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Alive 7

    During  the  eighties  and  the  nineties,  ST  Magazine was a famous French
magazine. Every month, it gave fresh news about the Atari world. Its last editor
was called Godefroy de Maupeou. He was quite famous in France because he created
an  Atari  reseller  called "La Terre du Milieu" ("Middle Earth" in English). In
October 1998, Godefroy de Maupeou decided to  stop  publishing  ST  Mag  because
there are less and less readers and because of financial problems with "La Terre
du Milieu".

    In 2001, an atarist called Cyril Denis had a crazy idea: he wanted to create
a new fanzine.  It  would  be dedicated to the Atari computers. That's how AtTOS
was  born.  Cyril  has  some  experience  because  some years before, he created
Revival, a fanzine for old video game computers. So, with the help of some Atari
enthusiasts, Cyril managed to edit 9 issues of AtTOS.

    Someday, Godefroy de Maupeou was reading AtTOS.  He still wanted to  publish
ST Mag, maybe when the XTOS computer will become a reality.  When  he discovered
AtTOS,  he  wondered "why creating ST Mag anew because there is already AtTOS?".
In January 2003, Godefroy de Maupeou told Cyril Denis he could rename AtTOS into
ST Mag. And that's how ST Mag was resurrected.

    So, what's inside this new ST Mag?  First, the whole magazine is written  in
French.  Some  months ago, Cyril Denis had the weird idea to translate one issue
in English, just as a test. We will see in the future what's about this project.
Each issue consists of 36 pages in A5 format.  Every  page  is  in  grey levels,
except the first and last page.  Nowadays, 6 or 7 atarists regularly participate
to each issue. Their articles deal with:

    - News
    - Sharewares: tests of sharewares and list of last versions.
    - Communication: Internet-related stuff.
    - Music: a lot of MIDI-related articles.
    - DTP: mainly articles about Calamus.
    - Practice: hints and tips for newbies as well as power users.
    - Programming: for the moment, there is only CGI-BIN, but GFA-punches are
      expected for the next issues (GFA-punches are very short but efficient GFA
    - Games: sharewares for ST and Falcon, and some Jaguar games too.
    - Emulation: mainly ST emulation on PC.
    - Demos: tests of demos and coding parties reports.
    - Review of the press: diskmags and others magazines are reviewed here.

    If  you  understand  this  strange  Frenchie language, you can buy ST Mag by
contacting Cyril Denis.  An  issue  costs 3 euros (the price includes postal fee
for inhabitants of European Union). Here is his address:

Cyril Denis (RayXambeR Publications)
8, Bd Lumiere

    Please note there is also a web site (in French):

                              Strider (

Alive 7