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Alive 7


Some months ago there was a nice post on DHS from a lonely  musician looking
for ppl  willing to  work with  him, namely Timbral. Soon  enough  the guy was
captured by Evil and his demonish crew

We haven't seen, or better  said heard, a lot from him  esp his module  entry
at Error In Line 3... Maybe his tunes were  planned to be used in DHS new CT060
based demo, delayed due to the non shipping of the so long awaited accelerating
card. Still it's not everyday new and  motivated ppl ask for a job so let's use
some time to know more about him !

STS : Hi Timbral ! Would you please start with telling  us about yourself :
real name, age, occupation and country too since I don't have a clue about it
to speak the truth Also what is your Scene background ?

  Timbral : Hi, well... My real name is Martin  Knutsson and I was born in 1982
which makes me 21 years old. I am  originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, but I am
now studying at  the University of Karlstad to become an engineer in design. My
Scene  background is  on the "intel"-side. I got  a pentium  back in 1995 and I
started tracking modules and doing some pixelworks  on it. I believe I attended
my first demoparty in '98 or '99, and I have also been working as sound tech at
the 2 demoparties named underscore 2001 and underscore 2002 (

STS : We don't know much about you  except that  you are a musician : do you
both compose chips and modules ? What tools do you use ? Are you a newcomer or
have you already produced tunes for some prods, including non Atari machines ?

  Timbral : At the  moment I am focused on tracking my YM2149, using  SidSound
Designer, but  there  are some  old 4 channels  (Amiga  Protracker) and mltchn
(Fasttracker II)  modules to find (from back  when I was  contributing for the
groups Parzek and  Evil Inc.). I have  also  been working  with MIDI. Me and a
friend of mine started up in '98 with an apple, a few synthesizers and later a
pair of  turntables. Our band  name was  dromendar (former dromNdar). Material
could be difficult to find, but try run a  search for those names in google. I
uploaded some mod,xm and mp3 to Fading Twilight, so who knows, maybe they will
be featured on a compilation some day.

Since I have no apple anymore, I am using my Falcon for all of my MIDI works.
I must say I am impressed by its capability! There is some material at my web

STS : Then of course I have to wonder what  made you write that post on DHS.
Are you a Scene addict ? A former Atarian ? c'mon, I wanna know and surely I'm
not the only one !

  Timbral : I  wouldn't  say I  am a Scene  addict. Ok, it  can be  quite  nice
working your butt off  with a compo that  has a few  hours until deadline, meet
lots of nice people, hearing / seeing their contributions. Though I have lately
been forced to put other things before going to demoparties.

A former Atarian ? Yep, I suppose  that is the reason  why I am sitting here today
doing this interview. In my childhood I had a 520ST with  a bunch of nice programs
and  games. In  the  early or mid 90's I  packed the ST into  a box  together with
all floppies, diskdrives  and command  controls and put  it in the attic. Then not
many years ago I  felt  like  setting  up the  machine and  play  a little, and it
showed  that  my parents  threw it  away when  we  were  moving to  another house,
and  I  then decided to  get  me  a new  Atari. So  in  2001 I  commenced  hunting
and in the autumn I found an Atari Falcon for sale in Gothenburg. I started to use
the machine in 2002, not earlier since I was in military  service training for the
Swedish  Marines  during  a year. However, I  found that there  were  people still
active  on  the  machine  and I  just  thought  that it  would  be fun  to  make a
contribution. I  have  loved  the YM2149-chip  sound  from  the first time I heard
it; digidrum-tracking  and  from playing  games with  music by  among others David
Whitaker and Jochen Hippel. Why not see what this baby can do ?

STS : What are your projects now ? Good news is that you're  going to work
with DHS which is - courtesy of Evil - one of the best and most active Atari
crew ! Were you supposed to work on a CT060 specific demo ?

  Timbral : At the moment I am trying  to figure out how to  control New Beat's
ACE Tracker. I downloaded it a few days ago and I have not had time to sit down
with it yet. Upcoming  projects  will most  certainly be  to compose musics for
CT60-demos. Since  there  will almost be no  limitations with  that accelerator
there might even be some  MIDI -> Mp2-tunes in  the demos, not  only ACE-tunes.
We'll have to wait  and see Even though  this new accelerator opens up a lot of
possibilities, I love the YM2149-sound I will not stop tracking the chip.

STS : What are your  first feelings about  our Scene ? As I write this, I
still dunno if you  know the  Atari Scene at  all or not. Maybe you also have
knowledge of the atari Scene from the Golden Years ?

  Timbral : By browsing the internet for old Atari releases, catching up on the
ten years of Atari that I have  missed, I have formed  an opinion. I think that
the Atari Scene  is a small but highly qualified  Scene. The people involved in
the "business" are in my  opinion the best there are on what they are doing. Of
course, the Atarians have had almost 20 years to evolve.

STS : I don't think you were at Error In Line 3 but  maybe I'm wrong. There
were so many nice ppl there that  it was hard to talk to  all of them. If you
were there give us your opinion and if not, tell us why you didn't attend.

  Timbral : You are right. I wasn't at  the Error In Line 3, partly because my
economy wasn't allowing me. My planning had not foreseen that my studies would
have this darn many books this semester !

STS : Then do you plan to attend another ATARI party ? It's hard to say much
about you since we know so little I hope this is the beginning for you !

  Timbral : Yes, I am planning  to pay  Nordic Atari Show  2003 a visit, which
accuatly will be my first  Atari meeting  EVER. It will be  held in Gothenburg
this summer and I am looking forward to it since I missed the Error In Line 3.

STS : Are you interested in accelerated Falcons ? Since you now are a member
of DHS, that's one topic that has to make you react

  Timbral : Yes, DHS is working on  demos for accelerated  Falcons, and  I am
beginning to understand  that I will need a  few more MHz  output from my own
machine  to be  able to enjoy the  releases. At the  moment I have  a nemesis
installed, though  I  cannot  use it  since there  is a conflict  between the
accelerator and my 30-pin RAM-board. I will probably be forced buy a CT60, to
ensure that my machine will be able to show future releases.

STS : Do you think we are living the last years of  the ATARI Scene or is it
another ressurection ? I guess you know  that the ATARI ST  will grow 20 years
old in 2005 !

  Timbral : I think that a new  resurrection is a little  too much to hope for.
Regular people  just  doesn't  unpack their  machines from  the attic  to start
contributing to the Scene. Maybe  they would  unpack it for other reasons, like
gameing for a day. Though, I suppose there are still a few people  like us left
in the world, who will not leave  the grey machine  without a fight, who enjoys
the sound of the YM2149, who loves the feeling of typing on the keyboard... Let
us hope that the Atari  Scene will live for  many years to come. If not, I know
at least one  guy  who in the age  of retirement will  sit in the rocking chair
tracking his YM-chip.

STS : Hmm I  have to think  of a  last question now. Do you have knowledge of
other Scenes ? What do you think of them ? What does  the ATARI Scene represent
to you ?

  Timbral : I have been  involved in  the PC Scene for a few years, contributed
with musics and graphics, that is about it. I think that  the PC Scene produces
a lot of good  compos, but  there are also  a lot of   bad compos. At the Atari
platform I have only seen nice productions so far. In my eyes, the Atarians are
people radiating skill and confidence.

STS : pfu here we are with the final torture better known among our victims
as the brainstorming trial ! Use your brain and fill in the blanks now :

T : Too many letters here!
I : Intermittent lack of sleep.
M : Machines are often nicer than people.
B : Beer is nutritious
R : Restans equals Voltage through Current.
A : Algorithms make me confused.
L : LoFi.

D : Dandruff is annoying.
E : Etnies are comfortable footwear.
A : Active.
D : Dodge Viper.

H : Hello Kitty? Naah...
A : Amphibious Task Unit (ATU).
C : Cereal.
K : Katana.
E : Elektro.
R : RIAA sucks!
S : Stay cool, stay ATARI!

S : Smultronpaj.
O : Origo is optional.
C : Coffee is necessary.
I : I.D.I.O.T. (my student society)
E : Experiments.
T : Take Away-Sushi.
Y : YM2149 owns.

STS : Yeah I know this one was tricky esp using the  full name of your new
crew I hope we're going to hear a  LOT from you in a  near future ! Anything
you want to say now ?

  Timbral : I just want to thank you for this  interview, which was kind of
tricky sometimes. I hope you have gotten a little knowledge in who I am and
what I do. I am glad to have been so gently recieved in this little society
and I will try to make contributions now and then. Take care everyone !

STS : Thanks for giving us some of your time ! Good luck with your next
projects and welcome aboard man !

Alive 7