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Alive 7
  U C M   I S   B A C K   W H E N    N O   ON E    D R E A M T   O F   I T   !


    Just as I had renounced to see another issue of UCM, Moondog took us all by
surprise ! This  release was kinda last-minute-surprise as I heard that Moondog
endured a nasty harddrive crash ! Call it  fate or what but he had luckily sent
a preview to some people ! That move saved all the work Eric has put in another
issue and - god ! - I'm so happy for that luck !!

    So that I was a bit puzzled when Earx offered to send me UCM24 while it was
not officially  released. I was even more  stunned when I noticed  that the mag
was about 1.4Mb  big ! I had  to split  the archive on  my peecee (using evil's
instructions  as can  be found  on and  reassemble it on my STe.
Except for that extra  process, the mag ran  smoothly from my  harddrive later.

    No intro this time :( We get straight to the cover pic done by hyper active
gfxman C-rem but have look at it yourself (or better said an earlier version :)

What ? It reads UCM Xmass ? You sure ? Maybe UCM got delayed ???     

    The shell gfx was done by EDO and his brother HIDE (and not NITE as written
in the credits). There are nice tunes done by Tao, 505 and Lotek Style (formely
known as MC Laser) while the module was  done by Frequent (haven't heard it yet
to be honest). I really  like * all * of  them indeed ! Besides there  are cool
banners here and there used  sections headlines, really  stylish and once again
ALIVE! looks kinda poor compared to this.

    Let's have  a look at  the content  now : first thing  is that only  5 or 6
people wrote stuff, sometimes not  more than a single article. Anyway I'm happy
to read another issue of UCM ! Still this  issue offers almost 10 articles less
than UCM23 that was released almost 8 months ago :( Here I want to congratulate
Moondog for the  HEAVY  time consuming work he's done almost  alone ! Above all
you should confuse quantity and quality :)

Is it any good then ?

    Yeah I know the  question is  so stupid  that I could call myself James :)
Indeed completing another issue of ALIVE! seems to take more time than planned
partly because of that damn UCM ! Yeah I just  can't help quitting Everest and
run UCM24 again ! Somebody saaaaaaaaaaave me (oh my sounds like the soundtrack
of that stupid 'Smalville' TV soap :)

Btw before I forget :  I was a bit sad - tho not surprised - to see that 
only 16 people replied  to Moondog's  opinion poll ! C'mon you  had almost 8 
months and  here's the respect you show to  surviving mags ? Bah that really 
sucks :(

    You'll find the usual sections here, namely  regulars, tSCc self promotion,
lots of reviews and a mixer  corner. Here I'd like to point out that  the tSCc
propaganda finds me kinda bored  fast  with  every  issue as  it seems to read
"hurray, we rule, we rule" or something :) Anyway  you will be able to enjoy a
very pleasant collection of Ascii art by Lotek who is definitely a great Ascii
artist !

    The regulars give us not only  the usual info about the birth of this issue
but of course Moondog's  views on the  diskmag  slowdown and lack of support :(
further explanations can also be found in two other  articles right under other
diskmags reviews. Tho I partly share his beliefs, I don't think the internet is
killing  diskmags (expect for  daily  news  issues of course). I guess  you can
easily see the core of that problem and sum  it up to : "do you use an Atari or
only fool around with an  emulator ?". If you belong to the first category then
you must have loads of floppies under your desk  and your Atari  harddrive must
be filled with small wonders. If not, I see no point enjoying ATARI stuff under
Steem (tho this is a great piece of code !). Atari stuff is meant  to be run on
natural Ataris and mags are part of this imho. Anyway let's refocus on UCM24.

   Only three interviews then  with Deez/Evolution, Felix/Dune and  our beloved
Gods ! Good stuff of course tho I somehow expected more exclusive news :( Still
Moondog is a great  interviewer who always  knows * A LOT * about the people he
tortures :)

   The main part of UCM24 is  of course made of  EIL3 releases as  you can find
all of them here, even before ALIVE! has had a chance to do it :) As usual it's
cool to read  different  views tho I don't  agree with all of them : oki I also
think HALLUCINATIONS looks too  oldschool, but I  really LOVE Grimey and Moving
into Darkness. Anyway  Moondog does  his job with  the usual  amount of skills,
describing stuff, showing a  lot of snapshots  and of course  telling us why he
liked or disliked stuff and I like his style a lot.

    Talking about EIL3, you'll be  happy to be  able to read  not only a report
but also the realtime article UCM has always been so faithful to ! To speak the
truth I didn't care about setting one  for ALIVE! knowing  that I would have to
be patient and read UCM instead !

     UCM24 also offers a wide range of games reviews but  haven't read all of
them I had to reckon that most of these games were of very little interest :(
Also I'd like to point out that some of  them were quite old, I'm thinking of
BATTLEZONE which  is a nice  WORMS convertion that's been on my harddrive for
quite a long time already...

     Last but not least some articles managed to get me really entertained esp
the fake Scene Corner (the usual  Scene news mostly  reads stuff we all know),
also a retro on the JAGUAR or the celebrities deathmatch (moan, this guy is a
complete moron and he can mail me anytime at :)

Last Words :

This issue leaves me with  balanced feelings : oh content is good for sure 
and it covers all latest releases, not only from EIL3 but also demos like DELTA 
or intros  by MJJ, but UCM stills  misses different  flavours :( This is easily 
explained by Moondog's heavy work in almost every parts ! Besides Moondog seems 
to have lost his bitterness (gosh am I missing  it now ?) and  does a wonderful 
job ! Do you need to read UCM24 then ? OF  COURSE YOU DO DUMBASS !! Hehe I like 
to be violent sometimes :) It  brings  some  air to  a dying  domain, diskmags, 
shows the usual  qualities with cool gfx, msx and great  written articles. More 
of the latters could only improve the issue but we already know  the problem :( 
I sincerely hope we can read another issue of UCM  someday and that some of you 
come to  HATE  Alive! and  decide  to write for  UCM instead ! :) Another great 
issue then tgo a bit slim imho but this time closer to current events !


Alive 7