Havuck is so tall, that his head has snow on the
topp of it!  (he he!) Or is that some other white powder, as we al kno what
these Dutchies are like for farmacutical rekreations!

Day 50

Affter  three  days  locked  in a room,  with nothing  but  Ziktrakker  for
company,  Pongo has finnally come up with the goods. I have managed to make
it  sit uneasily with the rest of the demo.  Ziktrakker replay really sucks 
donkeys  knobs,  as  it is ST-based,  with littel or no rekognition of  the
Faclon.  Still, moer by acident than desine, the music more or less syncked
with the demo.

I can say that we are just about reddy for the party now, and good job too,
as we start to travail midweek, only about three days from now!

Back tommorrow, where we'll start the countdown to EIL!

Day 51

Nott a lot to say today,  only two days to go before we set off for Eror in
Line. Affter all the panik in putting the demo together, tonight has been a
curiouz  anticlimacks,  and  I have been sitting online mostley talking  to
other Atari pple.  In other news,  I have been serching out my gonk bag and
aerbed, blowing the kobwebs out. Pongo preffers to leave the kobwebs in his

Day 52

These  arr  my  last words before the party takes place,  and  beffore  the
showing of the demo..

Hopefuly,  the  demo  will  run okay.  I have coppied it onto  several  MOT 
failure flopy disks which will hopefuly hold the datas on them ;-)

Hopeffully,  the competition showing won't be a desaster, and ppl will love
Bud teh Chud.

And  hopefuli Ferlease won't end upp 'missing in action' in the  Amsterdamn
Red light district on the wai home!!

See you all after the party! - Charcoal

    EIL PARTY IMPRESSIONS and Aftermath!

Day whatever.

YAAAY!  We  made it to the party and we got bak safely aswell,  even affter
several hilaroius misdirection adventures onm teh wai there.

Day 1 of party,  we traveled across on the fairy 'Stena Discography', which
had a Macdonlads, and sevveral bars, and a large shop, which was cool. Less
cool,  was the car journey through Rottendamn, which had too many cars, not
to  mention  the  Utrek oneway sysstem,  which kept us in its  grip  whilst
Ferlease vainly looked for the Redlight distrikt!  Still we found the house
of  Clomp7 in the end,  and he was cool too,  making Pongo slepe out on the
balcony to dissperse the stench!

Day 2 was taken with much traveling,  firstly to Havuck's house in the sky,
where  all the Dutchie guys traveling over to Dresden were to meat  up.  In
adition to the guys, there was also a girl traveling with us, way cool! She
was  the  gurlfriend of Tinkerer,  one of the other Dutch guyz.  We took on
another passenger,  Earxwax, in exhange for some of our gear to go in one o
the other cars..

We al set off in convoye to Dresden, around halfpast five, and kept up with
them  most of the way.  Until we were wel into Eastern Germany,  then a big
rainstrom  seperated  us,  and  at one stage,  we hade to get oars out,  to 
paddle  the car to dry land!  We got to Dresden sometime affter  midnighte,
using  Pongo to frighten direktions out of people to get to the  partyplace

When  we got in,  people had assumed we had drowned and gone mising in  the
rainstorm,  but we set up next to the Reservior Bogs, right in the midle of
NSG  perforrming a human sakrifice or something.  After seting up,  all the
travel related excitment was too much, so we went to bedd.

Day  3,  the  Saturday,  we  gott  up and Pongo celebrated our  arival,  by
ordering  an  egg flavor pizza from Amihgo Pizza.  Sure likes to  make  his
presense known,  does our Pongo.  I showed 'Bud teh Chud' to Havuck,  first
thing, and he thort it was very funy!

We saw loadsa other scene ppl there too. The Dead Smackers, and Deezel were
hard  koding  in  the barroom,  we had a chat with  Amstrad  Survivor,  and
Meuhndog,  who were both down for the graffics compo,  and a cool Norwegian
dude  'NerVous', and  his hottie blonde gurlfrende,  phwoarr!  There were a
load of Frenchie guys there, with Chuckup of Doon heading them. They semed
to be working on some new Eror in Line demo stuffs as well.

We  got  a look at 'The Serious Cybernetiks Corp' new Faclon  demom,  which
looks  like  it will rock,  or some other musikal style favoured  by  their
groupleader Low-tech,  or MC Later. He was running around with free koppies
of a disk labeled "Pup-stars",  which turned out to be a musiks compilation
made by the pet dogs of famous YM chip composors!  Cool,  releases, and the
kompetitions still a day off!

The bigg surprize, was the emergence of Deafjam, as he was nott expected to
com  to  the  party,  but here he was,  entering his long-awated  ST  demo,
follow-up to that first EIL smasher!  We kan hardlly wait until the compo's

Speking of  which,  the first lot of compos,  the graficks and sound,  were
shown at a somewhat delayed time of 03.00 next morrning. We got to see some
of Ferleases ascii art stuff,  which was nice,  but the mane event,  is, of
course  tomorow  night,  with  the big demo compos,  and the  first  public
showing of 'Bud te Chud'!

Day  4  started  quietly,  it was eazy as a Sunday morning.  We al  got  up
fairlly late,  and Ferlease and Pongo went on a guided tour of  the parkies
of  Dresden.  I fellt fairly tired,  and had to stai behind to get the demo
entrie  in to the organizers.  I think that drinking the homemade whine and
some  beer may have contributed to my tiredness (grin!) Ferlease and  Pongo
had  a small argument over who was the more flatulent in  the  sleepingroom 
gym  last  night,  Pongo arguing that he wass not to blame for some of  the
more  sulfurous  outporings,  and Ferlease was providing some of  the  moer
entertaining emissions!

I  decided  to taek a shower under the xtra-strong  setting  thermonucklear
powered  showers,   and  pronounced  the  experienze  satisfactorie,  after
retreeving  myself from the drains.  I also got too see a cool Atari  8-bit
demmo  called  "Numen".   Some  of  the  acktion  moved  outdors  when  the
organnisers held a barbequeue,  cooking german style horses-willy sausages,
which werre great eaten with musstard.

Eventualy,  Ferlease  and  Pongo  returrned,  and the long waite until  the
compos  started folowed.  Part of the long waite was broken up by a  'Whip-
Pong' competition, which wasn't what it soundded like from Pongo's point of
view.  Certainly,  ther wasnt any saddo-masochistik sex and smels on offer,
which is what Pongo thought,  and which is why he enttered! Insted, lots of
yelling to kontrol a pong game.  To be fair,  Pongo mannaged to get through
to  the quarter finals by a proces of armpit noisemaking,  so he did  quiet

The  compos themselves started at 01.00 in the morrning.  Lots of entrie's,
with Baggo's film of his toilet geting aplause. Lots of neato intros, then,
it was our turn,  as Bud teh Chud was shewn on the main screan!! The moment
was hear,  with a great hush from the gathered krowds. It gott lots of loud 
applause  at the end,  even after the musak replay sounded shitty on  their
bigscrean.  I thort we would win at that stage,  until the big hitters kame
out, that is!

Kurses  to  Dead Smackers and Deafjam (grin!) Their entrys  realy  put  our
stuffs to shame!  Typical, no demos for two years, than a shitload at once!
Also  the  Reservior  Bogs were in there and fighting  hard  too,  and  the
Serious  Cybernetics  guys and Excape managed to make  the  Faclon  section
unforgetable  too!  We  wer up against it,  and wuld have to wait until the
morrning  to  see  how  'Bud teh Chud'  measured  up  against  such  strong

Day 5.  The votes wer counted,  and I managed to rouse myself, and wake the
others  beffore the awwards ceremoney started.  It looked like al the  good
prizes wer going to Dead Smakers,  Excape, and Deafjam, but what's this, we
get our own kategory, and 31725 votes!!! YEAAH! WE WON!!! But wot is, this,
FAKE  DEMO!  I  don't  remmember  entering for the  fake  demmo  compo!?!?!
Ferlease and Pongo are filosophical,  for a first demo to get anny prize at
all, even from the wrong compo, is a big acheevement, so I am hapy again :)

Al  too  soon,  we  arre saying goodbye to the coolest scene  guys  at  the 
coolest party on this planet, and starrting the long journey home.

This is moer straightforrward than the arival,  and we diskover that a full
gastank on Ferlease's car, is *just* enuff to get us to Havuck's place. the
shity  part  of  the journey kiks in,  with the last bit back  to  Clomp7's
place, were the motorway is full of Dutchie people geting in the way. After
an  interresting  diversion  folowing  some of  Utrecks  lesser  known  bus
routines, we get back to Clomp7's, and crash sometime affter midnighte.

Day 6.  This is a spare day beffore we have to go bak to the United Kindon,
so  we opt to go to Amsterdamn,  at Ferleases prompting.  He is kene to see
howe  the Redlight district is doing,  like it needs some new red bulbs  or 

The rest of the day goes something like this:- Lots of walking, Macdonalds,
Record  shops,  herbal  cigarette emporiums and souveneer  teeshirts,  more
walking,  and a perilous parade through the narow alleywais of the redlight
district.  Perilious  for  one of the gurls who make a grab for Pongo,  and 
instantly thort better of it!  We ende up at the old gay sailor pub,  which
usefuly serves pints of booze at wallet deflating prices.

A boat-trip folowes,  down the kanals,  and into the harbor, wher Pongo and
his  weak  blader  go to the toilet.  All sorts of dead fish  rise  to  the
surface. We meet with Clomp7 for a meal out, which was stake, yummy! Finaly
we  go back to the old gay sailor pub,  and the Redlight district is ful of 
old people,  some of them combing their hair,  after having going in one of 
the kabins (Hemhem!) and teh pub itselff is full of Brits.

Affter that, we are on our way back to Clomp7's place in Utrek, for a final
night of sleping on the floor.

Day 7.  The journee home.  Not a lot more to say now,  we caught the fairy,
and  gott back home in good time,  back to good old engerlund,  the land of
shite  PeeCee  retailers  and  lame  games,  and  whingeing  Edge  magazine
complaining  that "things ain't wot they used to be" when they helped  kill
off how it used to be in the furst place! Ahh, fun times!

Stil,  if there is another one of these Eror in Lines, or wherever there is
an Atariscene party, we'll be shure to be there!


 (c) Charlcoal, 2003

Alive 7